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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - STAGE

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Destiny, 101:all of them, though it is as yet in an embryonic stage. In Russia it is being retarded by aDestiny, 108:the laws of spiritual living. In this initial stage and whilst the battle is being fought out inDestiny, 111:The world religions have held the center of the stage for several thousand years in an effort toDestiny, 114:taste has reached a relatively high stage of development during the past two thousand years andDestiny, 115:process has been carried forward into the next stage of unfoldment to which we give the name ofDestiny, 117:soul expression, and the development of the new stage into which the white magic of the HierarchyDestiny, 117:entering is, therefore, inevitable and for this stage there should be definite preparation andDestiny, 128:the individual disciple and in the preliminary stage of his training, this involves the constantDestiny, 131:that which is natural. This has been a necessary stage in their development for it was essentialDestiny, 142:the minds of disciples everywhere and lays the stage for the appearance of a certain group ofDestiny, 143:conflict" and the forces of that planet which stage opportunity for the aspirant are working inDestiny, 145:and steadily be directed. Humanity has reached a stage where the sense of individuality is rapidlyDiscipleship1, X:withheld. He is regarded as having reached a stage in his unfoldment at which he can make his ownDiscipleship1, 13:according to ray, point in evolution and the stage of discipleship which is the immediateDiscipleship1, 13:for your use and acceptance. Endeavor at some stage in your meditation to link up with me but letDiscipleship1, 17:You are all on the Path of Discipleship at some stage or another; in this lies opportunity. This isDiscipleship1, 20:group of workers? That love is now in the stage of anchoring itself physically through the newDiscipleship1, 60:attitudes. This is of supreme importance at this stage of the group work; it will mean - if you canDiscipleship1, 61:of the individual groups. The third stage of the work to be done will be special and particular,Discipleship1, 61:me outline for you the stages to be followed: STAGE ONE. Alignment. Soul contact. Spiritual poise.Discipleship1, 61:personality rays. This constitutes the vertical stage. STAGE TWO. The above is followed by groupDiscipleship1, 61:rays. This constitutes the vertical stage. STAGE TWO. The above is followed by group integrationDiscipleship1, 61:of the earth. This constitutes the horizontal stage. STAGE THREE. There follows next a carefulDiscipleship1, 61:earth. This constitutes the horizontal stage. STAGE THREE. There follows next a carefulDiscipleship1, 62:this type of work are of paramount importance. STAGE FOUR. Having finished the special group workDiscipleship1, 62:Having finished the special group work under Stage III, the members of the group will then endeavorDiscipleship1, 67:three stages are of importance: [67] The stage of pondering over the idea which is to be impressedDiscipleship1, 67:it is a creative activity and is the first real stage in our work. I do not want you to endeavor toDiscipleship1, 67:active and ready for service. When this stage is reached, you can then - as a group - proceed withDiscipleship1, 67:you can then - as a group - proceed with the stage of direction. Having carefully in mind theDiscipleship1, 71:it may be possible to bring the experimental stage to an end; the Hierarchy can then recognize (asDiscipleship1, 73:disciples are all passing through the formative stage and change and adjustment is going on. TheirDiscipleship1, 73:two things: 1. When the group reaches a certain stage of synthesis, then it will become possibleDiscipleship1, 74:are Seed Groups; they are in the dark or growing stage and in the process of expansion - growingDiscipleship1, 74:process of expansion - growing silently. This stage is most important for, according to theDiscipleship1, 76:those who can pass on to the preparatory stage of group initiation and those who must approach thatDiscipleship1, 89:is the power to visualize. This is the first stage to be mastered. Disciples should lay theDiscipleship1, 91:instruction. I would remind you at this early stage that only that which you know for yourself andDiscipleship1, 93:seeking to do is to carry the teaching another stage outward and make exoteric what the MasterDiscipleship1, 111:in this life but it was brought to its present stage of unfoldment in earlier lives. So strong haveDiscipleship1, 120:would remind you that being non-magnetic at your stage of development means that (even though youDiscipleship1, 125:countries. But in this work and at your stage of spiritual awareness, the inclusiveness of the lifeDiscipleship1, 132:and can likewise be of immediate service in the stage of earlier preparatory work in which we nowDiscipleship1, 134:in your case. You are starting in at the stage of organized group work. Will you do this withDiscipleship1, 139:each individual. You have necessarily at this stage the vices of your second ray virtues. YouDiscipleship1, 153:is, for you - as yet - only in the formative stage. I refer not to your power to speak withDiscipleship1, 157:be in order for you, omitting the detail of the stage of ascent but visualizing the inflow ofDiscipleship1, 160:call it. Begin always with the fourth or final stage and work through to the first: You live withDiscipleship1, 171:this be brought about, my brother? The first stage is one of real difficulty, particularly to firstDiscipleship1, 172:as I have above suggested. Build your picture stage by stage. [173] Go forward with courage, hopeDiscipleship1, 