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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - STAGE

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Psychology2, 22:to which this era belongs. It corresponds to the stage of maturity in the individual. The ray ofPsychology2, 25:and next, to economic satisfaction. At this stage we have the state of awareness of the infant andPsychology2, 26:earth humanity is still [26] in the Atlantean stage, whereas the intelligentsia of the world, andPsychology2, 26:and aspirants, are passing rapidly out of this stage, for they reached individualization on thePsychology2, 29:the long experience of the soul. One marks the stage wherein form, matter, substance, time andPsychology2, 30:characteristics of this highly evolved stage, which is, in its turn, the foundation for that higherPsychology2, 34:and understanding. The isolation, a necessary stage, is itself but an illusion. We are treading thePsychology2, 36:Ray Two "The Blessed One built him an ark. Stage by stage he built it, and floated upon the bosomPsychology2, 36:Two "The Blessed One built him an ark. Stage by stage he built it, and floated upon the bosom ofPsychology2, 44:which we have considered briefly, namely the stage in the liberation of the spirit which we callPsychology2, 52:in conjunction with the whole, with the first stage (called individualization) in Lemuria, thePsychology2, 52:(called individualization) in Lemuria, the third stage in our race, and a final stage at the end ofPsychology2, 52:the third stage in our race, and a final stage at the end of the age. These stages are carriedPsychology2, 52:time, and are so closely interrelated, that one stage and period makes possible that of another,Psychology2, 59:to the pattern, which is dependent upon the stage of conscious development. Ability to work inPsychology2, 66:drawn together as one stream at a certain stage in the life of the advanced aspirant. There theyPsychology2, 66:of death or in the technique of inducing that stage of control known as Samadhi. 8. When thePsychology2, 69:upon the path of return is complete. A second stage of the way has then to be trodden, leading to aPsychology2, 71:consciously functioning. He must begin at this stage to have some more exact idea than has hithertoPsychology2, 76:are in the process of this relinquishment. The stage of appropriation is undergone blindly andPsychology2, 77:the various stages from different angles: The stage of concretization and materialization. The soulPsychology2, 77:what it needs and desires for form building. The stage of incarnation, taken at this time blindly.Psychology2, 78:and the familiar, external, objective forms. The stage wherein thought forms are built, at firstPsychology2, 78:give an idea of the progress and intent: The stage of spiritualization and of de-materialization.Psychology2, 100:which recognizes the dualities. [100] There is a stage to be reached in the human consciousness,Psychology2, 100:where that which lies behind the dualities - the stage of essential oneness - can, and will bePsychology2, 117:of self in service, and as they arrive at the stage of indifference to personality claims andPsychology2, 118:is conscious. Ability to serve marks a definite stage of advance upon the Path, and until thatPsychology2, 118:stage of advance upon the Path, and until that stage is reached, spontaneous [119] service,Psychology2, 128:one barrier and obstruction after another. This stage and attitude we can view with sympathy andPsychology2, 134:whole. This is a difficult and elementary stage from the angle of the student in the Hall ofPsychology2, 134:of the force which is flowing through him. This stage will in some cases fan into flame the latentPsychology2, 154:and this is distinctive of man's search at every stage of his development - whether it is thePsychology2, 157:then from that intellectual apprehension to the stage of illumination and final identification withPsychology2, 160:to be carried forward during the contemplative stage of meditation." This statement is relativelyPsychology2, 209:human races, beginning with the Lemurian stage, passing through the Atlantean and the Aryan, and soPsychology2, 211:from the moon chain or during the Lemurian stage of individualization and that these threePsychology2, 212:the angle of species, had reached a particular stage of development, then there was an inrush intoPsychology2, 220:grasp what is possible [220] at our particular stage of development, and leave eternity to revealPsychology2, 226:those required characteristics which precede the stage of technical Initiation. We are, in reality,Psychology2, 227:or the so-called physical laws, express the stage of manifestation or the point reached in thePsychology2, 231:therefore [231] limiting, such is our present stage of enlightenment - or should we say,Psychology2, 239:man achieves Nirvana, and enters upon the first stage of that endless Path which leads towards aPsychology2, 239:would be well to point out here that beyond the stage of illumination, as it can be achieved byPsychology2, 245:time. These thoughts will serve to set the stage for what should now be made clear. It is of use atPsychology2, 262:of their point in evolution, because of their stage in unfoldment and because of theirPsychology2, 266:a definite soul contact, and it is at this stage that there comes a predisposition to the right, orPsychology2, 268:movements are: a. The impact of the soul at the stage of human evolution which we callPsychology2, 268:The soul then appropriates its vehicle. This stage is succeeded by a long period of adjustment andPsychology2, 268:stages of the path of experience. During this stage, the