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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - STAGES

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Discipleship2, 126:ever ask you to take in these early preparatory stages of your work. It must precede the moreDiscipleship2, 126:to the Mysteries proceeds blindly in the early stages; only after the third initiation do theDiscipleship2, 126:of all true meditation work in its earlier stages? I seek not to repeat, but that teaching isDiscipleship2, 126:another symbolic process which will follow five stages: [127] At the time of the Full MoonDiscipleship2, 129:can know more practically. This falls into three stages: Raise the consciousness into the head.Discipleship2, 129:of the Observer. This also involves three stages: Observe the personality and consider it from theDiscipleship2, 132:energy in motion." Disciples, during the early stages of their training, are apt to regard energyDiscipleship2, 142:the point where his interest (evoked through the stages of recognition and consideration) wouldDiscipleship2, 143:for your use and consideration. In the earlier stages of your training the emphasis was laid uponDiscipleship2, 153:time. This meditation was divided into three stages: Recognition, Consideration, Determination.Discipleship2, 213:of Meditation, know to constitute its recognized stages, and note how each stage is creative inDiscipleship2, 216:desired. This is equally true of the other three stages, for they are intelligently and effectivelyDiscipleship2, 216:and effectively creative and these four stages are responsible for all that is seen, possessed,Discipleship2, 216:than the strictly material. The other three stages of human meditation are as follows: 5. Worship.Discipleship2, 220:and the highly emotional and inflammable stages behind him and learns to think, then (and onlyDiscipleship2, 228:should be easily possible; forget the various stages and be impelled by the sequence and theDiscipleship2, 235:become possible and that in its most elementary stages; yet the Arcane School leads the aspirantsDiscipleship2, 249:deeply hidden and impressive causes of the two stages of the world war (1914-1945), and in thisDiscipleship2, 252:Upon the Path of Discipleship, in the earlier stages, the eye of vision is the illumined mind. UponDiscipleship2, 253:difficulty and adjustment. [253] In all forward stages upon the Path of Initiation, there are threeDiscipleship2, 253:perceives likewise many of the intermediate stages, the opposing forces, the obstructions and theDiscipleship2, 254:Probationary Path and passing through the early stages of discipleship. This leads, later, to theDiscipleship2, 263:factor in a disciple's life in the early stages of his training) knows far more than the brain isDiscipleship2, 268:These points of revelation assume three stages of recognition: The stage of Penetration. The stageDiscipleship2, 276:graduate. They were necessary in the early stages; the power or the ability to divide, subtract,Discipleship2, 280:force within the soul which will, in the earlier stages of discipleship, work through the abstractDiscipleship2, 282:his place upon that inner side. During the early stages of the initiatory process he works in theDiscipleship2, 289:man in any particular rebirth. In the early stages of experience, this "eye" remains closed; thereDiscipleship2, 291:the spark within the one Flame. In the final stages of initiation, the Monad becomes the revealerDiscipleship2, 294:degree are able to consider. With the sequential stages of polarization and precipitation I willDiscipleship2, 310:with these Points of Revelation, there are three stages of activity which, when properly carriedDiscipleship2, 313:He has learnt thus to penetrate, and the three stages preceding penetration have been necessarilyDiscipleship2, 321:call more directly to your attention the three stages of revelation; you have been dealing withDiscipleship2, 321:words I have given you as descriptive of the stages concern the individual disciple or initiate andDiscipleship2, 321:individual disciple or initiate and express the stages of the impact of the revelation upon hisDiscipleship2, 321:inner causes which are responsible for the outer stages of Penetration, Polarization andDiscipleship2, 322:have the evidence before your eyes of the three stages of Penetration, Polarization andDiscipleship2, 322:inner reality, you have the three corresponding stages of Advancing Light, Right Direction, Impact.Discipleship2, 322:to them the three outer and the three inner stages through which all revelations pass. You may alsoDiscipleship2, 323:given you - expression of the three exoteric stages: Penetration, the descending and circulatoryDiscipleship2, 327:the average aspirant to realize that progressive stages upon the Path indicate a progressiveDiscipleship2, 329:the rereading of all that is said anent the six stages of discipleship in Discipleship in the NewDiscipleship2, 347:with the hierarchical Plan. The above various stages of the fourfold process mark eventually theDiscipleship2, 347:also shown how that purpose is revealed in five stages, requiring in addition two final revelationsDiscipleship2, 361:and is then reduced to the formative stages of human impression and direction, the conditionsDiscipleship2, 364:the six relationships or the six intermediate stages of consciousness to be found betweenDiscipleship2, 368:initiations and not with those advanced stages of unfoldment which are referred to when the subjectDiscipleship2, 375:- initiated by impression. In the early stages he calls this the energy of his Master, but learnsDiscipleship2, 378:which we are dealing, and also about these five stages of revelation, which is unknown until theDiscipleship2, 383:or can they be at many