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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - STANDS

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Psychology2, 246:with the symbol and not with that for which it stands, and of which it is the outer appearance. ButPsychology2, 255:them. Upon the battlefield of the dualities he stands and must find the razor-edged path whichPsychology2, 275:can be a fit instrument for the soul. He stands [276] between the pairs of opposites, learning thePsychology2, 276:in the facts of the case, the disciple stands up and fights as best he may for the privilege ofPsychology2, 291:isolation. The man is always the "One who stands alone." In the advanced Man The will to liberationPsychology2, 312:you, nevertheless, that the Dweller is "one who stands before the gate of God", who dwells in thePsychology2, 355:soul to form: 'Release thyself from all that stands around, for it has naught for thee, so look toPsychology2, 355:towards that great Center where the One Point stands.' What mean you by that Word? " In referencePsychology2, 360:which disappears. Behind the forms, the Weaver stands and silently he weaves.' " It is thisPsychology2, 362:to do it, integration then takes place. The man stands ready to play his part. It is interesting toPsychology2, 363:but forces ranged opposing, and I, the one, who stands within the circle at the center. Peace IPsychology2, 375:Where lay the emphasis? In the far distance stands the One Who Is. Here at my hand is form,Psychology2, 376:see himself as a relating agent, as the one who stands in the midst of the building processes,Psychology2, 376:from both directions, converging upon him, as he stands in the [377] midway place. Ponder deeplyPsychology2, 407:and it is right at this point that humanity stands today. Hence the realization of the humanPsychology2, 527:taking his own evolution in hand. Then he stands "midway between the pairs of opposites" and thisPsychology2, 568:In all cases, it is the astral plane which stands revealed. The statement can here be made thatPsychology2, 588:is over-active and the door to the astral plane stands wide open? He seeks to shut it and toPsychology2, 593:is, in reality, the revelation of where the man stands in relation to consciousness and itsPsychology2, 593:brightness", the whole story of the individual stands [594] revealed. The head center, looked atPsychology2, 601:the ages of mystical activity and the Real which stands ever in the background of the life of thePsychology2, 601:mountain top where God is to be found, and all stands revealed. Such are a few of the forms inPsychology2, 692:ideals for which the New Group of World Servers stands. All whom you can reach in the countries ofPsychology2, 737:three groups, equally interested in them all, stands another group. It is numerically smaller butPsychology2, 751:from the angle of Its opportunity. The Christ stands in patient silence, attentive to the effortRays, 10:to the reality behind and, knowing where he stands himself, there is naught in the appeal and theRays, 10:demand of these lunar lords to attract him. He stands midway between the pairs of opposites. In theRays, 19:of energetic moving out. Behind the group there stands the Door. Before them opens out the Way.Rays, 22:hear that OM as it is sounded forth by Him Who stands and waits at the very center of the CouncilRays, 27:of energetic moving out. Behind the group there stands the Door. Before them opens out the Way.Rays, 27:the position of the personality indicated as it stands at the penetrating point of the antahkaranaRays, 29:To most people the burning ground stands for one of two things: Either the fire of the mind,Rays, 40:and the mystery of time, space and electricity stands revealed. The major effect of this revelationRays, 41:For Group Initiation Behind the group there stands the Door. Before them opens out the Way. NoteRays, 43:arise in meditation when "behind the group there stands the door; before them opens out the Way."Rays, 43:of the Presence, the Monad - the unity which stands behind the Door. He discovers that one span ofRays, 45:impersonality and of right orientation the group stands, obedient to the rule which governs thisRays, 56:achieves liberation from the three worlds and stands as a free soul; he is then a point within theRays, 60:the Word goes forth to you): that the initiate stands alone in "isolated unity," aware of hisRays, 61:and sensing that which lies ahead, the disciple "stands on his occult rights and makes his clearRays, 62:Only two factors are of concern to him as he "stands at the midway point," and these are Spirit andRays, 64:of delusion of fog, of mist and of glamor, and stands in the "clear cold light" of the buddhic orRays, 81:with the Will of God. At the third initiation he stands before the One Initiator, the Lord of theRays, 81:hears the sound and sees its form. The one who stands for the third time upon the mountain topRays, 94:of the shadow by the One of awful power Who stands upon the mountain top, breathing out loveRays, 117:God Himself, [117] a Son of God comes forth. He stands before the needle's eye and seeks to passRays, 162:[162] of the personality. Then the personality stands free from its control. Sensitivity andRays, 162:the causal body also disappears and the initiate stands free in the three worlds. The astral bodyRays, 170:the endeavor of all these groups of Ashrams, stands the living Christ, the