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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - STANDS

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Bethlehem, 73:equally apparent that today humanity, as a race, stands before the infant Jesus, in the House ofBethlehem, 88:the illumined mind of man, the Mind of Deity stands revealed. Thus man is seen as "made in theBethlehem, 91:make that idea an ideal of dynamic force, Christ stands alone. Through His life, He gave to us anBethlehem, 92:it. In this uniqueness of revelation Christ stands alone, because He was the greatest, the highestBethlehem, 98:the sign Aquarius, the Water Carrier. This sign stands symbolically for group purity andBethlehem, 100:plane life to the soul. The second initiation stands for the demonstrated control and consecrationBethlehem, 105:as the full-grown man, and, on the Cross, he stands forth the perfected Son of God. An initiationBethlehem, 106:typified for us in the Bible. The Old Testament stands for the natural lower man, the virgin MaryBethlehem, 106:of Him Who shall come. The New Testament stands for the spiritual man, for God made flesh, and forBethlehem, 109:immediate attaining, but the command of Christ stands for all time: "Be ye therefore perfect;" (St.Bethlehem, 112:of giving and of the Christ spirit; he therefore stands to man as a reminder of God, just as thisBethlehem, 122:stood free. Today the World Aspirant, humanity, stands confronted with this temptation. Its problemBethlehem, 124:of India, The Bhagavad Gita, the disciple Arjuna stands faced with the same issue. He is involvedBethlehem, 124:chosen to bring out great spiritual truths. He stands for the personal self beginning to growBethlehem, 124:Johnston, p. 26. A greater than Arjuna (who stands as the symbol of the disciple on his way towardsBethlehem, 124:It is interesting to realize that humanity today stands in the glamor of doubt. Doubt is on everyBethlehem, 129:its rightful place. Where the purpose of God stands clearly revealed to the mind of the seer, theBethlehem, 145:For us today, and for our immediate goal, Christ stands as the Eternal Prophet, to whom Elias andBethlehem, 149:of the seer. We know only that the divine stands revealed, while the outer form which has veiledBethlehem, 160:of the pronouncement made by the Initiator Who stands silently behind the scenes as Jesus takesBethlehem, 163:leads on the developing son of God until he stands perfected, having achieved "the measure of theBethlehem, 181:outspread in space. North, south, east and west stands the cosmic Christ upon what is called "theBethlehem, 183:[183] of the astrologers. The symbol which stands for the zodiacal sign Leo, is the Lion. This signBethlehem, 216:Retribution, in an act at which the whole world stands aghast. This work of forgiveness is theBethlehem, 218:material form which has given Him birth. Christ stands midway between the two - the mother and theBethlehem, 219:one of the most important and sacred numbers. It stands for divinity, and also for perfectedBethlehem, 261:in its implications, for the kingdom of God stands wide open to all who love and serve and whoBethlehem, 268:the divine self in man, the spiritual man, who stands behind the screen of the outer man, and whoDestiny, 6:will show. The symbol and that for which it stands will be known and seen. This is the energy ofDestiny, 25:Rays Today Forget not that behind all of them stands He Whom we call the Lord of the World. WhenDestiny, 51:ago under divine guidance, which symbol stands for the three divine aspects in manifestation. TheDestiny, 59:Rays A close study of that for which each nation stands will be most revealing and their patternDestiny, 59:minimum of persecution and of resentment; she stands steadily for peace, no matter what the peopleDestiny, 65:and misty idealism, of any neutral power who stands aloof from the happenings of the present. TheDestiny, 71:kaleidoscope before which astrology necessarily stands confused. But to the eye of the enlightenedDestiny, 73:of the French nation can be offset, France then stands free some day to lead the world spirituallyDestiny, 146:having drunk, the magic of the waters works. He stands transformed. The Lion disappears and he whoDestiny, 146:Lion disappears and he who bears the water pot stands forth and starts upon his mission." ThoseDiscipleship1, 86:the expanding new life. The initiate, therefore, stands ready, for what? For the instantDiscipleship1, 101:the aura of the Ashram of which I am the center stands like a great defending wall around you andDiscipleship1, 169:view are irksome to the server of the Plan who stands, serene and detached, upon a first rayDiscipleship1, 198:I assume the attitude of the Onlooker, who stands "steady in the light?" Am I capable of learningDiscipleship1, 244:point; you are then left as ever the "one who stands alone." This is characteristic of the beginnerDiscipleship1, 244:(of the one in the center and the one who stands alone) are indicative of the fact that your firstDiscipleship1, 322:and its own solution. Only one vital thing stands in the way of a life of utter usefulness and thatDiscipleship1, 326:the [326] pull of love. Behind this door there stands a Presence, hiding another door which opensDiscipleship1, 336:the All, the Whole, the One. [336] The Life then stands revealed. The universe stands free and withDiscipleship1, 336:The Life then stands revealed. The universe stands free and with it man." Discipleship1, 376:I know that you seek, and the door of service stands wide open and you are needed where you stand.Discipleship1, 380:and with due intent: "I am the one who never stands alone. Those days of isolation lie behind. IDiscipleship1, 389:shrouds the