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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - STAGE

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Fire, 410:outline, the place of manas at the present stage. 44 Diversity from Unity. "Now, according to theFire, 418:developed and has reached a fairly high stage of evolution. Second. Discrimination between the EgoFire, 419:of evolution. It is incident upon an earlier stage of intense self-assertion and intenseFire, 419:and intense self-realization. This stage is with us now; it marks all manifestation, and is theFire, 426:to other spheres, more [426] suited to their stage of evolution. This event will be regarded at theFire, 426:as the human units involved will have reached a stage where they can consciously cooperate in theFire, 427:which are only revealed after initiation at this stage of evolution. In them are summed up theFire, 435:it, and enable those men who are at the right stage to utilize this force in order to take theFire, 437:truism that all forms of existence pass at one stage of their career through the human kingdom.Fire, 437:second cosmic ether, but which, at the present stage of objectivity, become systemically visible inFire, 441:of the matter of the brain parallels the stage of development of its atomic correspondence, and inFire, 449:but the Words of Brahma are at the present stage more closely connected with our work upon theFire, 464:is stimulated and developed when - at a certain stage - he can respond to the vibration of membersFire, 464:more than animals, are brought to the necessary stage of vibration by the play upon their mentalFire, 479:is dual and necessitates a preliminary stage of application of external factors, a fanning and careFire, 479:increase of voltage. There is next a secondary stage wherein the external factors do not count soFire, 483:itself with the two fires which reached a high stage of perfection in a past solar system: The fireFire, 483:and the third fire of Spirit is not at this stage to be considered. This conscious manipulation ofFire, 483:It is the work of transferring the life from one stage of atomic existence to another, and itFire, 484:These steps or stages are: [484] The fiery stage - the blending, fusing, burning period, throughFire, 484:during the disintegration of form. The solvent stage, in which the form is dissipated and substanceFire, 484:into its essential duality. The volatile stage, which concerns primarily the essential quality ofFire, 489:being in an occult sense. The next transition stage ahead into the vegetable kingdom, or the occultFire, 491:place (involving the most important and lengthy stage of the procedure) through the subsequentFire, 499:of a kind inexplicable to man at his present stage of manasic development. We need not, therefore,Fire, 500:by him, which has brought him to his present stage of physical existence from that of animal man.Fire, 502:the planetary Logos of His Ray - a thing at this stage impossible of conscious realization. In theFire, 506:Logos (within that periphery) goes through the stage analogous to that which the man undergoes whenFire, 506:perfect six-pointed star during the preliminary stage (the threefold personality and the threefoldFire, 509:dense manifestation and physically dies. This stage is succeeded by the comparatively brief one ofFire, 514:electrons in the atoms of science) and at this stage produce most effect upon the astral permanentFire, 517:when this is the case the atom passes into the stage of obscuration, as does the seventh principleFire, 523:naught can profitably be said at this stage of cognition. The above thoughts upon the planes, andFire, 534:in their esoteric significance describe a stage of consciousness not a location. Through fiveFire, 542:in his sphere the "Great Sacrifice." This stage can be seen objectively to the eye of theFire, 544:responds to opportunity when the above mentioned stage is reached. Finally: The ceremony ofFire, 546:will be felt within the next circle at an early stage and will cause a vibratory response, henceFire, 547:by some, coupled with a comparatively low stage of development or of consciousness (egoicallyFire, 552:body is the best sheath that - at any particular stage of evolution - he can at the timeFire, 559:be laid upon that which is to be embodied. This stage will be entered upon when the functions ofFire, 561:destroyed and dissipated. In the first stage, that which concerns the tangible, that which dealsFire, 561:and of supreme importance. In the second stage, the life within the form, or the subjectiveFire, 561:the thought-form, becomes apparent. In the final stage, the thought form (having performed itsFire, 562:of Karma through the effect it produces. At this stage in the history of the system - that vastFire, 562:history of the system - that vast transitional stage between dense physical life and existence inFire, 593:love of men and women, until it arrives at the stage of love of humanity or group loveFire, 608:only thus will it become apparent why at this stage in evolution the material aspect is the mostFire, 614:conscious Minds of the system. At the present stage of evolution - during the period of Light - itFire, 624:of illusion. Here exists for man the first great stage of the battle for full Self-consciousness,Fire, 632:part consciously. Herein lies a hint as to