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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - STAGES

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Atom, 24:method of cyclic development or repetition. The stages which distinguish the evolutionary processAtom, 24:broadly divided into three, corresponding to the stages in the life of a human being: childhood,Atom, 24:and maturity. Where man is concerned these stages can be traced in the human unit or in the race,Atom, 24:or reflection, MAN. We might express these three stages in more scientific terms, and link themAtom, 47:or intercourse with other atoms. These two stages are apparent in the evolution of the human atom.Atom, 54:of group development; next we will consider the stages that are followed during the cycle ofAtom, 63:consciousness. We might look at these definite stages, and study them very cursorily. We have inAtom, 64:and disintegration, - these are the stages which cover the life of an entity, or embodied idea ofAtom, 64:to what we call maturity. Finally, in the later stages of life, we have the crystallization of theAtom, 68:all the different forms at varying times and stages, and each time it gains somewhat according toAtom, 87:Son in the far country, you have the various stages which are pictured in the Christian Bible whereAtom, 87:Just as in the evolution of substance three stages could be seen, - that of atomic energy, of groupAtom, 87:the same appear. You will have, in the early stages of human evolution, that which we might callAtom, 103:on a higher turn of the spiral, of the two stages which we noted in the evolution of the [104]Atom, 104:in becoming aware. Let us now take the two stages, the atomic and the form stage, and see how theAtom, 105:up all that has been gained in the earlier stages in the three lower kingdoms of nature. Man is theAtom, 111:True meditation (of which the preliminary stages are concentration upon and application to anyAtom, 119:as logically as may be, the various steps and stages. All that is permissible for us is to startAtom, 122:being, as he evolves and develops, these two stages can equally be seen. There is the early orAtom, 123:If this is so, we shall have analogous stages transpiring within the life of the planetary Deity,Atom, 124:- The Goal of Evolution Having seen that the two stages of atomic activity and radioactivityAtom, 126:different grades and types of men at different stages of evolution to respond to contact andAtom, 126:which concern the group, for instance. But both stages are equally right. We can look at thisAtom, 146:evolution could be divided into two parts or stages; one stage we called the atomic stage, andAtom, 149:atom of substance, and the human atom, these two stages, if they are the basis of all futureAtom, 150:planetary atom you will [150] have the same two stages, that in which the planetary Life is workingAtom, 150:solar system we shall expect to find analogous stages. We shall find, probably, that the great LifeAutobiography, 167:point. This can be fatiguing in the earlier stages, when one is probably trying too hard to makeAutobiography, 196:disciples" - that is, those on the last stages of the probationary path and that our emphasis wasAutobiography, 237:then the procedure is uniform for all subsequent stages of approach. The steps in meditation areAutobiography, 254:issued under my name in the Beacon upon the Stages of Discipleship. They were carefully edited byAutobiography, 259:general public. 1. Clairaudience In the early stages (for the first two years), the TibetanAutobiography, 271:forward in the spiritual life reveals still more stages to be mastered. The [272] differenceAutobiography, 277:This with its techniques, and its various stages (alignment, concentration, meditation,Autobiography, 277:the meaning of illumination with its seven stages, and begins (with increasing effectiveness) toAutobiography, 295:and the nature of consciousness with its various stages of individualized consciousness, [296] selfAutobiography, 301:too often impractical idealism of the earlier stages of spiritual training which was basically moreBethlehem, 17:great Initiations, gave to us a picture of the stages and method whereby identification with GodBethlehem, 48:discipleship and of initiation are but the final stages of the Path of Evolution. The earlier stepsBethlehem, 48:human living and experiencing, but the final stages, after the new birth, are concerned withBethlehem, 49:is true [49] of the race; and all these stages must be worked out in the racial life. Those who seeBethlehem, 50:the transition we have made through the various stages from that of the isolated savage to theBethlehem, 103:is sevenfold, progressing by successive stages. (The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, Book II, 27.) It isBethlehem, 104:(St. Matt., V, 16.) This light, in its seven stages, reveals God - God in nature, God in Christ,Bethlehem, 137:and of being we pass through the necessary stages of adaptation of the vehicles of life, up to thatBethlehem, 152:that long struggle which carries him through the stages of intellectual awareness of possibility,Bethlehem, 186:down on to the physical plane, in all its stages. He then rose from the dead to tell us that theBethlehem, 205:upon the Path of Evolution. [205] In the early stages there is little or no responsibility. ThereBethlehem, 205:has been that he has loved wrongly. In the early stages of his development he places his love inBethlehem, 218:minds the synthesis revealed in Himself and the stages which we must cover if we