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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - STAND

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Bethlehem, 126:That is the fact upon which humanity can stand, the divine soul in man. That is the fact upon whichBethlehem, 126:man. That is the fact upon which Christ took His stand when the devil tempted Him a second time. Bethlehem, 136:these initiations, the three mentioned above stand out clearly. At the Birth in Bethlehem we haveBethlehem, 145:foretold the coming of the One Who would stand for perfect righteousness and Who, in His OwnBethlehem, 146:to that momentous day when we, too, shall stand upon the Mount of Transfiguration, revealing theBethlehem, 147:wisdom, O Arjuna? With one part of My being I stand establishing this whole world." - The BhagavadBethlehem, 153:friends the three aspects of his lower nature stand revealed. The same is the case when we studyBethlehem, 155:recognized God in their Master, taking their stand upon the fact of this divinity, as have theBethlehem, 159:and transcendent is true, and we can take our stand upon His Fatherhood, knowing ourselves to beBethlehem, 163:Christ must the new world religion take its stand. Christ upon the Cross, as will appear when weBethlehem, 166:The power to endure disaster! The power to stand utterly alone! This, Christ had to show the world,Bethlehem, 170:the divinity in each of us. Each can stand as a beacon light, pointing the way to the center fromBethlehem, 190:at the basic concept upon which we can take our stand without questioning, and also with theBethlehem, 190:and lost touch with divinity, and we should now stand ready to accept from the Eastern ChristianBethlehem, 209:symbol and burden of the cross, and, taking His stand beside all the previous crucified Saviors,Bethlehem, 220:of God Himself. Only when the soul has learnt to stand alone, assured of divinity, and yet with noBethlehem, 223:becomes then our way. God's life and purpose stand revealed. It is this thirst which we share withBethlehem, 259:human development is so high that the power to stand out dominantly is much more limited. BecauseBethlehem, 270:Such is the goal for the man who seeks to stand with Christ in the founding of the kingdom, thusBethlehem, 275:real, which has true value and which deserves to stand the test of immortality. This last thoughtBethlehem, 282:Let us vision clearly just where we stand upon the Path of Evolution. Have we yet set our feet uponDestiny, 18:frequent because men will develop the power to stand and [19] withstand it. Hitherto it has beenDestiny, 43:ray, because the kingdoms in nature cannot yet stand pure first ray energy; hence also the keenDestiny, 79:inability of its people and ruling government to stand by pledges. The influence of the sixth ray,Destiny, 97:and the major conflict between those who stand for the great ideal of world unity brought about byDestiny, 98:(self-initiated) and a firm decision to stand by righteousness to govern their present attitudesDestiny, 133:(which is the history of Europe) will stand illumined if the Law of Attraction and Repulsion isDiscipleship1, 7:let not curiosity blind you to the teaching. We stand together in spiritual enterprise. All of youDiscipleship1, 16:of conclusions is concerned. I ask you to stand together - no matter what eventuates or what forcesDiscipleship1, 32:fourth kingdom in nature, the human kingdom. We stand now on the verge of a similar but still moreDiscipleship1, 45:Together, they will learn; together, they will stand with impersonality; together, they will renderDiscipleship1, 79:habit of accepting authority, your weakness will stand revealed to me, to yourself, and to yourDiscipleship1, 85:it brings about. The ability of the group to stand united and with no barriers between the groupDiscipleship1, 89:that the intention of all true disciples is to stand by their group brothers in love andDiscipleship1, 91:by the Masters to all their disciples and they stand ready to give the needed instruction. I wouldDiscipleship1, 92:into the thralldom of the personal life? Will he stand in a static quiescent condition in whichDiscipleship1, 100:- seeing it on every hand and attempting to stand steady in the midst of it all - I say: That whichDiscipleship1, 106:mind and life but, until May, simply live and stand in spiritual Being and love all beings. Later IDiscipleship1, 113:condition which is expressed by the words to "stand in spiritual Being." There may also come intoDiscipleship1, 129:as heretofore, the divine in them to stand aside from them in your endeavor to help them and toDiscipleship1, 139:with other people. This can be handled if you stand steadfast as a soul and do not focus as aDiscipleship1, 140:to Disciples - F.C.D. June 1934 MY BROTHER: You stand at the verge of a real expansion of your workDiscipleship1, 149:and never leave your own poised position. To stand in spiritual being - as I earlier pointed out -Discipleship1, 149:- is the clue to your problem. You need thus to stand and with greater poise. A dynamic, mentalDiscipleship1, 154:and the form side of expression. When you can stand with greater firmness in spiritual being andDiscipleship1, 155:and well nigh smother you as they cling to you. Stand Free... Having pointed this out, brother ofDiscipleship1, 156:this too you are, as you know, being prepared. I stand behind you with understanding and withDiscipleship1, 167:with the other members of my group push through. Stand steady and do not be so seriously troubledDiscipleship1, 169:by your Master. My task is now only to stand by. The three points which I would impress upon youDiscipleship1, 173:attitude. Those aspirants and disciples, who stand ready to be taught when opportunity