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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - STAGE

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Externalisation, 459:and this is a point of major importance. At the stage which we are now passing through, theseExternalisation, 470:only be inaugurated at San Francisco. There the stage will be set for those processes which willExternalisation, 496:of the atom is as yet in an extremely embryonic stage; humanity little knows the extent or theExternalisation, 530:in all probability will be set for the first stage of the externalization of the Hierarchy. TheExternalisation, 530:now until that date) is called technically "The Stage of the Forerunner". It is preparatory inExternalisation, 547:3. The world war then reached a final stage; the first stage was from 1914-1918; it then proceededExternalisation, 547:world war then reached a final stage; the first stage was from 1914-1918; it then proceeded in aExternalisation, 549:to men," or rather among men, was the primary stage in the threefold promise made by the angels atExternalisation, 571:in the way of their undertakings. At the present stage of preparation, the task of the disciple whoExternalisation, 571:to mankind is concerned: First. The present stage in which a few isolated disciples and initiates,Externalisation, 572:with the next phase of the work. Second. The stage of the first real externalization upon a largeExternalisation, 572:a well-trained mind with an obedient brain. This stage of hierarchical appearance is dependent uponExternalisation, 573:IV - Stages in the Externalization Third. The stage wherein Christ and the Masters of [574] theExternalisation, 574:will come into its own. These phases are: The stage of a general recognition of light in allExternalisation, 574:destitute candidate emerges into the light. The stage of complete economic reorientation; in this,Externalisation, 575:Lord; this building proceeds with rapidity. The stage wherein the reward of light is received andExternalisation, 575:religious institution of the period. This is the stage where the forces of resurrection are active,Externalisation, 576:human thinking. But it is not the event or the stage of Christ's appearing with which we are nowExternalisation, 584:works in response to impression, being at this stage totally unaware from whence the impressionExternalisation, 601:is indicative of His coming has now reached a stage where nothing can arrest its progress or slowExternalisation, 607:and take His place prominently on the world stage, and take His part in the great drama which isExternalisation, 609:service? How can we aid during this preparatory stage? On this point I have but little to say. TheExternalisation, 623:that is the failure of mankind to prepare the stage for that stupendous event, to clear theExternalisation, 630:rapidly awakening. We are passing through the stage where everything is being proclaimed from theExternalisation, 683:St. Paul, for instance, was in the initiate stage of learning rightly to withdraw and to work inExternalisation, 692:process falls into the following stages: The stage wherein the tainted area, the hidden evil, orExternalisation, 692:responsible for the purificatory work. The stage wherein the disciple withdraws his attention fromExternalisation, 692:in the coming work of world purification. The stage of withdrawing of the purifying energies; thisFire, 28:developed the lower Fifth. They passed from stage to stage. The watching Lords, recognizing theFire, 28:the lower Fifth. They passed from stage to stage. The watching Lords, recognizing the rupas formed,Fire, 49:of spirit. Practically nothing can at this stage be communicated anent this evolution. TheFire, 66:the fiery essences of the higher planes at this stage in our discussion. We will only enumerateFire, 122:carries on its work in three stages. The first stage is that wherein the pranic fluid and [123]Fire, 123:curative to a preventive foundation. The second stage is that in which the pranic fluids begin toFire, 123:point of "Kundalini and the Spine." The third stage is that in which active radiatory matter orFire, 123:channel in the spinal column. In the second stage this vitalizing blended fire reaches a centerFire, 151:by the finite mind of man at his present stage, and with his present scientific accessories, butFire, 155:latent and radiatory have achieved a specific stage. This is the secret of final obscuration and ofFire, 170:rotating at terrific speed; the center at this stage not only rotates in specific direction, butFire, 171:a cosmic interpretation. 1. The circle. At this stage the center is seen simply as a saucer-likeFire, 171:This corresponds to the little developed stage, and to the early Lemurian root-race, and to thatFire, 171:becomes more rapid. This corresponds to the stage wherein mind is beginning to be felt and thus toFire, 171:Lemurian days. 3. The divided circle. At this stage the point of light in the center of the vortexFire, 171:great beauty and activity. The man has reached a stage of very high development [172] mentally,Fire, 172:the Probationary Path. 5. The swastika. At this stage the center becomes fourth-dimensional; theFire, 172:a sphere of fire than as a wheel. It marks the stage of the Path in its two divisions, for theFire, 175:earth; and humanity has reached in a mass the stage of Buddhahood and passed out of the objectiveFire, 180:is not yet in complete vivification at this stage of evolutionary