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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - STAGE

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Rays, 106:field wherein states of Being are brought to the stage of recognition. When that stage has beenRays, 106:brought to the stage of recognition. When that stage has been reached and the Knower, the Soul, isRays, 108:slowly to identify himself with it, proceeding stage by stage from one realized purpose to anotherRays, 108:to identify himself with it, proceeding stage by stage from one realized purpose to another higherRays, 125:upon the need for a vegetarian diet at a certain stage of the preparatory process. The reasons forRays, 125:and the necessity for the applicant (at that stage) to refrain from sharing in the benefitsRays, 128:disciplines are of value in the beginning stage and impart a sense of proportion and an awarenessRays, 131:thread, that the disciple can mount on to that stage of the ladder of evolution which will lead himRays, 131:sevenfold woven thread; it constitutes the first stage of the Path of the Higher Evolution. It isRays, 136:Masters, but, having passed beyond that lesser stage, have linked Themselves with the Great CouncilRays, 153:Finally, this leads to the beginning of the stage of soul and personality merging and at this pointRays, 156:possible relationships. The man passes from the stage of antagonism (as an individual) to theRays, 162:holds the disciple a prisoner. Then, at a later stage upon the Path of Initiation, the causal bodyRays, 162:controlled and directed in the head. In the stage of what the Hindus call [163] "samadhi" the vitalRays, 171:last sentence is of importance. It is at this stage that most aspirants today find themselves.Rays, 173:Just as the individual has to pass through the stage wherein all "color" goes out of life as heRays, 197:For ages man walks in the dark. Then comes the stage wherein this normal blindness is a protection,Rays, 197:the terrific tests, symbolic of a certain high stage upon the Path. [198] Rays, 198:- feeble and limited equipment. It is to this stage that the prophet Isaiah refers when he speaksRays, 198:marks a very exalted state of Being and stage of development. It was into the blackness andRays, 203:the end or the consummation of a great and final stage. It only marks the beginning ofRays, 203:vast future or vista of unfolding wonder which, stage by stage, grade by grade and plane by plane,Rays, 203:or vista of unfolding wonder which, stage by stage, grade by grade and plane by plane, unfoldsRays, 206:when that personality is at an advanced stage of initiate consciousness. This is only a parallelRays, 209:reaction must disappear as a preliminary stage. I speak not at this time anent impersonality. ForRays, 211:but enriching the life of the Ashram. Until this stage is reached, the activity of the groupRays, 218:but divinely active, by the time this particular stage is reached. The group soul will also be inRays, 219:at by the group in unison. The first is the stage of united tension or the attaining of such aRays, 219:as one individual. This is perhaps the hardest stage, but it has to be mastered prior to theRays, 220:mentioned by me appears. The group, at this stage, is so preoccupied with the task ahead and soRays, 221:time are, figuratively speaking, at the same stage as the group which we are considering - theRays, 221:as the group which we are considering - the stage of the transference of the life from the outerRays, 225:consciousness - the necessary preparatory stage to treading the Path of the Higher Evolution, justRays, 225:Probationary Path is the necessary preparatory stage to being accepted into an Ashram. Briefly, theRays, 225:in the following stages and relationships. The stage of the burning ground and the establishment ofRays, 226:as an aspect of the group mind. [226] The stage of ashramic recognition and the establishing of aRays, 226:activities produce a needed group tension. The stage of emitting the group sound and theRays, 226:united group realization that "God is Fire." The stage of extinguishing the lesser fires throughRays, 226:as they condition life in the three worlds. The stage of triadal perception and the establishing ofRays, 226:the soul. Duality is no longer recognized. The stage of identification with the life aspect and theRays, 226:possible for you to understand at this time. The stage of a group sounding-forth of the Word andRays, 226:This means the enunciation of a dual chord. The stage of responding to the higher aspects of theRays, 226:under the Law of the Supplementary Seven. The stage of spiritual negation, as it is called. ThisRays, 226:of the true nature of the One Initiator. The stage of the dissipation of all veils and theRays, 226:with the consciousness aspect in all forms. The stage where the potencies of the death aspect ofRays, 256:initiation, for initiation is a process at this stage, and not an event. It signifies that theRays, 259:a part of his nature, just as in the personality stage and during the elapsing aeons sinceRays, 259:living is as yet not present. The transition stage is most difficult and oft bewildering; itRays, 259:is still himself; he is still passing through a stage of inner adjustment to a state of being andRays, 260:as to clarify it for you, if possible. When this stage of