Head of all Ashrams andRays, 176:Christ is present, supporting and attentive. He stands directly behind the initiate so as to arrestRays, 177:substance separates or protects him, but he stands before the Initiator face to face, and theRays, 178:fifth initiation all veils are rent and naught stands between the initiate and Essential Being. Rays, 182:hear that OM as it is sounded forth by Him Who stands and waits at the very center of the CouncilRays, 198:to above. Christ is no longer the Initiator, but stands to the initiate as the Master does to theRays, 200:freedom has been gained and the initiate stands free from much that has hitherto hindered hisRays, 200:the OM and at the center of that OM the brother stands. The many voices of the world, the flesh andRays, 201:Sound. It should be pointed out that He Who stands at the very center of the Council Chamber ofRays, 202:Hear the OM as it is sounded forth by Him Who stands and waits at the very center of the CouncilRays, 203:words "the OM, as it is sounded forth by Him Who stands within the confines of Shamballa" signifyRays, 205:seen in the influence wielded by a disciple who stands at the center of a group and holds it alsoRays, 223:to duality, and the Way of the Higher Evolution stands open before the initiate. It will be obviousRays, 227:of obedience to these rules. The initiate stands free and becomes consequently a dynamic factorRays, 236:upon the life within the form - the Hierarchy stands at the midway point: Throwing all its weightRays, 261:group relation, and group initiation. He stands, therefore, at this stage ready (as this RuleRays, 277:characterizes the ideal for which the Hierarchy stands and which implements the Plan; it is thisRays, 282:and horizontally (human relationship), yet he stands at the center of his consciousness and of itsRays, 283:to the world of loving understanding, He stands the Master. It is at this precise point in time andRays, 309:and mental bodies have disintegrated and the man stands free in his causal or soul body. So it is,Rays, 316:is neither the body nor the soul, but that which stands greater than either. The awareness of theRays, 346:their differentiated ranks, for each degree stands alone yet united with all the others - withRays, 347:which must be opened, or of that which hides or stands between the aspirant and his objective. ThisRays, 348:the Path of Evolution until suddenly one day he stands before an open door through which he mayRays, 351:the mental plane that the aspirant first of all stands before the door, seeking initiation. ThatRays, 353:by friction" which confronts the initiate as he stands prepared for that initiation which we callRays, 403:by the Master from the point at which He stands upon this second Path, for all the planes areRays, 457:therefore, consider just where the aspirant stands when he starts consciously to build theRays, 459:as having occurred normally. The man now stands, holding the mind steady in the light; he has someRays, 462:aspiring, oriented and devoted), the man stands firmly upon the lower levels of that mental plane;Rays, 472:can be and is direct. The initiate then "stands in the ocean of love, and through him pours thatRays, 472:significance of life and the uses of form, but stands completely unidentified with either, thoughRays, 495:weave thread after thread until the bridge stands finished, stable and strong and capable of beingRays, 497:erroneous in detail), the point where humanity stands in relation to the antahkarana. It might beRays, 498:to the Portal of Initiation. The race as a whole stands now at the very entrance to the Path ofRays, 499:the mass of men. Humanity, therefore, as a whole stands ready for a general alignment process, andRays, 499:desire must be undergone, and then the man stands free." So runs the Old Commentary in one of itsRays, 509:is no more, then naught remains but the one who stands with eyes directing life and form. TheRays, 567:proceeds from one initiation to another until he stands at the portal of revelation. Rays, 597:place in order to make man aware of where he stands upon the ladder of evolution, and of what isRays, 600:the second and the third initiations) until he stands before the Initiator at the sixth InitiationRays, 613:system because of human stupidity. It stands in truth for the reactionary groups in any land andRays, 619:men, and the path of His return to Earth service stands unchallenged and unobstructed. Again, underRays, 651:spiritual realization - have been renounced. He stands entirely free from every aspect of desire.Rays, 679:and their hatred of true freedom. Zionism today stands for aggression and for the use of force, andRays, 687:of the planetary Logos, before Whom the initiate stands for the first time. The Rod of InitiationRays, 689:Each time a disciple achieves an initiation and stands before the Initiator, he becomes simply anRays, 697:familiarized you in my other books), and now stands liberated. Each initiate who makes thisRays, 698:(the will of the lower self) and is emptied and stands ready for the dynamic reception of theRays, 707:and [707] right vision or revelation. So He stands again upon the mountain-top, awaiting again theRays, 719:that the sixth initiation is to the Master Who stands before the planetary Logos what the secondRays, 724:inevitable; from that instant of decision He stands entirely free and liberated from all aspects
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