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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - STAND

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Externalisation, 178:conflict more rapidly to an end, or should they stand on the side of the neutral powers,Externalisation, 178:to the men and women of goodwill to take their stand on the side of such action as would releaseExternalisation, 179:was taken up by the democracies who [179] stand for human rights and liberty. Because of theExternalisation, 179:Servers, had no alternative but to take their stand with the spiritual forces and join the struggleExternalisation, 204:forces, battling together, they will take their stand, mentally and spiritually, even if they areExternalisation, 204:I write at this time for those who take their stand on the side of the constructive forces whichExternalisation, 204:there are thousands who also silently take their stand with those struggling for victory over theExternalisation, 216:the need to ascertain for yourself where you stand and will refuse to be conditioned by otherExternalisation, 216:and on which side, and where you, as a soul, stand. You will then be able - if you are sincere andExternalisation, 217:intelligentsia - they can consciously take their stand under one or other of the two banners, andExternalisation, 217:in the world a group of men and women who would stand for the spiritual values, who would love allExternalisation, 217:foster the spirit of goodwill, and who would stand to humanity (as far as they could) as theExternalisation, 218:fighting for and dying for, if need be? Do you stand with the Forces of Light or with the Forces ofExternalisation, 224:of many individuals is real and deep, but they stand alone; the knowledge that the few have of theExternalisation, 226:done this, you will know where you personally stand. For the entire week prior to the May Full MoonExternalisation, 228:to undergo soul tension, and your capacity to stand as part of the great chain of intermediariesExternalisation, 228:deciding for yourself where you, as a soul, must stand in this world crisis and on which side youExternalisation, 229:at no matter what cost, but knowing where you stand and why you stand there. That the will ofExternalisation, 229:cost, but knowing where you stand and why you stand there. That the will of Shamballa may beExternalisation, 231:Italy. I refer to that group of Allies who today stand with their purpose focused in Great Britain,Externalisation, 233:your arms and turn the tide in your favor if you stand up and fight for that which you desire. WhoExternalisation, 233:be glamored by the false premise that you must stand by your hard-earned convictions, even at theExternalisation, 234:and planned preparation. Today the Allies stand waiting the opportunity for the final struggle withExternalisation, 236:upholding the banner of human liberty. With her stand France (for France is still loyal in herExternalisation, 236:of Light which is the British Isles. Behind stand their great empires with their resources as yetExternalisation, 236:resources as yet untouched. Behind them again stand the spiritually minded peoples in every nation,Externalisation, 237:without sacrifice and I ask you: Where do you stand? I bring to you some of the contrasts in thisExternalisation, 239:asking you to recognize your responsibility to stand behind those who fight for liberty and to endExternalisation, 243:knows to be good and true and right, and must stand firm against those who seek to distort theExternalisation, 243:prior to the elimination of the hindrances which stand in the way of the [244] coming new world. ItExternalisation, 244:facts which they themselves do not deny. They stand not alone in selfishness, for [245] the sameExternalisation, 245:faults taint every national record. But they stand today for a new and spiritual order, based on aExternalisation, 245:of race and its cult of cruelty? Can you then stand idly by or simply resort to prayer and talkExternalisation, 247:clearly emerging, I now call upon all of you to stand with the Forces of Light. These are difficultExternalisation, 247:needed who have the courage and the insight to stand with steadfastness and to take the steps whichExternalisation, 247:fulfiled every physical plane requirement - to stand immovable. But you must stand with facesExternalisation, 247:requirement - to stand immovable. But you must stand with faces turned towards the enemy of theExternalisation, 249:souls of men awaken to the Light, And may they stand with massed intent. Let the fiat of the LordExternalisation, 251:and enlightenment may be yours and the power to stand and the ability to fight for the release ofExternalisation, 262:be more safely permitted if enough people can stand together spiritually and selflessly, and soExternalisation, 270:They will more probably do three things: Stand behind and strengthen the Rider on the white horseExternalisation, 274:by all who, with the first two groups, can stand with "massed intent." On the united work of theseExternalisation, 275:Thus Shamballa, the Hierarchy and Humanity will stand consciously related and dynamically in touchExternalisation, 280:with the Forces of Light at this time stand with steadfastness, and if the "massed intent" of theExternalisation, 294:he can make this demand with firm intent and can stand steady and unafraid, response willExternalisation, 295:all men and peoples. With massed intent they stand, and their ranks are steadily increasing. WithExternalisation, 295:having done all, there is naught to do but stand, then some Expression of a divine determination toExternalisation, 297:of Love, stands Christ and His disciples, stand the Masters of the Wisdom. They are united, all ofExternalisation, 297:the Hierarchy in one fused and blended effort stand with massed intent, invoking that aid andExternalisation, 303:can come if the Hierarchy