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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - STANDING

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Meditation, 137:of the man himself, who opens thus the door. A standing firm and unmoved, no matter what occurs.Meditation, 257:on if we hope to stand where They are now standing. We sense beauties and glories surrounding usMeditation, 305:the object of all is to lead all to the point of standing before the One Initiator, the methodsMeditation, 324:the signs of the zodiac, the four entrances standing for the four Maharajas. A square wall willPatanjali, 125:the many forms into certain specific groups standing for certain basic ideas. He has to interpretPatanjali, 257:by the spiritual man thus extricated and standing on his feet, viewing life with his open eyes." Patanjali, 341:heaven" can be understood in two ways: first, as standing for the mental plane on which is the truePatanjali, 366:are found in the archives of the Lodge: "To him, standing before the Spark, the flame and the smokePatanjali, 421:outward-going sensuous [421] experience and its standing firm in the state of spiritual being. TheProblems, 69:on desperately to their inherited prestige and standing; they would hold back the British peopleProblems, 178:- for it is there. They must form a world group, standing for right human relations and educatingProblems, 179:the meaning of right human relations, standing for the oneness of humanity and for practical, butPsychology1, 396:divine command and halted. There they waited, standing before the portal of the Path, grasping thePsychology2, 35:that the price of holiness is too high. But, standing on the Way, suddenly the whole being isPsychology2, 129:in spiritual being; where there is this poised standing, there will be no need for others to incitePsychology2, 276:very well-meaning disciples fall. Instead of standing in spiritual being and taking a firm positionPsychology2, 353:and cries: I cannot stand and walk alone. And standing thus, a cross is formed and on that cross hePsychology2, 353:the greater whole - and thus becomes inclusive. Standing thus in quietness at the center, andPsychology2, 361:on the Path until thou hast learnt the art of standing still. Study the spider, brother, entangledPsychology2, 373:the Plan. The alignment evoked by this "peaceful standing still" naturally produces a crisis and itPsychology2, 390:that spiritual Identity which we recognize as standing behind phenomenal man to work through bothPsychology2, 578:days and led to the entire astral plane standing revealed, but not understood. Its undesirablePsychology2, 672:differences of the race are [672] of such old standing that there is no need to enumerate themPsychology2, 743:interests. The New Group of World Servers, standing at a midway point between the spiritualRays, 28:in consideration of these fundamental effects of standing as a group in "the head's clear light"Rays, 38:some place larger than the area covered by the standing room of the would-be initiate. ThisRays, 173:correctly interpreted only by initiates of some standing and experience. A concept of unity,Rays, 174:the protective presence of initiates of the same standing and unfoldment. It is their united focusRays, 175:united will that "brings him upright, [175] standing, unafraid, with open eye before the One WhoRays, 176:The star that has shone forth, veiling and standing between him and the Lord of the World, theRays, 176:Initiator alone, with no protective Individual standing between him and the eternal source ofRays, 194:major rent will be made by humanity itself, standing with "massed intent," focused through theRays, 213:Master, and are therefore initiates of a certain standing; it needs also those who have facility ofRays, 225:from his position as an accepted disciple standing before the Angel of the Presence, to that pointRays, 232:intentions and with the power conferred by their standing upon the cosmic ladder of evil. Hence theRays, 236:to new conditions and new emerging factors. Standing like a wall of steel, unshatterable andRays, 302:form which beckons me. What is this Being, standing gracious in the dark and in the light? Is itRays, 356:the zodiac, for Judas Iscariot was there, standing for the sign at the time in power; the otherRays, 419:proceed until such time as the bulk of humanity, standing upon the fourth Path, will pass throughRays, 473:making the building of the antahkarana an out standing achievement, thus linking and aligning theRays, 528:is the key as to why the invocation by a group "standing with massed intent" can bring forth, andRays, 528:have briefly touched upon humanity as a whole, standing at a great point of invocation wherein theRays, 548:in connection with an initiate of His exalted standing). He had, first of all, to give a greatRays, 568:soul-infused personality, the initiate "in good standing" - a phrase of the deepest occultRays, 652:the evolutionary story of the "initiate in good standing" and it is basically the story of the willRays, 652:of the evolutionary cycle. The initiate in good standing looks into the heart of things; he hasRays, 688:an essential experience because the initiate (standing before the One Initiator for the first timeRays, 706:the Christ) the part of the Messiah. The Master, standing symbolically upon the Mount of Ascension,Rays, 709:love and understanding. All disciples of any standing gather around them the few or the many thatRays, 717:that purpose. Only initiates of a certain standing can receive this energy, focus it within theReappearance, 37:to bring relief; God Immanent in all men is standing on the verge of certain stupendousReappearance, 38:in that great succession. The Buddha Himself is standing behind the Christ in humble recognition ofReappearance, 46:of Christ as the great and chosen Intermediary, standing as the Representative of the SpiritualReappearance, 84:relations by being simply what He is and by standing unmoved where He is. This He accomplishes byReappearance, 95:Forces, under potent spiritual Leadership, are standing ready to precipitate themselves into thisReappearance, 95:history. The New Group of World Servers are also standing attentive to direction in every countryReappearance, 111:first needed step towards human regeneration. Standing as the focal point of the inner Triangle -Soul, 16:modern science. It is almost as if mankind were standing before the curtain in a cosmic proscenium,Soul, 143:visionary types, but to men and women of good standing in the business, artistic and literaryTelepathy, 140:is not the case. H. P. B., an initiate of high standing, presented views ahead of science, but thatTelepathy, 197:shining upon their way. And thus I stand. And standing thus, revolve And tread this way the ways of
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