One and Only. Before the Presence stands the aspirant. Within the Presence, through theDiscipleship1, 406:field for loving service. NOTE: This disciple stands steady in the Tibetan's Ashram. Discipleship1, 429:with people or circumstance. The soul stands free, unattached, unafraid, and is not controlled byDiscipleship1, 440:I would remind you that the Hierarchy itself stands behind the scene of world affairs and worksDiscipleship1, 440:world affairs and works ever through others; it stands between those who are bearing the burden ofDiscipleship1, 449:it is only your fifth ray personality that stands in the way of a full expression of the love whichDiscipleship1, 454:was doing. It was his own doing and the door stands open for his return whenever he so desires. Discipleship1, 462:as doth the goat which scales the precipice and stands upon the mountain top. Industry, speed andDiscipleship1, 463:that altitude of joy whereon your soul immovably stands, then look into the world of living men - aDiscipleship1, 463:past distorts one's point of view. Only the soul stands clear from illusion, and only the soul seesDiscipleship1, 469:also that in the setting where your personality stands at this time is the place where you willDiscipleship1, 485:however, it has been accomplished and the server stands ready to help, then he can depend upon theDiscipleship1, 489:has come your way. The door to that service stands wide open and you are ready now for that measureDiscipleship1, 490:and the door of service, as you know, stands open. Enter with joy, for that is a quality which youDiscipleship1, 498:of cultivating self-forgetfulness. The man who stands alone, and who has determined that conditionDiscipleship1, 499:for the little self. 4th month - Before me stands The Presence. 5th month - Behind me lies the roadDiscipleship1, 502:This is for you a major life crisis and there stands before you an open door. You will pass throughDiscipleship1, 530:Master sits to talk to the Disciples. When one stands on the path and looks towards the entranceDiscipleship1, 572:You are on the Path of Discipleship. Opportunity stands before you and the Way can be trodden byDiscipleship1, 584:man must face himself. Upon the Road the hidden stands revealed. Each sees and knows the villainyDiscipleship1, 586:new fields? Forget not that the Hierarchy stands. So stand also and give your time to two fields ofDiscipleship1, 597:you to do, but remember that I am only one who stands by and who offers opportunity, seeking forDiscipleship1, 604:the lines of lower self endeavor. The group stands by you in loving helpfulness and readiness toDiscipleship1, 615:help you and aid in your release. The door still stands wide open for you. But the opportunity forDiscipleship1, 615:travel not alone, but that a group of brothers stands ready to work with you when you will workDiscipleship1, 618:and that the Dweller on the Threshold stands ready at all times to avail himself of the weaknessesDiscipleship1, 625:He is, as you know, normally the one who stands alone. This is his strength and it is also hisDiscipleship1, 629:Your soul has seriously undermined it. It still stands, but you are suspicious of it and have lostDiscipleship1, 630:of Light. Your ivory tower is still there and stands in beauty real. Perhaps it will never beDiscipleship1, 663:soul - the One who knows no attachment and who stands at-one with all souls in all forms. SuchDiscipleship1, 670:with joy that the Hierarchy of spiritual forces stands. NOTE: This disciple is still presumablyDiscipleship1, 674:the long path has been traveled. Another door stands open now. The words sound forth: "Enter uponDiscipleship1, 676:is left behind; the cross is overturned; the way stands clear. The word sounds clear within theDiscipleship1, 676:games." The way upon the second tier of stairs stands barred, this by the soul's own act. No longerDiscipleship1, 681:will recognize the fact that - though the Plan stands - techniques, presentations, idealism andDiscipleship1, 697:in the recognized effort. Behind this effort stands the Master - an initiating and distributingDiscipleship1, 703:at least, at the center of the Ashram stands ever the Master, or else an initiate or a worldDiscipleship1, 750:be crashing around him. But in spite of all, he stands firm, poised in soul consciousness and theDiscipleship1, 767:Within that life, the initiate now consciously stands, realizing himself not so much as being aDiscipleship1, 789:of "The Master has chosen me," or "the Master stands behind my effort" or "I am the representativeDiscipleship1, 789:humanity is not alone but that the Hierarchy stands, that Christ is with his people, that the worldDiscipleship2, 12:of feeling, or that innate predisposition, which stands between you and the light of life andDiscipleship2, 15:which states: "He who faces the light and stands within its radiance is blinded to the issues ofDiscipleship2, 15:and with that light you serve. As the Hierarchy stands as a center of light and strength toDiscipleship2, 25:door suddenly opened wide, which at other times stands closed. Through that door, ingress isDiscipleship2, 29:souls to endurance, knowing that the Hierarchy Stands; I would ask you to love blindly andDiscipleship2, 29:spite of all that may happen, knowing that Love Stands unmoved amid the wreckage of all around andDiscipleship2, 57:there, united in an act of solemn dedication, stands ready for revelation. The recognition, by theDiscipleship2, 106:the inner Ashram with which you are affiliated stands to you (at your particular point ofDiscipleship2, 106:particular point of development) as Shamballa stands to the Hierarchy - from the angle of dynamic
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