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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - STAGE

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Healing, 507:upon the Path of Discipleship. It is the stage of the practical and successful server; it is thatHealing, 508:It should be remembered that this is an earlier stage and rightly so. The integration of the mind,Healing, 510:by conviction of its essentiality, then by a stage of definitely spiritual ambition, then by aHealing, 510:are perpetuated and carried on when the next stage is clearly seen but not followed. Ponder onHealing, 510:the way of integration lead to that culminating stage wherein the personality - rich in experience,Healing, 525:rapport. The healer must "know the inner stage of thought and of desire" of his patient. He mustHealing, 525:limitation, because if the patient is not at the stage in evolution where this is possible, and atHealing, 533:Let the healer train himself to know the inner stage of thought or of desire of the one who seeksHealing, 539:is so acute that the patient has reached the stage where he simply does not care and theHealing, 550:Let the healer train himself to know the inner stage of thought or of desire of the one who seeksHealing, 559:energy upon an unready physical vehicle; at that stage only certain of the major diseases willHealing, 565:It is probably because they are at the stage where the energy of the soul, pouring through theHealing, 566:to express goodwill - doing this at the right stage of evolutionary unfoldment and when it isHealing, 567:life and the determination of all men at every stage in evolution to possess, own and enjoy thatHealing, 567:particular point in evolution and at any given stage in his incarnated history. This expression ofHealing, 568:real cause of death among men who are below the stage of discipleship and who have not yet takenHealing, 569:only takes place when the man has reached the stage of disciple or initiate. The beautifulHealing, 574:of the healer's work falls into two parts: The stage of esoteric "lifting up" or "driving forth."Healing, 574:of refocusing it in its distributing center. The stage after the healer's work has beenHealing, 574:or the work has not been successful. In this stage, the energy which has been "driven forth" isHealing, 593:These two are closely allied at a certain stage of unfoldment. [594] Under all these relationshipsHealing, 604:radiation has passed through two stages: The stage wherein the soul radiated energy into the headHealing, 604:soul radiated energy into the head center. The stage wherein the healer directs a ray of thatHealing, 604:held steady. From that appropriate center the stage of synchronization with the correspondingHealing, 608:until such time that it has reached the stage in evolution where it is a useful and suitableHealing, 624:soul; human beings are today at every imaginable stage of development within this process. Healing, 647:but are not readily reached, except at a certain stage upon the Path where, symbolically speaking,Healing, 651:have arrived (consciously) at the [651] initiate stage. When both modes of magnetic healing haveHealing, 651:made by the healer. This presupposes an advanced stage of alignment and of concentration and willHealing, 652:the healer." In some respects (though this is a stage of healing which is not the highest) it isHealing, 658:the facts needed, and thus formulate the first stage of the procedure of spiritual healing; unlessHealing, 679:and in the type of death (called at this stage "transference") the fact of the Hierarchy and ofHealing, 681:and is one of the qualities or aspects of the stage of orientation. Learning by sight is definitelyHealing, 683:form life on the three levels of experience: The stage of reception of concepts, of ideas and ofHealing, 683:the existence of the abstract mind. The stage of "light reception," or that period when spiritualHealing, 683:as to the existence of the Hierarchy. The stage of abstraction, or the period wherein completeHealing, 683:and the Spiritual Triad. It is in this stage that the nature of the will is dimly seen, carryingHealing, 686:the same thing: discipleship in its embryonic stage. This is a hard saying for those who are caughtHercules, 5:Discipleship could be defined as the final stage of the path of evolution, and as that period in aHercules, 5:which he is definitely self-conscious. It is the stage in which he knowingly pledges himself toHercules, 8:as having reached, practically en masse, the stage of the aspirant, the stage of the intelligentHercules, 8:en masse, the stage of the aspirant, the stage of the intelligent seeker, the stage of the man who,Hercules, 8:the stage of the intelligent seeker, the stage of the man who, having developed his mind andHercules, 8:into a more sure sphere of undertakings. This stage has always [9] been expressed by the advancedHercules, 13:who uses it as a medium of expression. When this stage is reached, the great labors start, and theHercules, 18:body formed one unity. This indicates always the stage of the disciple. He has made the at-one-mentHercules, 19:slain. [19] This sense of duality is the first stage of the spiritual experience and colors theHercules, 21:and the difficulties which characterize that stage. It is of value perhaps to note the following: Hercules, 22:now discover him going through a very peculiar stage. We read in the ancient story that HeraHercules, 22:righteous overmuch, why shouldst thou die?" This stage is curiously exemplified for us