offers,Discipleship1, 174:you (after two or three years' work with me) to "stand in spiritual being," a thing which at thisDiscipleship1, 176:with me. I walk with God by night and day. I stand with God upon the ways of men; the shadow of hisDiscipleship1, 177:word more I would now give to you, my brother. Stand steady and know that you are not alone. ThisDiscipleship1, 177:is yours. May I also tell you: I, too, "stand by" you in understanding strength. Discipleship1, 180:results are assured just as long as you can "stand with power in spiritual being." [181] Discipleship1, 188:of the one who teaches and who gives, you stand somewhat isolated and have withdrawn yourself -Discipleship1, 198:I serve? an I honestly say that I know how to stand aside as a personality and turn the light uponDiscipleship1, 211:that concerns the personality and service must stand revealed. All secrets must fade away, yet theDiscipleship1, 213:realize their significance as you say them: "I stand in spiritual Being and, as a soul, I serve. "IDiscipleship1, 213:in spiritual Being and, as a soul, I serve. "I stand within the Light, and as the light shinesDiscipleship1, 213:throughout my form, I radiate that light. "I stand within the love of God, and as that love streamsDiscipleship1, 215:and whose physical bodies are ill-equipped to stand the modern pressure or to carry the inner,Discipleship1, 218:upon the Path of Discipleship, is never broken. Stand, therefore, upon this belief and relax andDiscipleship1, 223:your personality. Guard your health, my brother. Stand closely with your chosen fellow disciples.Discipleship1, 223:"Within the circle of the will of God, I stand. Without the radius of the world of glamor, I takeDiscipleship1, 223:the world of glamor, I take my place And there I stand. [224] Before the open door that justDiscipleship1, 224:just reveals a different lighted way I take my stand. Before the presence I will take my place andDiscipleship1, 224:I will take my place and there will firmly stand. And standing, see." Three words stand out in thisDiscipleship1, 224:firmly stand. And standing, see." Three words stand out in this mantram and to them I will callDiscipleship1, 225:clear to you, even though to no one else? I stand with you and will continue to stand, for whetherDiscipleship1, 225:one else? I stand with you and will continue to stand, for whether I am on the burning ground or onDiscipleship1, 231:then the Vision. The pilgrim then can chant: I stand in love. Second month - A boat at rest upon aDiscipleship1, 231:pilgrim and then again the vision. He chants: I stand in love for ever. Then mentally carry yourDiscipleship1, 238:that your physical body is not strong enough to stand the pressure of two vibratory groups andDiscipleship1, 242:elimination of those personality faults which stand in the way of the general usefulness. MyDiscipleship1, 245:will, therefore, come to you. You will not then stand alone but will function as an attractiveDiscipleship1, 253:of attachment. Can you be a true sannyasin and stand in life alone or with only your brotherDiscipleship1, 256:in life, the disciple gains the strength to stand alone and detached, and, through the ability toDiscipleship1, 256:alone and detached, and, through the ability to stand detached, comes the power which the divineDiscipleship1, 259:thoughts for careful reflection: 1st month - I stand in light, the One Who can observe. 2nd month -Discipleship1, 259:Way leads to a bridge and on that bridge I stand. 5th month - And on that bridge I meet my Self.Discipleship1, 263:and much understanding. Often, however, you "stand in your own light," and your personalityDiscipleship1, 277:put first things first. Let nothing and no one stand between you, the vision, the Plan and yourDiscipleship1, 277:Upon the planes of soul and mind, you still must stand alone and if you grasp this from the veryDiscipleship1, 277:upon the future way with courage and no fear. Stand in strength beside your fellow disciples,Discipleship1, 277:intent with them upon the chosen path. They stand unfailingly beside you. Finally, my brother,Discipleship1, 278:so, a determination to be yourself and to stand alone and on your own feet. This determination ofDiscipleship1, 286:greater usefulness. In closing I say to you: Stand steadily and know (not believe or hope) that allDiscipleship1, 294:See to it that, as far as you may, you "stand in spiritual being," that you are one with the soulDiscipleship1, 303:a path of golden light, leading from where you stand to a vast two-leaved door. Then see, rollingDiscipleship1, 305:you can contact them and the word for which they stand. This work will form part of yourDiscipleship1, 307:surpass his own, to cooperate with those who stand with him upon the Path and to work for thoseDiscipleship1, 314:you. It constitutes your major life problem: To stand free whilst surrounded; to work in theDiscipleship1, 316:quality which permits the man who has it, to stand steady in the light, to rest in pure being, andDiscipleship1, 317:uses the following expressions: "They come and stand. Within the midst of whirling forms - some ofDiscipleship1, 317:rare and some of horror and despair - they stand. They look not here or there but, with their facesDiscipleship1, 317:with their faces turned towards the light, they stand. Thus through their minds the pure lightDiscipleship1, 318:swirling glamors of that glamorous world. "They stand, they rest, and they observe. Such are theirDiscipleship1, 318:upon the themes indicated below: The power to stand within the light, leading to right reflectionDiscipleship1, 319:his way. In the meantime, his co-disciples will stand with silent faithfulness behind him, leaving
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