the stage of evolution of our Logos. This matter is ofFire, 635:seat or empire of the Thinker, and as at this stage all that we can know must be viewedFire, 644:is that this work of bridging from one stage or from one kingdom to another has to be performedFire, 644:As the result of reflex action from the higher stage or kingdom; it is brought about by theFire, 646:the life [646] of that kingdom into the higher stage (the animal) which is its goal. TheFire, 648:in the same way as the kundalini in man at this stage animates his dense physical vehicle. Later,Fire, 649:center out of the seven, are frequently at this stage over-vitalized, the physical vehicle vitalityFire, 650:plane. One of the things the Hierarchy at this stage is seeking to do, is to retard this awakeningFire, 651:both the dense and the etheric forms. At this stage his inability to do so is largely due to a lackFire, 660:of consciousness of a human being) is due to the stage of development of the great devas who embodyFire, 661:cases, and this is owing to His more advanced stage of development and also to the fact that theFire, 661:Even when man has reached a relatively high stage of evolution, the demonstration of that point ofFire, 670:will differ in: Their rate of vibration. Their stage of development. [671] Consciousness. Fohatic,Fire, 677:at which time sex conditions reached a stage of unbelievable horror from our point of view. TheyFire, 686:the logoic Quaternary), have to reach a certain stage of vibratory capacity, and of consciousnessFire, 687:five lower planes of the system have reached a stage of vibratory development which will permitFire, 688:will not be possible until the second or sixth stage of Pleroma. Consciousness will blaze forthFire, 692:times and according to their evolutionary stage. This is of later date for the seven than for theFire, 697:through His centers. To sum up: There is a stage in the evolution of consciousness where the three,Fire, 700:varying the methods employed according to the stage of the evolution of the planet concerned, andFire, 708:"the ninefold egoic lotus," which is at this stage tightly closed, the nine petals folded one uponFire, 709:the lower personal self. Third. At a certain stage of vibratory activity, the work of the Lords ofFire, 709:of twelve petals, nine of these appear at this stage in bud form and three are completely hiddenFire, 710:beneath the central portion. They form at this stage a dimly burning triangle. The causal body,Fire, 711:varying schemes and chains, this - at the middle stage - is the universal rule. Karmic conditionsFire, 716:as we call them, and their relatively high stage of intelligence as compared to the wild animals.Fire, 716:of the door into the fifth kingdom, or into the stage of buddhic consciousness, had a profoundFire, 723:have passed since They approximated the human stage, and They embody force and consciousness whichFire, 731:two fires of matter and of mind have reached a stage of energetic heat and light, can the electricFire, 731:cosmic relationship. Individualization marks one stage of the process in the intensification ofFire, 731:are mutually attracted. Initiation marks a stage in the intensification of "solar Fire." It hasFire, 735:by stages of which we are aware. The first stage is the withdrawal of the life force in the ethericFire, 735:will be considered just a "release." The next stage is the withdrawal of the life force from theFire, 735:centralized within the atomic sphere. The third stage is the withdrawal of the life force from soFire, 735:added color through astral experience. The final stage for the human atom is its withdrawal [736]Fire, 737:has been full and rich, yet has not reached the stage wherein the personal self can consciouslyFire, 738:It concerns man in the period between the savage stage and that of the disciple, when he is anFire, 738:the man has attained freedom. A man has at this stage succeeded, under law, in "abstracting"Fire, 739:Ray. On the higher planes of the system, this stage persists for the length of the life of aFire, 750:lead the neophyte through the dangers of the stage where, like the infant, he could not walk alone,Fire, 767:to act. In connection with the Logos, the first stage has been left far behind, and logoicFire, 771:and until their work has reached a very high stage, the Spirit aspect must become, in the causalFire, 772:on the mental plane. This is indicative of the stage of perfection, and shows that the three worldsFire, 774:away from the higher. There is at this stage very little turning of egoic energy in the directionFire, 775:the center of the lotus, but according to the stage of development so will be the position of theFire, 775:and finally with the etheric body. At a later stage in the evolution of man (the stage wherein theFire, 775:At a later stage in the evolution of man (the stage wherein the average man is now) the astralFire, 775:circulates through it to the other two. At the stage of advanced intellectual man, the mental unitFire, 776:the man has therefore reached a very definite stage in evolution. The direction of force, and itsFire, 776:work is comparatively small but as the third stage of development is reached, and the man isFire, 778:anent the many egos who reach a certain high stage of evolution in our scheme and who are then
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