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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - STAGE

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Rays, 479:few, very few, people are today at the Lemurian stage of consciousness wherein the life thread,Rays, 480:Many, very many, people are at the Atlantean stage of development of "auric sensitivity." A few - aRays, 484:out, in book form, information anent the next stage of intelligent and spiritual recognition forRays, 485:can register it. The possible evidences at this stage may be a flash of the spiritual intuition orRays, 486:that soul consciousness is an intermediate stage. It is also a process whereby - from the angle ofRays, 489:point of tension upon the mental plane. At this stage the disciple is occupied with two energies:Rays, 489:The disciple is now proceeding with the second stage of his building work, and so the numericalRays, 490:a steadily mounting potency, until the third stage is reached and the work passes out of the phaseRays, 490:point. Many aspirants reach this particular stage and - having developed a real capacity toRays, 490:use of the ray Word of Power. Up to the present stage in the process, the method for all the sevenRays, 494:words prove completely inadequate. At this stage, when very advanced, there is no form attractingRays, 497:What finally takes place at the most advanced stage of development is the complete fusion of theRays, 500:soul contact. This involves the earlier stage of the alignment process, which is a mode of focused,Rays, 501:been opened, and that he has mastered the first stage in the needed alignment process. When thisRays, 501:in technique for all the rays, but when the stage of Projection is reached, then the ray techniquesRays, 501:used in the Construction Process Until the stage of projection is reached, the methods employed byRays, 502:is now called forth and this forms the second stage. This presents a real difficulty for the firstRays, 504:should aid in the process, and you can see how stage grows out of stage and how, once familiarityRays, 504:process, and you can see how stage grows out of stage and how, once familiarity has beenRays, 505:creative work of all human beings who reach the stage of soul contact contributes. Their dominantRays, 506:nature. This consequently posits a fairly high stage of spiritual unfoldment upon the part of theRays, 508:techniques to be employed at the projection stage of the building process. Ray One - Will or PowerRays, 508:the antahkarana, and who has reached the stage of projection, should know his soul ray and hisRays, 509:falls into four stages: The preparatory stage in which the consciousness becomes focused in theRays, 509:the soul. This corresponds to the much earlier stage of development in which the mind was heldRays, 516:Of this, the projected antahkarana is the stage first consciously realized by the disciple. I amRays, 520:of Life of the Sun." The human family, after the stage of personality integration is reached,Rays, 523:I would here also remind you that, during this stage of human evolution, all these various phasesRays, 524:disciples), thus moving forward on to the first stage of the Way of the Higher Evolution. TheRays, 527:that He was the first to carry through - from stage to stage - the complete revelation of humanityRays, 527:was the first to carry through - from stage to stage - the complete revelation of humanity to theRays, 528:progress, as far as the opening of each stage of the planetary antahkarana is concerned. HeRays, 531:a candidate, is the center of the hierarchical stage. This is definitely so (from the ceremonialRays, 542:accepted by the Master) into three stages: The stage in which the lower concrete mind and theRays, 542:Master is the next and some times paralleling stage and involves the bringing [543] together of theRays, 543:very interesting consequences. Later comes the stage when the disciple's consciousness can beRays, 546:reaction to the impression. Then comes the final stage wherein the disciple can be trusted to beRays, 562:he has just undergone. He then moves into a new stage of conscious contact within the Ashram. ThisRays, 564:it is worth while to point out that, when this stage of development is attained, it then becomesRays, 564:of Decision (the sixth initiation). At no stage of his unfoldment does he comprehend the basicRays, 570:This you well know. Each initiation indicates a stage in the growth and the development of this newRays, 574:white magic, and to demonstrate the first stage of a truly creative life. As far as the individualRays, 576:of devotion to the good (as he sees it at this stage). This is symbolized for us in the story ofRays, 580:is clear; it is a needed and preliminary stage to the creation of the new world order; it providesRays, 587:of his controlling energies - prior to this stage of unfoldment - is [588] that of the soul,Rays, 588:monadic and subject to three stages: The stage wherein the lowest aspect of the Spiritual TriadRays, 588:into ideals for the service of humanity. The stage wherein pure reason, plus the spiritual will,Rays, 588:manner, of the Purpose underlying the Plan. The stage wherein pure monadic energy pours throughRays, 604:is distinctive of natural process, leaving each stage of man's evolution depicted, but producing aRays, 608:the crises of discrimination which precede that stage: Perception of the Plan. Participation in theRays, 614:or - perhaps more accurately - reach its first stage of expression. Everywhere the fourth Ray ofRays, 629:The sixth ray personality energy (at the present stage of unfoldment) produces an idealism whichRays, 647:Thus was the new era ushered in; thus was the stage set for a better future. This was the intentRays, 656:and practical usefulness at your particular stage of evolutionary development. Rays, 658:the four kingdoms in nature, producing a higher stage of sensitivity in each successive one, but itRays, 666:the emotions or the lower concrete mind. At this stage of unfoldment they have a sense of consciousRays, 667:brought to a close, though it is not at this stage entirely discontinued, for the "new man" has toRays, 713:or the use of the intuition in grasping the stage of the divine Purpose at any particular time; itRays, 723:because of its inclusiveness and because each stage upon the Path of Initiation has in it the germRays, 725:revelation accorded to the Initiate in the first stage of the initiation gives Him a completeRays, 736:the Hierarchy and Humanity - has reached a high stage of receptive efficiency, a certain cosmicRays, 738:than at any time in planetary history. From stage to stage, from crisis to crisis, from point toRays, 738:at any time in planetary history. From stage to stage, from crisis to crisis, from point to pointRays, 767:door close it with care, and enter upon another stage upon the upward Way - alone, yet not alone. Reappearance, 8:as are most of us. When They have reached that stage of spiritual decentralization, They ThemselvesReappearance, 8:an Avatar may be looked for today. The necessary stage is set for the reappearance of the Christ. Reappearance, 20:in the human family there are those at every stage of responsiveness. The forces of regeneration,Reappearance, 25:- for the planet as a whole. At the particular stage of spiritual development which Christ had thenReappearance, 47:is indicative of His coming has now reached a stage where nothing can arrest its progress or slowReappearance, 55:and take His place prominently on the world stage; take His part in the great drama which is thereReappearance, 57:service? How can we aid during this preparatory stage? What the members of the Spiritual HierarchyReappearance, 71:the Christ Today and in the Future It is at this stage that most aspirants today find themselves.Reappearance, 87:initiations enable him, however, to become, stage by stage, an agent of the will of God. The firstReappearance, 87:enable him, however, to become, stage by stage, an agent of the will of God. The first group knowsReappearance, 108:Wrong human relations have reached such a stage of difficulty that every phase of human life is inReappearance, 116:forms into animal forms; from the animal form stage, the life of God passes into the human kingdom,Reappearance, 119:and has attained - as Christ had requested - a stage of Christ-like perfection reaching unto theReappearance, 146:endures, progressing from point to point and stage to stage upon the Path of Evolution, unfoldingReappearance, 146:progressing from point to point and stage to stage upon the Path of Evolution, unfolding steadilyReappearance, 170:is the failure of mankind to prepare the world stage for that stupendous event, to "prepare the WayReappearance, 179:rapidly awakening. We are passing through the stage where everything is being proclaimed from theSoul, 33:present fact, or set of facts, or a mere passive stage upon which the drama is played. It has beenSoul, 47:readily, because he arrives more quickly at the stage when the stimulus damages his nerveSoul, 51:[51] The whole subject is in an experimental stage, and much remains to be done. Clearly, however,Soul, 67:inorganic universe there is introduced at some stage or other, and from some source unexplained, aSoul, 68:are experimental, varying according to the stage of evolution which, in the persons of theSoul, 86:from the first ventricle into it, as a second stage in their progress through the brain. The thirdSoul, 123:[123] of evolution, and is even at the present Stage more essentially connected with desire properSoul, 134:has been for the few. But the race is now at the stage where, basing its hypothesis upon theTelepathy, 7:forms of life and the human forms up to the stage of advanced man are governed by divine thoughtTelepathy, 12:languages, writing, art, and on again to the stage of higher symbols, vibratory contact, telepathy,Telepathy, 14:of an inner spiritual reality. An intermediate stage of this instinctual activity, based largely onTelepathy, 21:vague or too abstract for formulation. It is the stage of the mystical vision and of mysticalTelepathy, 22:work between soul, mind and brain. In [22] this stage the mind still remains the recipient ofTelepathy, 22:disciples. This is an exceedingly interesting stage. It constitutes one of the major rewards ofTelepathy, 22:responsibility. You will find more anent this stage of telepathy in my other books, particularly ATelepathy, 31:idea. When you have reached this final stage, hold your consciousness steady at that high point asTelepathy, 32:work of transmitting. During the first or form stage one may use what symbolic forms one likes toTelepathy, 33:of voiced expression. It is for this stage in the unfoldment of the race for which preparation mustTelepathy, 33:thinker seeks to convey it) and the future stage of immediate response to [34] thought, unlimited
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