are to follow inBethlehem, 220:Although each son of God at different stages upon his way of initiation prepares for this finalBethlehem, 227:in the following words: "The descending stages of service correspond to the ascending stages ofBethlehem, 227:stages of service correspond to the ascending stages of rule. Whosoever would become great amongBethlehem, 235:by many names, such as purgatory, or the various stages of the different faiths on the road ofBethlehem, 237:there was an outer symbolism which expressed the stages through which the man was passing. He wasBethlehem, 251:say that immortality consists for us in three stages: First, as that livingness which we call theDestinyas they play upon humanity in its many varying stages of evolutionary development. These stagesDestinystages of evolutionary development. These stages extend all the way from those of primeval humanityDestiny, 17:energy inevitably means destruction in the early stages but fusion and blending in the later andDestiny, 21:human beings which, in its initial and unformed stages, exists in the form of an inchoate goodwill.Destiny, 23:of divine livingness, as embodying three great stages in the unfoldment of God's plan and asDestiny, 24:divine aspects, meet simultaneously at various stages of livingness. It is interesting to note thatDestiny, 48:does not necessarily follow the above seven stages and sequence. This is owing to the stimulationDestiny, 48:who have passed, or are passing, through the stages of aspirant and disciple, thus learning toDestiny, 116:that which existed prior to the contact. The stages of this import might be covered briefly by theDiscipleship1, 11:meditation process, passing quickly through the stages of concentration, alignment and meditationDiscipleship1, 13:life of neophytes in training for the various stages of discipleship. Let me here outline to you myDiscipleship1, 16:for your aid and cooperation during these early stages of the work as far as the reaching ofDiscipleship1, 18:may touch, particularly in the more advanced stages. This second group of working disciples,Discipleship1, 35:which it is desired that they fit. In the early stages of any hierarchical experiment, muchDiscipleship1, 35:to meet with full comprehension in the early stages. Discipleship1, 36:the human being is entirely possible at varying stages of unfoldment. 2. Another group is that ofDiscipleship1, 60:Masters, will follow certain initial and final stages in their work and [61] these will be uniformDiscipleship1, 61:by the other groups. Let me outline for you the stages to be followed: STAGE ONE. Alignment. SoulDiscipleship1, 62:must not be changed by anyone except myself. Stages I and II should be rapidly effective and almostDiscipleship1, 62:no trouble and further difficulty. The initial stages in this type of work are of paramountDiscipleship1, 66:and for simplicity - the following three stages are of importance: [67] The stage of pondering overDiscipleship1, 84:inspiration but know nothing of the earlier stages of insight, leading to the practical and wiseDiscipleship1, 89:of all true meditation work in its earlier stages is the power to visualize. This is the firstDiscipleship1, 90:that you begin to master the technique. The stages are: A process of energy gathering. A process ofDiscipleship1, 159:we can translate all the above into four stages [160] which definitely relate to your life theme,Discipleship1, 185:apt to produce separate attitudes in the early stages of expression (the first, third, and fifth)Discipleship1, 251:of clarity and in order to be concise, list the stages through which you must go: Refuse toDiscipleship1, 296:of the heart center is demonstrated in the early stages by an increasing understanding ofDiscipleship1, 351:prove undesirable for disciples in the early stages of their work together. They serve only toDiscipleship1, 365:full, consecrated thought upon each of the five stages. Then visualize the entire lower nature asDiscipleship1, 395:isolation (which can be enjoyed in the earlier stages). All this has been complicated by financialDiscipleship1, 412:made. Make rapid progress, my brother, by slow stages. Discipleship1, 423:upon the astral body. May not the early stages of such imposition work out in potent agitationsDiscipleship1, 424:by your associates. This, in the early stages again, may call forth turmoil. I give you theseDiscipleship1, 424:intelligent, realize the effect, in the early stages, of the higher forces upon the lower! TheyDiscipleship1, 447:action, due to the lessons learnt on the earlier stages of the path. Your astral body is on theDiscipleship1, 495:will bring you release. But in the earlier stages of this process you will have to accept my wordDiscipleship1, 511:so much force (especially in the [511] early stages when he does not know how to handle it) that heDiscipleship1, 532:that you have scarcely mastered the initial stages or the scope of the assigned work. That "fermentDiscipleship1, 544:gave to you, eliminating all the preliminary stages and - after a rapid alignment - take one of theDiscipleship1, 546:Withdraw the consciousness inward in successive stages, using the imagination in so doing. TheDiscipleship1, 673: Discipleship in the New Age I - The Six Stages of Discipleship SECTION THREE THE SIX STAGES OFDiscipleship1, 673:Six Stages of Discipleship SECTION THREE THE SIX STAGES OF DISCIPLESHIP Introductory Notes TheDiscipleship1, 674:of the terms used to cover the name. The six stages above mentioned have been paraphrased for
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