and humanity can stand together with massed intent. [304] He will descendExternalisation, 305:issues at stake. Can they be aroused? Can they stand with focused intent, strenuous [306] physicalExternalisation, 309:adherence to a loved ideal which frequently stand between a disciple and effective service on theExternalisation, 311:One. This entails four things: The effort to stand with all other disciples and aspirants in anExternalisation, 315:full dynamic intent: At the center of all love I stand; from that center, I the soul will outwardExternalisation, 333:of the Savior." Yet if he can train himself to stand where the four arms meet (I am here speakingExternalisation, 333:today pulled two ways. Its effort must be to stand ready at the center. The new group today standsExternalisation, 335:at this time, for they have the strength to stand unmoved at the center. It is the conjunction ofExternalisation, 337:is a more conscious and definite attempt to stand in the center - the place of loving power - andExternalisation, 343:the will is not expressed by an iron fixation to stand steady and not yield to evil forces.Externalisation, 352:on upon the inner side of life. These Forces stand ready, but the word for action must come fromExternalisation, 352:period the aspirants of the world are asked to stand steady in patient, yet convinced, expectancy.Externalisation, 354:of Their compassion and Their wisdom until you stand where the One Initiator is invoked, until youExternalisation, 355:theological trend. These attitudes take their stand upon belief in the innate rightness of theExternalisation, 359:perception, of truth and of divine ideas will stand revealed. The result will be the disappearingExternalisation, 381:again, they fancy that their health could stand no more active work, or that they require time forExternalisation, 389:separates the visible from the invisible there stand Those Who are working strenuously - and, IExternalisation, 390:the world. Can the suffering masses of men "stand with massed intent" and with eyes directedExternalisation, 392:Energies of extra-planetary significance Who stand ready to intervene should the spiritualExternalisation, 401:thinking in the world. Therefore, taking our stand on these truths, acknowledging the fact of ourExternalisation, 415:Upon these inner assurances man must take his stand, and a study of them will reveal that theExternalisation, 415:of spiritual techniques, eventually taking their stand among those who can say with St. Paul: "IExternalisation, 429:aggression. Therefore, the Hierarchy does not stand with power or strength behind any of theirExternalisation, 430:White Lodge. Among all these are thousands who stand bewildered, sensing the truth but feelingExternalisation, 430:and into slavery. The armies of the Lord stand poised, and victory will be theirs when there isExternalisation, 443:because behind it and protecting it will stand the Armies of the Lord. At the close of that time,Externalisation, 444:the ensuing years), I make one last appeal. Stand with fixed intent, implementing the massed intentExternalisation, 446:human free will [446] (esoterically understood) stand today with bated breath, waiting to see whatExternalisation, 446:Thinking men and women in every country stand with massed intent, determined, if possible, to takeExternalisation, 455:the men and women of goodwill so that they may stand as a great "army of implacable spiritual will"Externalisation, 462:if the people of the world can be organized to stand with massed intent behind that type ofExternalisation, 465:and the men and women of goodwill, if they can stand with massed intent, particularly throughoutExternalisation, 475:of the onlooker, the observer? Should it stand superior to the deeds of mankind and await theExternalisation, 476:their hiding place. So the Hierarchy took its stand upon the side of the United Nations and let itExternalisation, 477:the world today, do not understand [477] stand such measures. The cry of such people that "GodExternalisation, 477:of the United Nations and by openly taking Their stand upon the side of right human relations. TheyExternalisation, 485:Such is the general plan proposed by Those Who stand - with enlightened spiritual purpose - readyExternalisation, 488:rest upon all true servers and may they stand tranquil in the midst of strife. Externalisation, 516:Thirdly, esoteric organizations must stand for all that tends to unity. All types of work, all theExternalisation, 516:meet with loving cooperation and assistance. We stand in a world of endeavor as focal points forExternalisation, 517:the broad platform upon which the Church should stand should be proclaimed, and instruction shouldExternalisation, 550:for the Hierarchy to find fault or take a stand against wrong, just as many repudiated the factExternalisation, 550:repudiated the fact that the Hierarchy took its stand, during the war, upon the side of the ForcesExternalisation, 564:in Their own sphere, They have taken Their stand upon the periphery of the Council's influence. TheExternalisation, 578:situation in which the family of nations will stand together for certain basic values. These areExternalisation, 585:background. Whilst in incarnation such disciples stand free to serve one-pointedly andExternalisation, 593:to the Real, and from death to Immortality; They stand ready to carry out His bidding and to obeyExternalisation, 610:aspirants and students of the realities stand unitdely behind the Christ and can thus enable Him toExternalisation, 618:new group of world servers must today take their stand. They must recognize the obstructing [619]Externalisation, 639:cooperation. The wrong factor comes in when they stand united against any other group of nations,Externalisation, 641:the establishing of right human relations they stand with you, they are your equals, and can
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