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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - STABILIZING

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Astrology, 120:personality to soul impression and consequent stabilizing of the life on the physical plane. VirgoAstrology, 364:potencies are, therefore, present and only the stabilizing seventh ray energy is omitted from theAstrology, 575:you are in the transition state wherein you are stabilizing your individual will, and areAstrology, 584:becomes an immanent, propulsive, driving force, stabilizing, clarifying, and - among other things -Autobiography, 4:such a factor and this knowledge has formed a stabilizing point in my life. The second thing whichAutobiography, 204:ordinary years - years of work, establishing and stabilizing the Arcane School, of publishing theDestiny, 53:which must be jointly worked out. The static stabilizing tendency of Germany showed for instance inDiscipleship1, 98:disciple. Some in my group of disciples are stabilizing; some are retreating; some few areDiscipleship1, 141:you this year the emphasis must be laid upon the stabilizing of your spiritual routine. Should youDiscipleship1, 190:basis. Others (and you amongst them) can aid in stabilizing the emotional or astral bodies of thoseDiscipleship1, 213:in the closing of the solar plexus center and in stabilizing the emotional body; incidentally itDiscipleship1, 282:has worked out mainly on the astral plane in a stabilizing and loving capacity to integrate theDiscipleship1, 400:for the helping of your fellowmen and for the stabilizing of your own inner attitude? I have givenDiscipleship1, 407:For you, there must now be a period of steadfast stabilizing of that which has been acquired, and aDiscipleship1, 580:refraining from all tortuous questions, from stabilizing yourself for future work, communion andDiscipleship1, 645:be of real usefulness in the group as a stabilizing force. In view of these facts upon which IDiscipleship2, 247:effect of the recognition. They might be called "stabilizing points of crisis," in which theDiscipleship2, 395:develops also a sense of proportion which has a stabilizing and sound effect. Students [396] wouldDiscipleship2, 487:types of work - expressed in two directions: the stabilizing of that expression towards the AshramEducation, 121:optimism; nothing can stop the effect - growing, stabilizing and final - of the new, incomingExternalisation, 345:becomes an immanent, propulsive, driving force, stabilizing, clarifying, and finally destroying. ItExternalisation, 692:energies; this is to be followed by a period of stabilizing the purified form and starting the lifeFire, 591:destiny, and secondly because the word implies a stabilizing idea, for as evolution progresses, theHealing, 108:of the respiratory tract, lungs and throat, the stabilizing of the cells of the brain, the cure ofInitiation, 151:out of their own substance. Third. They act as a stabilizing factor, and as long as the force ofMagic, 62:to be done must be that of strengthening and stabilizing in order to enable them to "stand inMagic, 102:the guidance of the hierarchy of adepts; the stabilizing of the consciousness in the one life, andMagic, 215:of water undergoes a similar activity plus a stabilizing effect which brings to an end theMagic, 259:I remind all who read that the establishing and stabilizing of right habits is, for the aspirant toMeditationbody, within the causal periphery, and their stabilizing there by an effort of the will, that theMeditation, 20:to the sounding of a particular note and to the stabilizing of one particular vibration. This noteMeditation, 21:though of average intelligence, he lacks the stabilizing vibration that attaches to the fifth ray.Meditation, 36:in its passage, lives are then given to the stabilizing of that impression, and to the making ofMeditation, 62:vehicle; more loudly the second time, thereby stabilizing the emotional vehicle; and in a stillMeditation, 157:body, driving out foreign or lower matter, and stabilizing his vibration. They will build inMeditation, 223:greater influx of the life from above. In the stabilizing of the emotions, and in the transferenceMeditation, 340:the electrical or magnetic force applied has a stabilizing effect. It renders durable the resultsMeditation, 346:being the law of the system, is constructive and stabilizing, and carries all on in line with thePatanjali, 261:by constant repetition, until the habit of stabilizing the mind is acquired. When this isPatanjali, viii:Yoga, the Yoga of the centers which produced a stabilizing of the etheric body and of the centersPsychology1, 386:which must be jointly worked out. The static stabilizing tendency of Germany, showing, forPsychology2, 606:spurring on to right orientation and stabilizing certain standards and values. Such a cycle will,Psychology2, 714:pressure upon humanity by the means of a steady stabilizing of world thought. Today it is the fearsPsychology2, 721:and lasting. One of the first effects is the stabilizing of emotional reaction. Influential andPsychology2, 724:moon of May, 1937, saw the establishing and the stabilizing of the exoteric outer effect, of whichRays, 435:spiritual environments, widening his horizon, stabilizing himself upon the Path, and living upon
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