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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - STAGES

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Rays, 531:of the initiatory process in its earlier stages. When an adequate number of disciples will haveRays, 542:he has been accepted by the Master) into three stages: The stage in which the lower concrete mindRays, 543:he registers that of the Ashram, in the early stages focused for him through the mediation of someRays, 543:of Impression. This development - in the early stages of human evolution - is carried forwardRays, 544:to which I refer is not possible in the early stages of the disciple's unfoldment; there again, theRays, 545:yet even disciples themselves, and in the early stages of their admission to the Ashram and ofRays, 545:fusion, falls into certain clearly defined stages: Rays, 546:Students would do well to relate these four stages to the Six Stages of Discipleship, dealt with,Rays, 546:do well to relate these four stages to the Six Stages of Discipleship, dealt with, in the latterRays, 546:Discipleship in the New Age, Vol. I; these four stages correspond to the final four considered inRays, 547:the existence of the Antahkarana. In the early stages of its creative construction, the AntahkaranaRays, 558:aspect. Every human being, in the earlier stages of his development (in ancient Lemuria andRays, 570:each seeking to achieve control. In the early stages, after the "birth" and during the "infancy ofRays, 582:worlds, his astral body or nature. In the early stages of the impact of sixth ray energy upon hisRays, 588:become increasingly monadic and subject to three stages: The stage wherein the lowest aspect of theRays, 614:spiritual habitual attitudes are the preparatory stages for the Initiation of Renunciation, just asRays, 658:concerned, but which have developed into those stages of sensitive unfoldment and progression whenRays, 704:giving vision, the reward of the two above stages. Christian theologians have made three distinctRays, 709:said, "I and my Father are one." In the earlier stages on the Path of Discipleship, the discipleRays, 710:an act of faith, and he proceeds in the early stages with the work of building, yet scarcelyRays, 719:on the Probationary Path and on the earlier stages of the Path of Discipleship to make correctRays, 723:true perception at all the various initiatory stages. This is a statement of major importance andRays, 724:when He has made His final decision; earlier stages are simply revelatory of the Way. Reappearance, 31:if they would bring [31] about the initial stages of establishing right human relations; secondly,Reappearance, 106:also of Jewish origin and appeared in the early stages of the cycle of Aries, the Ram. We are toldReappearance, 106:and not a presented astrology. In the early stages of Aries, the teaching reverted to that ofReappearance, 106:reverted to that of Taurus and in the early stages of Pisces, it reverted to that of Aries and thusReappearance, 126:an aspirant; they indicate also five important stages in the progress of human consciousness. ThisReappearance, 126:(through its various groups all at various stages of unfoldment) will "enter into" new states ofSoul, 68:of beings best serve its purpose at different stages." - Joad, C. E. M., B. A., Mind and Matter,Soul, 122:'navel' was the more vital organ in the earlier stages [123] of evolution, and is even at theSoul, 134:as ready for direction by the soul. The above stages must be understood, not as proceedingSoul, 135:be briefly described as being divided into eight stages which can be listed as follows: Control ofSoul, 156:and meditation are after all only different stages in the same ascending "path" and should not beTelepathy, 26:and more prevalent, producing in the initial stages the apparently wide cleavages with which we areTelepathy, 31:increase if one faithfully follows these four stages - up and within, down and without - in theTelepathy, 46:divine impression and step it down in two great stages, therefore, bringing it into concreteTelepathy, 50:objective, into the world of men. In the early stages and until the third initiation, the ScienceTelepathy, 59:in nature, and can be defined in its initial stages as the guarantee to the one who responds to itTelepathy, 60:to our highest plane, the logoic. In the earlier stages of responsiveness to the two phases ofTelepathy, 60:proceeds from cycle to cycle, in the earliest stages, with no conscious intention on the part ofTelepathy, 66:what is needed in order to bring the needed stages of manifested life into being. [67] Telepathy, 73:part of the technique whereby - in the earliest stages - the disciple is permitted to attract theTelepathy, 87:Triad, via the antahkarana. [87] The first two stages cover the period of the first twoTelepathy, 90:marks a transition from the first three stages of impressibility required by the disciples asTelepathy, 90:fourth and fifth - and are related to the three stages of Triadal communication, each of which isTelepathy, 96:These areas of sensitivity pass through three stages, upon which it is not my intention to enlarge:Telepathy, 99:he is equipped, he then passes through three stages during his progress upon the Path of Return.Telepathy, 100:Aspirants are to be found at all these three stages of sensitivity. There comes a moment during theTelepathy, 101:it is frequently prefaced in the earlier stages by much confusion, much astral psychism andTelepathy, 101:impacts upon his sensitive aura. In the early stages the majority of them are unconsciouslyTelepathy, 102:clarity and accuracy. Usually, in the early stages, the one desire of the disciple is to registerTelepathy, 105:which I am here concerned) pass through three stages: The stage of mental recording. The clarityTelepathy, 107:high state of effectiveness upon the earlier stages of the Path of Discipleship. Later, as theTelepathy, 110:- becomes eventually infallible; in its earlier stages (where methods of interpretation and ofTelepathy, 117:or reaction; all [117] aspirants - in the early stages of their slow reorientation - work throughTelepathy, 125:frankly evaluate the situation. Of the latter stages, we can know nothing; only in the CouncilTelepathy, 147:of the etheric body falls into two historical stages: That in which the etheric energy, flowingTelepathy, 162:the physical body, and falls into five natural stages which we call initiations. The symbolism ofTelepathy, 176:the planned aid given to the sons of men at all stages of their return to the center from whenceTelepathy, 192:is further increased by the many and varying stages of development, of ray distinctions, and also
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