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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - STAKE

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Autobiography, 60:you, the hope of glory." Upon that knowledge I stake my eternal salvation and the salvation of allAutobiography, 189:the issues involved and the principles at stake to the membership of the T.S. When Wadia discoveredBethlehem, 109:superficial consideration. Humanity itself is at stake, in the wilderness story. The whole world ofBethlehem, 220:that in this renunciation everything was at stake. Even the consciousness that He was the Son ofDiscipleship2, 608:not your heart always determine the issues at stake, but call in the balancing head increasingly.Externalisation, 127:to arrive at a clear understanding of what is at stake and a just appreciation of the valuesExternalisation, 137:which humanity will decide to go. The issues at stake are clear to all right-thinking people.Externalisation, 235:those who are seeing with clarity the issues at stake would open the door to the world dominationExternalisation, 235:sufficiently to value the spiritual issues at stake to take positive action. And we, the teachersExternalisation, 248:public platforms or to groups upon the issues at stake, or participating in some form of nationalExternalisation, 305:and idealisms, and to be blind to the issues at stake. Can they be aroused? Can they stand withExternalisation, 640:for her very existence would have been at stake. An initial error can lead to much trouble, and itMagic, 344:2. By a direct realization of the issues at stake and the consciousness that, for a pupil of theProblems, 135:which they are faced, [135] for the issue at stake is the rebuilding, the reconditioning and theRays, 640:not know. I can, however, say that the issues at stake are now becoming so clear that right
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