on a largeHercules, 23:In Capricorn he becomes the Initiate, and this stage is always impossible until illusion has beenHercules, 31:effort, and his start upon that final stage of the evolutionary path which will carry him out ofHercules, 32:regeneration, are the characteristics of this stage, and all of them are expressions of the sameHercules, 55:replied the Teacher, and failure marks this stage. Let Hercules proceed." Finding no sacred treeHercules, 58:him since he entered on his search: "The fourth stage on the way unto the sacred tree is passed.Hercules, 71:did start on the fivefold search. [71] The first stage of that search is full of encouragement forHercules, 74:well-stocked, well-trained mind. The next stage of the search of Hercules is equally applicable toHercules, 83:(symbolized by the doe). The intermediate stage is that of the intellect. The great need ofHercules, 87:of subjective life, of the prenatal stage, or involution, and of the first step, either towardsHercules, 92:and emerges from out the purely animal stage, until the time comes when, having progressed aroundHercules, 93:thus is a human being. When he has reached that stage of intelligent and instinctual awareness,Hercules, 103:its lair. Having succeeded in this preliminary stage, he then made the unpleasant discovery thatHercules, 103:of the Christ consciousness in the form, stage by stage, various aspects of the divine nature areHercules, 103:the Christ consciousness in the form, stage by stage, various aspects of the divine nature are seenHercules, 121:Mary.) On this cross the man reaches the stage of acquiescence and aspiration, and so preparesHercules, 153:balance and the Christ and matter are in a stage of equilibrium. In Scorpio I am tested as to whichHercules, 157:is a blanket word that covers us at every stage of our development. If you want a more technicalHercules, 158:of mass consciousness; he took form. That is a stage of human incarnation. With many, the fact thatHercules, 159:sure he could do everything, he stood alone: a stage of power. At this stage you are going to ruleHercules, 159:he stood alone: a stage of power. At this stage you are going to rule men, and you begin by rulingHercules, 159:opened. In Libra he went through a difficult stage of achieving equilibrium, a very abstruse signHercules, 163:curiously enough, has been called the chrysalis stage; the man is neither one thing nor the other.Hercules, 163:by desire, eating all the time, there comes the stage of the chrysalis. What goes on in thatHercules, 163:of the chrysalis. What goes on in that chrysalis stage is a most mysterious happening. We are toldHercules, 163:work and the pattern is there. The chrysalis stage is Sagittarius. It is interesting to carry theHercules, 187:political upheaval, the dividing of the world stage into great groups, with people who areHercules, 207:of the road which will lead man to the next stage in his spiritual development. The old truths willHercules, 208:yet perfected Son of God, who, at a particular stage in the evolutionary cycle, takes his lowerHercules, 209:regard humanity as having reached, en masse, the stage of the aspirant, and to regard the race asHercules, 209:that has hitherto held them down to earth. This stage has always been expressed by the moreInitiation, viii:need not occupy themselves with them at this stage of their evolution. This book seeks to make itInitiation, 10:into the spiritual life, or into a fresh stage in that life. It is the first step, and theInitiation, 10:the word. He is entering upon the fifth or final stage in our present fivefold evolution. HavingInitiation, 13:What has been misinterpreted somewhat at this stage of comprehension is the fact that at variousInitiation, 30:being takes upon his vehicles when the necessary stage in evolution has been achieved. It has beenInitiation, 36:Many of them have passed through the human stage long ages ago, and work now in the ranks of theInitiation, 67:with men until they have attained a certain stage of evolution and are ready to profit by theirInitiation, 72:into the impersonal, and during the transition stage much of difficulty and of suffering isInitiation, 78:in deva and human ranks. This he does - at this stage - through the pen in literature, through theInitiation, 78:of his race. Two more characteristics of this stage might here be mentioned: The aspirant has anInitiation, 79:and distress, discontent, and misuse. At this stage also the aspirant's life becomes an instrumentInitiation, 91:force. The length of time taken over his final stage is entirely dependent upon the progress heInitiation, 92:and the planetary Spirit himself at the final stage - we have the three great manifestations of theInitiation, 92:in its fullest expression, though at the stage of human existence the Absolute must be regarded asInitiation, 97:beings who, having passed through the human stage, both feel and know, and who, under theInitiation, 100:played by such during the ceremony. At this stage the student would be wise to bear in mind certainInitiation, 104:to the lower self of man. Some idea of the high stage of evolution of this Great Being may beInitiation, 105:given in order of their relative evolutionary stage) it was decided to watch proceedings a littleInitiation, 112:revelation to revelation until the culminating stage wherein is committed to him one of the secretsInitiation, 121:of evolution. When this has reached a certain stage, the units forming the groups have learned to
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