172:above suggested. Build your picture stage by stage. [173] Go forward with courage, hope and joy,Discipleship1, 192:on the simple, and apparently elementary, stage of alignment. The work of watching each day yourDiscipleship1, 223:is always the case for disciples at a certain stage of unfoldment) no cessation, no easing of theDiscipleship1, 226:aspirants (whom they have been watching) for the stage of accepted discipleship. In this lastDiscipleship1, 234:is the objective of the disciple who at your stage of development is in preparation for initiation,Discipleship1, 242:for long you have occupied the center of the stage in your own thought. You are not jealous in theDiscipleship1, 250:are too much the forceful actors upon your own stage, on which you each seek to play a leadingDiscipleship1, 264:All disciples who are being trained for that stage called by the inappropriate name of "acceptedDiscipleship1, 266:which you must learn to work during the third stage of the meditation work assigned... Watch theDiscipleship1, 267:There is no essential failure. At this stage in the life of the disciple, there may be a failing toDiscipleship1, 309:in points 1, 2, 3, and then sink back into the stage of contemplation, holding it as long as youDiscipleship1, 313:door, close it with care, and enter upon another stage upon the Way - alone and not alone." I wouldDiscipleship1, 314:planned withdrawing. He is passing through that stage upon the Way to which Patanjali refers in TheDiscipleship1, 331:an over-emphasis of the "I" at the center of the stage. I am telling you nothing new when I sayDiscipleship1, 331:of being too much in the center of her own life stage, but her whole attitude and life presentationDiscipleship1, 332:you have freed yourself from the center of your stage and can move with greater freedom on soulDiscipleship1, 346:at the work of being a disciple. At a certain stage, this is right proper and most necessary, butDiscipleship1, 358:In the building of the antahkarana (at this stage) there is a gap in the bridge where the soul isDiscipleship1, 358:there must be careful exercise in an elementary stage - the alignment of the soul and brain, viaDiscipleship1, 487:Almost all that I can say to you at this stage will fall on listening and willing butDiscipleship1, 507:his silence and mine is that you now enter the stage of the solution of your problem wherein youDiscipleship1, 518:wrongly - a sense of responsibility shifts from stage to stage with growth. One's physical care forDiscipleship1, 518:- a sense of responsibility shifts from stage to stage with growth. One's physical care for one'sDiscipleship1, 534:and where a life is devoid of crisis (at your stage of development) it means the disciple isDiscipleship1, 568:serve yourself unduly, my brother, and at your stage of unfoldment this should not be. You renderDiscipleship1, 579:of this experience and during the unconscious stage we do occasionally help. This I did. I wouldDiscipleship1, 593:and the light enhanced. A disciple, at your stage of development, has two major lessons to learn.Discipleship1, 593:must be thrown upon his own resources. This stage of stabilization now lies behind you and in timeDiscipleship1, 596:difficulty of the era in which you live and the stage whereon you deliberately have chosen to playDiscipleship1, 603:no release this life. Naught can arrest at this stage the work of your own soul. Only the urgencyDiscipleship1, 605:to decentralize you from the center of your own stage. Then endeavor to contemplate or to realizeDiscipleship1, 614:your initial service of financing the earlier stage. But, my brother, the giving of money is theDiscipleship1, 627:can be accomplished. All is yet in the trial stage with many of them and only the coming few yearsDiscipleship1, 650:been a great relief. You have now reached the stage of the pledged worker and of the sannyasin, andDiscipleship1, 654:the center of your own picture and off your own stage, and be simply a self-forgetting channel ofDiscipleship1, 657:that the sense of being at the center of the stage in your life is a first ray characteristic? InDiscipleship1, 673:STAGES OF DISCIPLESHIP Introductory Notes The stage wherein a disciple is contacted by the MasterDiscipleship1, 673:another chela on the physical plane. This is the stage of "Little Chelaship." The stage wherein aDiscipleship1, 673:This is the stage of "Little Chelaship." The stage wherein a higher disciple directs the chela fromDiscipleship1, 673:the chela from the egoic level. This is the stage called a "Chela in the Light." The stage wherein,Discipleship1, 673:is the stage called a "Chela in the Light." The stage wherein, according to necessity, the MasterDiscipleship1, 673:in the Master's Ashram. This is definitely the stage of Accepted Disciple. The stage wherein,Discipleship1, 673:definitely the stage of Accepted Disciple. The stage wherein, having shown his wisdom in work, andDiscipleship1, 673:takes none of the Master's time. This stage has the peculiar name of a "Chela on the Thread" orDiscipleship1, 673:name of a "Chela on the Thread" or sutratma. The stage wherein the chela is permitted to know theDiscipleship1, 673:or distress would prompt them to use it. At this stage the chela is called "one within the aura."Discipleship1, 673:the chela is called "one within the aura." The stage wherein the chela can get his Master's ear atDiscipleship1, 673:time. He is in close touch always. This is the stage wherein a chela is being definitely preparedDiscipleship1, 674:collaboration with his Master. The chela at this stage is described as "one within his Master'sDiscipleship1, 674:within his Master's heart." There is a later stage of still closer identification, where there is a
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