urgency of the need, and the dilemmasPsychology2, 269:fourth into the fifth kingdom in nature. This stage is called the "Touch of Enlightenment," andPsychology2, 276:acquiescing in the task ahead. This is the stage of submission to which every disciple subjectsPsychology2, 276:This marks, as may well be seen, a very definite stage in the life of the aspirant, and is thePsychology2, 294:rays. This energy is quiescent until an advanced stage of discipleship is reached. It only sweepsPsychology2, 304:during the evolutionary process: First: The stage wherein there comes the first great fusion orPsychology2, 304:At this time the ajna center comes alive. This stage precedes a man's passing on to thePsychology2, 304:passing on to the Probationary Path and is the stage which distinguishes the average man and womanPsychology2, 304:and woman at this time in the world. Second: The stage wherein there comes a more definite [305]Psychology2, 305:have come into increased motion. At this later stage, the "hub" of the wheel, the "point in thePsychology2, 305:and to the karmic conditions engendered. 1. The stage of being alive. This is the earliest andPsychology2, 305:being alive. This is the earliest and simplest stage wherein the man functions as an elementaryPsychology2, 305:are they brilliant focal points of light. 2. The stage of the first fusion as related above. ThenPsychology2, 306:The nature of the particular ray energy. The stage already reached upon the evolutionary way. ThePsychology2, 306:of the aspiration and many other factors. 3. The stage of the second fusion, in which the initiatePsychology2, 306:In summarizing, it might be said: At the stage of individualization The centers throughout the bodyPsychology2, 306:demonstrate activity, quality and light. At the stage of intellection wherein a man is aPsychology2, 307:- The Appropriation of the Bodies At the stage of discipleship, when the individuality and thePsychology2, 307:and the Path of Discipleship. At the stage of initiation when complete at-one-ment is established.Psychology2, 307:also be expressed in terms of the rays: At the stage of Individualization, the rays governing thePsychology2, 307:a dim light at the heart of each lotus. At the stage of Intellection, the ray of the mental bodyPsychology2, 3o8:control of the ray of the personality. At this stage, therefore, four rays are active in the man,Psychology2, 3o8:conflict which all thinkers recognize. At the stage of Discipleship, the soul ray comes intoPsychology2, 3o8:the rays of the three lower bodies. At the stage of Initiation, the domination continues and at thePsychology2, 3o8:- that of the monad, begins to control. At the stage of individualization, a man comes into being;Psychology2, 3o8:man comes into being; he begins to exist. At the stage of intellection, the personality emergesPsychology2, 3o8:clarity and becomes naturally expressive. At the stage of discipleship, he becomes magnetic. At thePsychology2, 3o8:of discipleship, he becomes magnetic. At the stage of initiation, he becomes dynamic. In referencePsychology2, 309:stages prior to the period of discipleship: The stage wherein it assimilates the force latent inPsychology2, 309:It is interesting to note that it is during this stage that the emphasis is laid upon physicalPsychology2, 312:initiation. The personality per se, is, at this stage, exceedingly potent, and the Dweller embodiesPsychology2, 317:others. Of what use is it for us to discuss this stage when for many of us, as yet, the lowerPsychology2, 322:with which we are concerned in the latter stage, the Monad is the source of inhalation or of thePsychology2, 327:occult books teach) the following stages: The stage of involution, or of appropriation, and ofPsychology2, 327:much upon the indwelling, conscious Entity. The stage of evolution, or of refinement and thePsychology2, 328:These six stages might be called: The stage of Appropriation. The stage of Aspiration. The stage ofPsychology2, 328:might be called: The stage of Appropriation. The stage of Aspiration. The stage of Approach. ThePsychology2, 328:of Appropriation. The stage of Aspiration. The stage of Approach. The stage of Appearance. ThePsychology2, 328:stage of Aspiration. The stage of Approach. The stage of Appearance. The stage of Activity. ThePsychology2, 328:stage of Approach. The stage of Appearance. The stage of Activity. The stage of Ambition. EachPsychology2, 328:stage of Appearance. The stage of Activity. The stage of Ambition. Each stage, when at its heightPsychology2, 328:stage of Activity. The stage of Ambition. Each stage, when at its height of expression, involves aPsychology2, 328:This crisis precedes the unfoldment of the next stage in the conscious awakening of man. We herePsychology2, 328:- The Appropriation of the Bodies In the first stage of appropriation, we have the soul or thePsychology2, 329:of a defined involutionary procedure. The second stage of aspiration concerns the aspiration or thePsychology2, 329:astral plane through aspiration, then the third stage of approach takes place upon etheric levels.Psychology2, 330:Then, when the gathering of forces during the stage of approach is consummated, the fourth stagePsychology2, 330:the stage of approach is consummated, the fourth stage takes place, that of appearance, and the manPsychology2, 330:increasingly active and alive and awake, and the stage of activity grows in intensity until thePsychology2, 331:to the mental plane, which brings him to the stage of the coordination of the personality, and thePsychology2, 331:upward arc, corresponding to the evolutionary stage in the great cycle of natural processes,
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