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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - STAGE

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Astrology, 7:individuals, from out of the center of your own stage and consciousness and - without depriving youAstrology, 15:but only become possible at a fairly advanced stage of development and as he nears the PathAstrology, 43:the germs of the Lives which achieved the human stage in another solar system, but were not able toAstrology, 43:of logoic manifestation) passed beyond the human stage altogether. They are, therefore, the arupaAstrology, 51:effect produced falls into two stages: The first stage wherein the sun sign dominates the man andAstrology, 51:potency of the Sun of Probability." The second stage wherein there is increasing response to theAstrology, 53:the twelve constellations [53] and - at a final stage of experience and development - of the threeAstrology, 65:and right understanding are based upon the stage of the development of the individual. H. P. B.Astrology, 75:of life of the individual and dependent upon his stage of evolutionary unfoldment. These might beAstrology, 76:A large number of people who are in an interim stage, with the energies and forces focused mainlyAstrology, 77:unsuited to our present greatly advanced stage of development. The same can be said of orthodox orAstrology, 83:Fixed Cross in particular. From point to point, stage to stage, and finally Cross to Cross, heAstrology, 83:in particular. From point to point, stage to stage, and finally Cross to Cross, he fights for hisAstrology, 89:rotating at terrific speed; the center at this stage not only rotates in a specific direction, butAstrology, 93:Aries as spiritual energy enters into the soul stage in Cancer, in which sign the soul incarnatesAstrology, 107:there come twelve lives wherein the final stage of Renunciation is experienced and the disciple orAstrology, 107:the potent impression of Taurus, which at this stage of development feeds his ardent desire for theAstrology, 108:or material existence. In the second great stage, he passes from Aries to Taurus, because desireAstrology, 118:in the cycle of manifestation. He is, at this stage, negative, fluid and endowed with anAstrology, 118:of reception from the intuition is, at this stage, unawakened. Sagittarius - Here the ordinary manAstrology, 119:instinct - after passing through the emotional stage - is being transmuted into intellect. Gemini -Astrology, 119:of the Mutable Cross have brought him to the stage where the "dream of life" can be changed intoAstrology, 119:and untrue. The sense of duality is, at this stage, instinctual but becoming increasingly real andAstrology, 121:towards the goal. Pisces - Here, at the final stage, Pisces stands for the death of the personalityAstrology, 122:I wish to convey to you here is that at this stage the influence of Pisces on the involutionaryAstrology, 122:reached with great rapidity in the present human stage where another and major change is deemedAstrology, 123:of the Zodiacal Constellations The man at this stage has within him the potencies and theAstrology, 123:but it is a parable concerned with the Piscean stage of consciousness and the awakening of theAstrology, 128:the activity of these forces which work at this stage through the Mutable Cross, man is brought toAstrology, 131:and spiritual meaning? Simply, that after the stage of initiation in Capricorn, as the result ofAstrology, 150:and the knowledge of that which is hidden at any stage upon the path of evolution relates theAstrology, 153:animal in two senses of the word: in the early stage upon [154] the Mutable Cross, man, the blendAstrology, 160:today persisting. Certain men then reached the stage of discipleship wherein they could consciouslyAstrology, 161:of the Cardinal Cross in the involutionary stage; the self-consciousness of man as indicated byAstrology, 162:importance and potency today, owing to the stage of development and the sensitivity of theAstrology, 166:by humanity as a whole as it neared the stage of being the world disciple, and vast numbersAstrology, 179:personality ("inspired from on high," as this stage is technically called), the following ideas mayAstrology, 179:nature which, when it has reached a certain stage of development, came under the direct influenceAstrology, 180:This release takes place in two stages: Stage 1 - Wherein the intellect becomes dominant andAstrology, 180:and controls eventually the emotional nature. Stage 2 - Wherein the intellect is illumined by theAstrology, 180:it, via the reflecting and illumined mind. In stage 1, the power of the trained reasoning andAstrology, 189:say and little else upon which I need at this stage of study to comment. The man who is nearing theAstrology, 192:in Sagittarius he begins to express this first stage. This involves a complete withdrawal, in theAstrology, 195:is concerned. Scorpio, at this particular stage of human evolution, governs the Path ofAstrology, 208:When the mind has reached a relatively high stage of development, the memory aspect is evoked in aAstrology, 218:a sense not to be understood by anyone below the stage of the fourth initiation, but it is anAstrology, 224:are the scientific mind, which, at this stage of the disciple's career, means that he can begin toAstrology, 228:which is the explanation given to that stage in meditation which we call contemplation. In the fiveAstrology, 228:as sensed in man, the gestation period. The stage of the hidden Christ. Intelligent man.Astrology, 230:between spiritual man and personal man and the