differing [383] stages of discipleship or initiation? What you really meanDiscipleship2, 389:and the initiate passes through three stages where a revelation is concerned: First comes the stageDiscipleship2, 390:disciple's point in evolution. In the very early stages of discipleship, his capacity to "modify,Discipleship2, 390:You would find it of interest to study again the stages of discipleship as outlined in Volume I ofDiscipleship2, 394:in the dark, particularly in the [394] early stages of his unfoldment, following a deep and hiddenDiscipleship2, 401:significance that these ideas give to the three stages which accompany the points of revelation:Discipleship2, 403:under the influence - in developing stages - of the Law of Assembly. This is a law to which I haveDiscipleship2, 405:Again you see how all this comes under the three stages of Penetration, Polarization andDiscipleship2, 414:of truth; his mental appreciation of these stages and principles can be very real, but there is aptDiscipleship2, 427:a most complete picture is given of the three stages of the process, which I mentioned earlier:Discipleship2, 427:planetary history. There are, therefore, three stages in the penetrating process at this particularDiscipleship2, 431:furthering of the hierarchical Plan. These three stages of conscious activity - penetration,Discipleship2, 431:and precipitation - are definite and recognized stages in every initiation, with the exception ofDiscipleship2, 432:to be found functioning at one or other of these stages. He is either penetrating into new areas ofDiscipleship2, 434:Initiation - The stage of Precipitation. These stages are presented in dramatic form during theDiscipleship2, 437:plane. As he has penetrated into the higher stages of the Path of Initiation, he has moved forwardDiscipleship2, 452:interesting and also practical. Let these four stages condition the pattern of your dailyDiscipleship2, 459:must necessarily include also all intermediate stages of awareness as well as the power to includeDiscipleship2, 468:that the Masters themselves are at various stages upon the path of their peculiar evolution. YouDiscipleship2, 468:consummated, again through the medium of two stages: Wherein the massed energies of the solarDiscipleship2, 495:Withdraw the consciousness inward in successive stages, using the imagination in so doing. TheDiscipleship2, 569:pledged service. You have progressed beyond the stages of set meditations and definite forms; yourDiscipleship2, 570:of a single instance which did not (in the early stages after reading my instructions) produce aDiscipleship2, 576:which I gave to the group members in the earlier stages of the forming of the groups, are inDiscipleship2, 594:make good. Many of them are in the preliminary stages of being trained so as to fit themselves toDiscipleship2, 631:must be rendered. The group work and the four stages of reflection which I have outlined for youDiscipleship2, 631:given you (in various group instructions) the stages of discipleship. [632] These were stagesDiscipleship2, 632:the stages of discipleship. [632] These were stages within the consciousness of the disciple andDiscipleship2, 632:the interplay between him and his Master, these stages are concerned with action and with theDiscipleship2, 632:and brings to his mind enlightenment. These stages in service and in recognition of duty andDiscipleship2, 641:with much caution and wariness. The early stages of the work you are seeking to do are fraught withDiscipleship2, 645:path of discipleship. They are in the earliest stages of the path of probation and are unaware ofDiscipleship2, 696:Wisdom, there are only human beings at various stages of unfoldment, of developing selfishness orDiscipleship2, 742:as they meet the requirements of more advanced stages. They are shifting from one degree toEducation, 29:of which he had little dreamt in the early stages of his development. He discovers the soul andEducation, 30:generalize in the following manner as to the stages of growth and consequent ability to become theEducation, 51:Their numbers were relatively few in the early stages of mankind's unfoldment, but the process ofEducation, 90:eating, and mating, through the stages of family life, tribal life and national life to the pointEducation, 96:By its means, particularly in the early stages, the building process is facilitated. It is one ofEducation, 109:of humanity, involving as it does (in its later stages) responsibility and right action. We shallEducation, 109:man from an isolated personal unit, through the stages of family life, tribal life, national life,Education, 126:unit and between group and group. In the earlier stages this is effected on a mass scale by [127]Education, 131:between parent and child, even in the prenatal stages, will be carefully taught. Thus a closeExternalisation, 44:I would remind you that such effort in the early stages (and those stages are the present ones)Externalisation, 44:that such effort in the early stages (and those stages are the present ones) results inevitably inExternalisation, 49:is separating itself (by almost imperceptible stages) from the animal condition. This necessarilyExternalisation, 72:of divine livingness, as embodying three stages in the unfoldment of God's Plan, and asExternalisation, 78:am preparing now to teach you some of the first stages of group work and usefulness. It would notExternalisation, 109:a certain planetary initiation. These four stages of the Law of Cause and Effect (as it affectsExternalisation, 111:purpose if I enlarged somewhat upon the four stages of the early causes, mentioned above. In soExternalisation, 119:nature, were eternally in conflict. In the early stages and during the long Lemurian cycle, infant
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