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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - STAND

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Discipleship1, 320:that is not one of your faults), the ability to stand alone and unmoved. Your personality, as youDiscipleship1, 323:It is twofold and that you also know. You can stand in the group as the embodiment of dynamicDiscipleship1, 323:told you, causes things to be. You can also stand as a tower of strength and let the strength ofDiscipleship1, 325:men and women of the world, the individuals who stand at the portal of discipleship - but blindly,Discipleship1, 325:forward on the Way, the door of opportunity will stand wider open. These words are for you toDiscipleship1, 329:are, but it is one that will bring high reward. Stand by your fellow disciples with renewedDiscipleship1, 329:from the knowledge that there are those who stand steady, who love strongly and who aid untiringly.Discipleship1, 335:then on the response which you call forth as you stand in the light of your own soul. Ask yourselfDiscipleship1, 335:of thou and thine, of ours and that. The doors stand open wide; a light shines forth; a Word canDiscipleship1, 340:of light, which is, the mind, there take your stand in the very center of the sphere and from thatDiscipleship1, 347:the facts of which you are sure. Take your stand upon the basic certainties, and remember, that inDiscipleship1, 349:[349] (because of ray affiliations) means to stand in the radiance of love - a love which waversDiscipleship1, 356:dynamically than heretofore. Grasp that idea and stand steadily with me in the work I seek to do.Discipleship1, 359:brood over us, that power uplift us till we stand where the One Initiator is invoked, till we seeDiscipleship1, 362:is that which all men know. When both the doors stand open wide, the disciple serves the purpose ofDiscipleship1, 375:secondly, strengthen your will so that you can stand as a tower of strength to others? Are theseDiscipleship1, 376:stands wide open and you are needed where you stand. Strength to stand; strength to love; strengthDiscipleship1, 376:and you are needed where you stand. Strength to stand; strength to love; strength to be detached -Discipleship1, 380:alone. Those days of isolation lie behind. I stand alone when trial comes, for I am strong and needDiscipleship1, 380:and need not drain the strength of others. I stand alone when blame descends, for I am true andDiscipleship1, 380:- alone, yet not alone, and thus - for aye - I stand." Then proceed with the group meditation.Discipleship1, 390:spiritual life expression. Many other qualities stand for the same expression of reality. But,Discipleship1, 391:questions are: To recognize the Presence, I must stand free and unattached. To what and to whom amDiscipleship1, 392:sealed hours ordered responsibility, each morn I stand. I cry aloud: 'Lord of my life, how can I doDiscipleship1, 393:fortress of your soul. There you must learn to stand, detached and unafraid. I cannot too stronglyDiscipleship1, 394:4th month - How can I meet each rising need, yet stand apart and unafraid? 5th month - How can IDiscipleship1, 394:month - How can I enter into light and steadfast stand, seeing the truth on every hand? 6th month -Discipleship1, 394:full consciousness and not as a required duty. Stand with your group brothers in the light of theDiscipleship1, 395:needs and the problems of all its members) may stand revealed and thus spur you all on to a closerDiscipleship1, 396:of service, and that her only present need is to stand steady and to give herself time to stabilizeDiscipleship1, 398:not often that I thus write. I have watched you stand amidst the wrecking of much that you haveDiscipleship1, 404:Take not away from others this right to stand alone by too great a display of that shielding loveDiscipleship1, 404:easily and so selflessly can express. Let them stand up to the issues of the soul which are broughtDiscipleship1, 405:love. Remember that true love has sometimes to stand aside and look on peacefully whilst othersDiscipleship1, 407:naturally when you have proved to them that you "stand in spiritual being." For you, there must nowDiscipleship1, 417:attention. Your third keynote is being. Learn to stand in spiritual being, remembering ever that toDiscipleship1, 422:holds for you the promise of success. Just stand with steadfastness, my brother, and let theDiscipleship1, 438:as has often been the case in other lives, I stand by you in love and understanding. Discipleship1, 440:Light and the Forces of Materialism. Will you so stand, my brother? Will you cease from theDiscipleship1, 440:freeing the soul for the reality of service. I stand by you at all times. [441] Discipleship1, 444:I wish to serve? Can I honestly say that I can stand aside and observe with dispassion? If thisDiscipleship1, 446:are privileged to contact and to whom you can stand as a tower of strength in a world whereDiscipleship1, 451:point in the life of the individual where he can stand no more but lapses into unconsciousness,Discipleship1, 454:assets as an aspirant seem to you sometimes to stand in your way." Forget not, brother of old, thatDiscipleship1, 456:for cessation of the effort, the ability to stand steady when the sense of futility seems toDiscipleship1, 456:so doing, and for three minutes each morning stand before the window and visualize your head (theDiscipleship1, 464:upon a new cycle of life and of usefulness. You stand on the verge of opportunity and yet you seemDiscipleship1, 465:I know that for you that suffices. If you stand steady with an open heart, a seeing eye and a readyDiscipleship1, 468:which confront them. Increasingly, you must also stand with your group, giving them the knowledgeDiscipleship1, 469:concerned - has to be repeated. So, my brother, stand controlled at the center, permitting yourDiscipleship1, 470:would call this to your attention and ask you to stand with each other in the closest relation. YouDiscipleship1, 470:group work. Correspond with each other and stand by each other in love. All three of you have muchDiscipleship1, 471:world truly and with no limited vision; you can stand unperturbed, knowing the end from theDiscipleship1, 479:and you will leap ahead upon the Path. I stand by you, friend of old. I know and - believe me -Discipleship1, 480:are as follows: 1st month - Freedom. I stand upon the mountain top and breathe the air whereby theDiscipleship1, 481:which I gave you in my last instruction stand repeated. I waste not time over such matters. YouDiscipleship1, 481:lower inclinations than ever before. But you stand now like a tired and disillusioned soldierDiscipleship1, 498:impact of others upon his consciousness. You stand very much alone. It has been your own wish, andDiscipleship1, 502:these words and make each quality for which they stand an integral part of your life experience.Discipleship1, 502:and I need not say more. I will only say that I stand beside you and that, at this time, myDiscipleship1, 503:because of this knowledge that I tell you that I stand by you and that you may call upon me atDiscipleship1, 507:sun is found within my mind. Within that sun, I stand." Discipleship1, 507:exercise to give you. I have told D. R. A. to stand by you with deepened love but to talk no moreDiscipleship1, 507:of the solution of your problem wherein you must stand exoterically alone and fight the battle onDiscipleship1, 508:my group of disciples to greater usefulness. I stand by. Discipleship1, 508:which I ended my last communication to you: I stand by. When I last said it to you, I was under noDiscipleship1, 510:failure mount to your tower and steadfast stand. The tower is only symbolic but, if you grasp theDiscipleship1, 515:I refer): Let go. Drop that which you hold. Stand free at any cost, relinquishing that which holdsDiscipleship1, 519:of clear vision, wide wisdom and universal love. Stand with steadfastness during this coming yearDiscipleship1, 519:with steadfastness during this coming year and stand detached, Let not the lesser voices crowd outDiscipleship1, 521:rule your life during the next few months is to stand steadily in spiritual realization. This willDiscipleship1, 521:form. Note how I have worded this injunction. Stand as the soul and (as a constant habit of life)Discipleship1, 522:first two - I would beg you earnestly to ponder. Stand in your garden but when there comes the urgeDiscipleship1, 522:really shatter your achieved balance. Know this. Stand as a center of strength to all you meet andDiscipleship1, 523:next eight months: 1st month - Upon my tower I stand and naught can reach me here. Thus to the workDiscipleship1, 523:soul can reach the point of strength whereon I stand and to my soul that way is always open. To theDiscipleship1, 523:my tower, in the high place of vision, now I stand and from that point I live and love and work. ToDiscipleship1, 527:tired or weak: "At the center of all love I stand and naught can touch me here and from that centerDiscipleship1, 532:light in a dark place, I radiate the light. I stand in spiritual being. 5th and 6th months - IDiscipleship1, 533:- There are no changes on the way of love. I stand at-one with all, and through the lower self,Discipleship1, 534:has no value. For you the necessity is to stand in your circle of life as a quiet center, but letDiscipleship1, 534:Ponder on these two words. As a soul, stand free in your environment. [535] The second thing I haveDiscipleship1, 537:brood over us, that power uplift us, till we stand where the One Initiator is invoked, till we seeDiscipleship1, 545:and the steady development of the ability to stand as a conscious soul in the light. You are notDiscipleship1, 562:self-respect which forbids a disciple to stand anywhere upon the Path, except in his rightfulDiscipleship1, 564:and anxiety overwhelm a disciple except to stand by in love, send healing thoughts and evoke theDiscipleship1, 569:lays its emphasis upon material possessions? You stand alone now and like it not. Yes, for theDiscipleship1, 574:and to that I may refer. As far as in you lies, stand firmly in your endeavor to aid the New GroupDiscipleship1, 579:come to your attention. I need not ask you to stand by my work and by the things which I amDiscipleship1, 586:fields? Forget not that the Hierarchy stands. So stand also and give your time to two fields ofDiscipleship1, 592:Your service basically is as follows: to stand by me and the work I am attempting to do in theDiscipleship1, 593:is yours. He has to learn, first of all, to stand completely alone (though only apparently so andDiscipleship1, 596:(as is the problem of all disciples who stand on the verge of acceptance) by the force of your rayDiscipleship1, 600:it. In one case, you fail to grow in ability to stand alone and to make wise decisions based onDiscipleship1, 602:early spring. But the forms still persist. You stand before them bewildered, anxious to do theDiscipleship1, 603:soul through the three bodies. Say then, as you stand in the light of the soul. "I stand before theDiscipleship1, 603:then, as you stand in the light of the soul. "I stand before the judgment seat of my own soul. IDiscipleship1, 603:stand before the judgment seat of my own soul. I stand in the light that comes from that divineDiscipleship1, 605:the following with thought behind the words: "I stand before the judgment seat of my own soul. I amDiscipleship1, 613:you seek to find those to whom you can stand as a spiritual organizer. They are ever those of no
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