development. [181] AnotherFire, 181:the vivification of these centers, and at this stage of development certain centers are moreFire, 195:the center - consciousness and the not-self at a stage where sound alone is descriptive. TheFire, 219:Self merged in the ocean of the Self. At each stage of relative attainment, one of the laws comesFire, 225:plan, and to grasp more accurately the immediate stage ahead to be attained, working from ourFire, 230:when his magnetic radiation has reached the stage of vivid interaction or group activity, then heFire, 231:he expresses what is in him at his particular stage, and gradually develops from the stage of theFire, 231:stage, and gradually develops from the stage of the antenatal period wherein the Self over-shadowsFire, 231:takes full possession of the prepared form. This stage varies with every individual. From that timeFire, 239:but owing to the limitations of man at this stage of evolution, it is sufficient as a working basisFire, 240:in [240] past kalpas, reached and passed the stage where man now is; on the other side are hosts ofFire, 240:evolutions who in future kalpas will achieve the stage of humanity. Man stands midway between theFire, 246:starting point, and developing the concept from stage to stage: An Atom 1 An atom consists of aFire, 246:point, and developing the concept from stage to stage: An Atom 1 An atom consists of a spheroidalFire, 247:full activity. Only four are functioning at this stage, and the fifth is in process of development.Fire, 247:animates the atom, a relative thing at this stage. Its sevenfold inner economy in process ofFire, 259:public. This is for three reasons: First, the stage reached by man does not permit of his correctFire, 266:from differing standpoints, dependent upon the stage reached and the angle of vision. We haveFire, 272:the fifth Initiation which will bring him to a stage of consciousness achieved by a Heavenly Man inFire, 276:The notes synchronize and harmonize till the stage of adequacy is reached and the period ofFire, 278:participating life has reached a considerable stage of awareness. Time has been defined as aFire, 281:subject is exceedingly abstruse, due to the low stage of the human intelligence, which is as yet soFire, 284:life or entity involved, and the special stage of awareness reached. All must be interpreted inFire, 288:the same way the animal is brought at a certain stage into the zone of influence of the lesser sonsFire, 290:and of that period during the evolutionary stage which is comprised within the first three roundsFire, 292:centers, and therefore, five schemes, reach a stage of accurate response to contact andFire, 304:unavoidable effects, so a Heavenly Man at one stage of His evolution does the same. As manFire, 309:in evolution in all three cases. The present stage of development of mind in each of the threeFire, 309:of forces contained in the microcosm... The stage of evolution which we have reached is the veryFire, 321:and is so vast during the involutionary stage that the rarity of the positive [322] atoms is veryFire, 322:of a form inconceivable to man at his present stage of knowledge. These vortices will beFire, 326:what we might call "discovered"), is at this stage characterized by certain things. I mightFire, 333:is a coherent whole. Owing to his more advanced stage of development, wisdom is for Him theFire, 334:kingdom is so inexplicable to man at his present stage [335] of intelligent apprehension that weFire, 335:individualization - brings about at a certain stage a spiritual individualization which is theFire, 351:sees, persists and interprets according to the stage of the development of the manasic principleFire, 359:own, a triangle for logoic force at a certain stage of evolutionary development; The secret of theFire, 369:to be considered numerically accurate at this stage and in this round, i.e., our Earth, the fourthFire, 370:intuition, or of transmuted manas, is, at this stage, considered as the fifth scheme. Therefore,Fire, 387:the reality of the fact that Entities at Their stage of evolution are active love-wisdom and embodyFire, 388:vitalizes one globe. It is not permitted at this stage to state, for exoteric publication: WhichFire, 400:these two stages is [400] a mysterious esoteric stage wherein he is resolved into the four, - notFire, 401:Systemic and Human Factor III. The Present Stage of Manasic Development in the Three GroupsFire, 401:planetary Logoi, proceeded satisfactorily to a stage where it can be both appreciated and somewhatFire, 402:element through the medium of an intermediate stage. 1. In the Planets Occult students need, inFire, 402:will not be possible to touch upon the systemic stage of manasic development. But in connectionFire, 403:in both these schemes, having reached a high stage of development, is being transmuted intoFire, 403:and Vulcan are as yet developing manas, and the stage achieved in each varies, and is not forFire, 403:yet succeeded in bringing Their bodies to the stage where transmutation on a large scale isFire, 405:then the whole system is reaching a very high stage of evolution, and with the two schemes whichFire, 405:the two schemes which will be entering into the stage of obscuration, the resolving process willFire, 406:of the average discarnate entities at this stage who are willing to make contact with the physicalFire, 408:are all that we can appreciate at our present stage, and they might be summed up as three in
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