centralization is achieved, then theRays, 261:group initiation. He stands, therefore, at this stage ready (as this Rule expresses it) to learnRays, 261:which will indicate the next possible initiatory stage. Four words could be used to express theseRays, 267:at all; They have passed through the human stage in such far distant and remote world cycles thatRays, 268:the mind principle reached its [268] highest stage of development; They embody in Themselves in aRays, 270:This is galvanized into activity at a certain stage of the evolutionary process, by energyRays, 271:unknown and unrealized. This will connote a high stage of initiation of the group and is, inRays, 272:The lower concrete mind in its more developed stage, as it gradually assumes control and supersedesRays, 272:of values. Forget not that selfishness is a stage of unfoldment, and that it is a necessary stageRays, 272:stage of unfoldment, and that it is a necessary stage whereby humanity learns the price ofRays, 272:This too is a necessary phase and precedes a stage of awakening. These three great Lives Who haveRays, 278:order given in Rule XIII. Transfiguration - that stage upon the Path of Initiation wherein theRays, 284:it expresses itself upon the monadic plane. This stage of unfoldment is in reality the AscensionRays, 285:Most of you have not, however, passed beyond the stage of groping in the world of [286] meaning.Rays, 289:for the planet as a whole. In the hierarchical stage of development which Christ had attained andRays, 292:This might be called the "introverted stage" of training because it brings the would-be disciple toRays, 296:lies ahead of all true aspirants an intermediate stage of decentralization, of automatic spiritualRays, 325:when he has reached a relatively very advanced stage of unfoldment. I gave you the new teachingRays, 325:another step further on and indicated the next stage of development ahead of the disciple. The timeRays, 348:that the aspirant has progressed to a certain stage of unfoldment and automatically now has aRays, 361:these initiations are to the initiate at this stage of development what the first and secondRays, 362:- simply the possibility; for there is at this stage no assured [363] recognition of this goal; itRays, 363:high impression, which is the result of each stage of the final initiatory process, is the only wayRays, 365:upon the periphery of the Hierarchy during the stage immediately prior to acceptance into anRays, 377:being affected. It will only show itself at this stage as persistence and determination.Rays, 381:beings reached, through their own efforts, the stage (at that time demanded) of preparedness forRays, 382:process of creation had reached the evolutionary stage where the centers of the Lord of the WorldRays, 388:before this Will aspect will have reached the stage of unfoldment and expression on the physicalRays, 419:in any particular cycle and at every stage of growth, consequent upon the response of substance toRays, 425:Pages 1243-1266 The seven Paths, at a certain stage which may not be defined, become the fourRays, 434:I am dealing with them here because of the stage of development now reached by the human mind,Rays, 437:great necessity for a constant emphasis, at this stage in the training of the average aspirant, onRays, 444:be studied before taking up the more advanced stage which begins here. Let us now consider, step byRays, 445:upon the Path of Return is completed. A second stage of the Way has then to be trodden, leading toRays, 446:consciously functioning. He must begin at this stage to have some more exact idea than has hithertoRays, 457:Triad is transmitted necessarily, in this early stage, via the sutratma and produces inevitably theRays, 459:to effort, vision and expansion. Now - at this stage - the integrated, rapidly developingRays, 462:Its recognized appearance will later set the stage for the needed preparatory phases which willRays, 462:in order to give reason and power to the next stage of human evolution. The point which I seek toRays, 462:to note that, having reached the developed human stage (integrated, aspiring, oriented andRays, 469:mental plane. You will note that at this early stage of the process I am emphasizing the wordsRays, 470:the aspirant is only establishing the first stage of his process of realization; he is establishingRays, 476:mind and soul - and this fourth technical stage of building consciously the "rainbow bridge." YouRays, 476:that of the Crucifixion. The fourth technical stage of building the Antahkarana: Sutratma, the lifeRays, 476:The four stages of the Path of Return: The stage of evolution itself. The stage of the ProbationaryRays, 476:of Return: The stage of evolution itself. The stage of the Probationary Path. The stage of the PathRays, 476:itself. The stage of the Probationary Path. The stage of the Path of Discipleship. The stage of theRays, 476:Path. The stage of the Path of Discipleship. The stage of the Path of Initiation. Yet it is one andRays, 478:opportunity falls into two phases or stages: The stage wherein the mind principle is developed andRays, 478:awareness of the Son of Mind or soul. The stage of creative activity wherein the creative thread isRays, 479:of the method whereby man has reached the stage of conscious life, of full self-awareness and
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