stage is laid for the final fivefold process whichAstrology, 234:of trouble. They range all the way from the stage of free love and a general promiscuity to theAstrology, 236:infringement. This has been a probably necessary stage for child races and for the preservation ofAstrology, 240:of initiation wherein, step by step and stage by stage, under law and through the method of gainedAstrology, 240:of initiation wherein, step by step and stage by stage, under law and through the method of gainedAstrology, 242:signs in their consummation carry man beyond the stage of [243] ordinary humanity and produce theAstrology, 248:In most of the other constellations, at some stage or other, there comes a "point of crisis"Astrology, 254:truth, for a wrong orientation took place at one stage in human history and the human family went -Astrology, 256:be said that Cancer is an expression (in the stage of great advancement) of the first half of theAstrology, 256:manner that the whole process resembled the stage of the embryo in the womb, prior to theAstrology, 257:in Cancer. Individual consciousness in Leo. The stage of Humanity. [258] II. Virgo The period ofAstrology, 258:life. Gestation in the early stages. The stage of quickened life. The stage of Probation orAstrology, 258:early stages. The stage of quickened life. The stage of Probation or Awakening. III. SagittariusAstrology, 258:attained. The one-pointed direct life. The stage of Discipleship. IV. Pisces Duality linked inAstrology, 258:Pisces. The emergence of the World Savior. The stage of Initiation. Throughout this relation and asAstrology, 258:of soul and body emerges in which, at this stage, the body or form serves the soul. In Virgo,Astrology, 260:and yet which lead to light. It is the "blinded stage" which is found in Masonic rituals and whichAstrology, 261:to the mass advance; the individual at this stage proceeds clockwise from Aries to Taurus, viaAstrology, 261:from Aries to Pisces, via Taurus. In this final stage, he returns to the same directed method,Astrology, 266:by the different planets according to their stage [267] of development and by what is esotericallyAstrology, 268:of initiates will be greatly augmented. In the stage of initiation, the energies of the signs andAstrology, 273:with the consciousness aspect which, at a high stage of development, produces the manifestation ofAstrology, 273:therefore, are primarily concerned with the stage of discipleship and the manifestation of a solarAstrology, 274:the personality becomes the Mother in the stage of gestation, through the period of infancy uponAstrology, 274:infancy upon the physical plane and through the stage of adolescence until the initiate attainsAstrology, 276:its reversed motion which occurs at a particular stage of evolution. I want to call your attentionAstrology, 279:of the Mutable Cross or of the preparatory stage of evolution which has successfully prepared theAstrology, 283:of men are in the non-thinking instinctual stage and their consciousness is predominantlyAstrology, 289:or small bodies of people. This - at an advanced stage - is an expression of the fusion of LeoAstrology, 295:personality fused) to the environment. At this stage of unfoldment, the liberated man is notAstrology, 296:is, however, only registered at a very advanced stage of development upon the Path and is analogousAstrology, 301:the above alignment corresponds to a very high stage of initiation, it will not be possible toAstrology, 311:majority are emerging out of the mass conscious stage and becoming self-conscious individuals.Astrology, 316:it primarily identifies itself) brings about the stage of static concretion in the earth signAstrology, 318:the chart at a particular and peculiar stage of discipleship. In this case, disciples will be bornAstrology, 318:of water and earth (Cancer and Virgo) in the stage of subconscious emphasis wherein everything isAstrology, 318:the womb of matter and of time, and during this stage, the emphasis is upon the form which veilsAstrology, 319:a new and higher unity. He is at the miserable stage of being neither the soul nor the form - theAstrology, 319:of being neither the soul nor the form - the stage of transition. Such is the way of the disciple.Astrology, 320:have here nine signs which carry a man from the stage of imprisonment in form to the freedom of theAstrology, 321:and, consequently, a true statement of the stage of consciousness which we call Atlantean. There isAstrology, 321:There is much of this today and of this stage, mass sensitivity and mass identification with formAstrology, 321:the form nature which is dominant in the longest stage of human unfoldment, just as esoterically,Astrology, 322:human being is just beginning to grasp the stage of the individual Christ consciousness of Virgo toAstrology, 328:body and the soul but only in the embryonic stage and with the psychic stage stillAstrology, 328:only in the embryonic stage and with the psychic stage still unindividualised. It is the stage ofAstrology, 328:psychic stage still unindividualised. It is the stage of mass reaction to the incoming of the SonsAstrology, 340:the third Ray of Active Intelligence. Thus the stage is set for the appearance of the soul in form.Astrology, 341:guarantees this in Cancer from the very initial stage of birth. Love as relationship to divinityAstrology, 354:the soul, and this carries the disciples to the stage of the third initiation. It is then theAstrology, 360:soul and personality. This leads to a final stage in Capricorn. The influence of Mercury as it
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