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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - STARTED

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Externalisation, 492:"impressed," and the scientific work is then started and carried through into the stages ofExternalisation, 497:oriented aspirant. This liberation has started by the release of an aspect of matter and theExternalisation, 538:task of the new alignment with humanity will be started and the great work undertaken which willExternalisation, 555:efforts in which you are engaged and which I started; I would point out, however, that theExternalisation, 607:Kingdom of God on Earth, to complete the work He started, and again to demonstrate divinity in farExternalisation, 630:of right human relations. This has already been started by men of goodwill all over the world,Externalisation, 659:the Master Morya, the Master R., the Master Who started the labor movement in the modern world, andExternalisation, 664:preparatory work being done by the Master Who started what is called by you "the labor movement."Externalisation, 665:an Englishman, for the industrial revolution started nearly one hundred years ago in England, andExternalisation, 673:life in any specific time. These energies were started on their activities in the very night ofExternalisation, 678:two hundred years. The agents of the second ray started their preparation around the year 1825 andExternalisation, 682:I have written, through the groups which I have started and impulsed, such as Men of Goodwill andFire, 17:"merge thou this Stone within the wheel which started revolution." The lords of the greater sevenFire, 550:noted that in studying this matter we have not started with that which is most apparent, theFire, 570:us the Law of Karma, and at the beginning they started systemic Karma which, once in effect,Fire, 574:one sound for each of His three systems, and started a ripple on the ocean of space. The SoundFire, 986:white magic arose during the great schism which started during the fourth root-race. - S. D., II,Fire, 1085:world, develops a lower four and this four is started by yagna - the spirit of evolution thatGlamour, 18:Group service on the astral plane has been started also since 1875, but united effort to dispel theGlamour, 64:clothed in mental matter and therefore wrongly started on its way to materialization. It findsGlamour, 124:and it was not long before the group work was started. You would find it of value to consider theGlamour, 125:past, through participation in world glamor, or started this life. To all of these, every humanHealing, 88:Disease 3. Causes Arising in the Mental Body I started this section of our study with the causesHealing, 209:animating the substance of the physical form is started in the prenatal stage; after birth, thisHealing, 372:for achieving the goal you set yourself when you started to work, I shall have aided you far moreHealing, 550:that area. You will also realize why I started my analysis of disease and healing by a presentationHealing, 583:- and that since time began and the Hierarchy started its agelong task of influencing andHealing, 658:act of the withdrawal of consciousness has been started, the work of the healer ends. He "shutsHercules, 17:he should be translated to the gods." So he started off upon his career and, as the disciple underHercules, 17:undergone a strange experience, and before he started forth upon his labors. The name Hercules wasHercules, 27:and surety of power. And thus the Labor started and the first great act of service was begun. TheHercules, 30:and trampled him to death, and again escaped and started [31] anew to ravage the countryside. So heHercules, 33:fell from their high estate, took form, and started upon their individual round upon round of theHercules, 34:the thought of God, the cosmic Thinker. The soul started its career in matter through the sameHercules, 36:saw himself reflected in the heavens, and as he started upon the capture of the man-eating mares,Hercules, 58:wounds. Then, with much loss of time, he again started to make his way. The Teacher, watching fromHercules, 92:but he has emerged out of the mass and has started on the lonely way of all disciples. Then heHercules, 107:the number of initiation. The Old Testament started with a raven, the New Testament starts with aHercules, 130:common problems. For example, a Tartar chieftain started a great fire behind his own troops, thusHercules, 160:Scorpio Hercules took up and completed the work started in Taurus, he took up and completed theHercules, 160:in Taurus, he took up and completed the work started in Aries. In Aries he was dealing with thoughtHercules, 227:that the first labor on the probationary path started with a partial failure, in Aries, and theIntellect, 67:preparation for divine knowledge and the man who started his long career and life experience withIntellect, 177:the living of an inspired life upon earth. We started with the man who, having exhausted theMagic, 58:clear summation is given and that the student is started in his study of magic with a briefMagic, 75:the microcosm of that with which the Solar Logos started, the "Sacred Four" of the Cosmos; man inMagic, 409:and are all the results of the group activity started by the Masters. Men have grown thereby andMeditation, 42:will again be felt and the attempt to escape be started anew. Therefore the wise teacher at thisMeditation, 54:the matter needed for manifestation, and started the evolution of that matter at the first greatMeditation, 55:threefold Word gave the first vibratory note and started the movement of the spheres - solar orMeditation, 259:of access to the Masters via meditation if we started with a few fundamental statements, dealingMeditation, 307:revealed. This school will be one of the first started when the Great Lord begins His earthlyMeditation, 307:definite preparation for the mysteries will be started in Ireland at one of the magnetized spotsPatanjali, 333:was preceded by the breath of the Father which started the original motion or vibration. First,Problems, 13:regard this as the acme of childish selfishness, started by grasping children who could not beProblems, 21:with which the earliest stages of her revolution started - the period which we glibly callProblems, 63:happiness and human welfare. This work should be started in infancy so that the consciousness ofPsychology1, 151:of the seven great [151] breaths or rays, started the world process of Becoming, and manifested asPsychology1, 165:The Tractarian Movement in England started at the same time, whilst the progress of the seventhPsychology1, 166:It is interesting to note chat this movement was started by a secret society which has [167]Psychology1, 257:to play upon this third kingdom in nature. This started during a cycle when the second ray and thePsychology1, 398:event. This was their error; the long antagonism started, which persists until today. ThosePsychology1, 399:light, the great tradition of the mysteries was started by them. They chose death and slew thatPsychology2, 77:The darkness of ignorance was chosen and man started, through desire, to work his way from darknessPsychology2, 169:time for the world and not thyself.' The Mixer started then his work anew and worked again." Psychology2, 189:or of light. When enough groups have been started that have this for their objective, there willRays, 85:motion the activity of the great Ray Lives and started the motivation and impulse of that whichRays, 146:The guarantee of the success of the experiment started more than a century ago is the fact that (inRays, 186:the real difficulty within the realm of maya started. Hitherto only two energies had been felt uponRays, 313:of Christ-expression on Earth have been started and that the attainment of "the full-grown man inRays, 326:should [326] be somewhat clarified; I therefore started to impart three phases of information: I. IRays, 386:all been formed around the nucleus of light, started by the ray Lords much earlier. The point ofRays, 404:when our planetary Logos created the Earth and started the involutionary process of creation,Rays, 471:the individual antahkarana has been successfully started, and there is even a tenuous thread ofRays, 482:and the factor of planned impulse - you have started a creative process which will be productive ofRays, 571:the word "bread" is but a symbol. This period started in the year 1825 and will continue until theRays, 688:of the spine, thus completing the integration started at the third initiation. Initiation VII. TheRays, 748:result of the war among the world religions have started men thinking in every land. Men areReappearance, 55:Kingdom of God on Earth, to complete the work He started, and again to demonstrate divinity in farReappearance, 179:of right human relations. This has already been started by men of goodwill all over the world,Soul, 19:tin crystals arises from the chemical reactions started in a solution of tin salts by an electricSoul, 104:Prana is conceived as a power coming from or started by the Purusha (Spirit aspect - A.A.B.) andTelepathy, 12:further this science of communication, which started through the sense of touch and developedTelepathy, 107:basically, this aligning process should be started and developed upon the Probationary Path andTelepathy, 129:needed for His designed expression. That started the chain of being or of hierarchy; interrelation
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