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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - STARRY

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Discipleship1, 390:universe of the planet, the solar system and the starry heavens, lies [391] revealed to you throughExternalisation, 416:minded people. The realization that the starry heavens, the solar system and the planetary spheresFire, 723:with the intelligent coordination of the starry Heavens. They have achieved all that man canFire, 980:that are apparent when we scan the starry heavens, the quality of the Logos of our solar system isFire, 1085:the universe, or the sumtotal of all stars and starry systems. A cosmic wheel, or a group of sevenFire, 1270:reach to the utmost confines of the starry vault. The Two arise and pass the essential FlameHercules, 10:story of the human being. Thus as we look at the starry heavens above, we have eternally picturedHercules, 69:by the Hound of Heaven. As we look at the starry heavens at night and locate Sirius, the Dog Star,Hercules, 70:and were there nothing left to us except the starry heavens, the story of the zodiac and theHercules, 197:Home have you come, no more to leave. Upon the starry firmament your name shall be inscribed, aHercules, 210:the story of every man. As we look at the starry heavens above us, we have this great drama,Magic, 221:world, the first impression given is always of a starry light, of brilliance, of scintillation.Magic, 221:seems overwhelming. It is not light, or starry or clear. It is apparently impenetrable disorder,Magic, 611:period and can be seen going on in the starry heavens. It indicates the stage wherein the GreatPsychology1, 102:of light. The light from the astral plane (a starry radiance) and the light of the planet itselfSoul, 57:the tiniest grain of sand to the widest sweep of starry heaven, from an African savage to a Buddha
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