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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - STARTING

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Astrology, 68:Unfoldment In view, of all the above, and starting with the basic fact of the Great Illusion itAstrology, 344:time) is primarily concerned, for Pisces is the starting point on the clockwise wheel at this timeAstrology, 421:synthesis which underlies all manifestation. Starting from that which is today accepted, be willingAtom, 100:sphere. Now taking that little cell as our starting-point we may get, by its means, some concept ofAutobiography, 264:are already in process of forming and the starting of the Arcane School in 1923 was a part of thisBethlehem, 180:suppose the automatic formation of such nodes or starting-points without the intervention of anyDestiny, 64:the present situation, incident to the war and starting around the year 1900, there is a constantDestiny, 70:established cannot be based upon some definite starting point, as is sometimes possible in castingDestiny, 146:(another name for the world server) is starting upon his self-appointed task. Hence the anchoringDiscipleship1, 35:I. They are an experiment in founding or starting focal points of energy in the human familyDiscipleship1, 43:- Part V PART V The Hierarchy sanctioned the starting of these groups in the year 1931. The membersDiscipleship1, 134:and preliminary training in your case. You are starting in at the stage of organized group work.Discipleship1, 136:the more active tasks of the younger man who is starting out into the field of his life [137]Discipleship1, 202:satisfaction to you that some in my group are starting definite group work in healing. You are onDiscipleship1, 211:as well as two other disciples in my group, are starting to work with me at this time with a mostDiscipleship1, 234:inexplicable to you in my earlier emphasis (when starting work with you) now seems [235] clear toDiscipleship1, 294:given, but dedicate two or three minutes before starting to definite work in order to produceDiscipleship1, 319:been interested in telepathic work and you are starting work with the group at a time when it isDiscipleship1, 346:with your soul each [346] morning (prior to starting the day's work) that the power an wisdom thenDiscipleship1, 715:it wanes. The point becomes a line through the starting of a vortex and from the center of theDiscipleship2, 47:have upon you. We are back, therefore, to our starting point, and a question now arises in yourDiscipleship2, 147:or by some planetary emergency. The Masters, starting their work on one of the planes of theDiscipleship2, 253:whereas in the past there was the vision and the starting point, now the modern disciple perceivesDiscipleship2, 320:of general livingness to the masses, and their starting point in all revelation is life, and theDiscipleship2, 322:how all of them concern the first divine aspect, starting with the initial energy set in motion byDiscipleship2, 331:to arrest the evil which he was responsible in starting. Discipleship2, 509:part, The Goodwill Movement you have aided in starting in South America. This type of meditationEducation, 79:has been progressively along three main lines, starting in the East and culminating today in theExternalisation, 315:Suggested Meditation Each morning, prior to starting the day's activities, achieve an inner quiet,Externalisation, 507:be they far advanced along the path, or just starting upon their planetary pilgrimage under the LawExternalisation, 542:and should be revolutionary in its effects. Starting [543] with St. Paul, the theologiansExternalisation, 633:who would work in the new emerging cycle. The starting of the Arcane School by A.A.B. was onlyExternalisation, 692:by a period of stabilizing the purified form and starting the life and soul within it on a newFire, xii:produces the manifestation which we call a form, starting it upon its [xiii] evolutionary cycle inFire, 122:(the plane of Adi in the system now) will be the starting point and the three planes to beFire, 130:form (both dense and etheric) and which had its starting point in the permanent atom and fromFire, 246:taking the atom on the physical plane as our starting point, and developing the concept from stageFire, 309:of evolution which we have reached is the very starting point of the great struggle." - SomeFire, 569:Law of Vibration, the basis of manifestation, starting on the first plane. This is the atomic lawFire, 591:points mark periods of completion, and likewise starting-points for fresh endeavor in the life ofFire, 969:the activity of the earlier unconscious period. Starting, therefore, with the recognition of theFire, 1067:ages beginning with the simpler elements and starting with the mineral kingdom sought to find outGlamour, 36:part of the plan of the Hierarchy embraces the starting of small groups such as this one whichGlamour, 213:have achieved perfection in the process before starting this work and service. Disciples andHealing, 92:disease is the product of wrong thought. You are starting out to work, and I would have clearHealing, 418:form (both dense and etheric) and which had its starting point in the permanent atom, and fromHealing, 710:levels, employs all aids to bring about a cure, starting with appropriate physical care and passingHercules, 24:and passed undeterred from Aries to Pisces; starting in Aries as the humble aspirant and ending inHercules, 176:were three things that Hercules had to do before starting down into hell. The order in which theyHercules, 201:is laid the burden of leading humanity. They are starting movements that have in them the newHercules, 209:of our wonderful opportunity. We find Hercules starting at this point and passing through varyingIntellect, 32:for the center of consciousness determines the starting-point of man. Wherever he shifts theMagic, 436:the thread of experience where it left it, and starting with the same type of energy and theMeditation, 298:vehicles. These premises are laid down here as a starting point. That some individuals here andProblems, 50:has been progressively along three main lines, starting in the East and culminating today in theProblems, 72:and awakening and a new day is dawning. A war is starting between the selfish monied interests andPsychology1, 141:this section of our treatise, and before starting on our real study of the rays, I seek toPsychology1, 213:the Kingdoms in Nature Introductory Remarks In starting upon a consideration of the relation of thePsychology1, 401:- III. The Rays and Man 7. The Ray of the Ego In starting our study of the ray of the Ego or Soul,Psychology2, 188:They are an experiment in founding or starting focal points in the human family through whichRays, 83:But it also gives the initiations of the Christ, starting from the second and ending with theRays, 125:left with the awareness that he perhaps may be starting with the outer and the obvious when heRays, 149:I earlier said anent rules, laws and orders when starting with you this particular study. [150] Rays, 501:tension, by thus evoking the Spiritual Triad and starting the dual process of building from bothRays, 616:motion; disciples and initiates in all lands are starting the work preparatory to the outpouring ofRays, 665:factor of importance. This, therefore, is our starting point. The historical process can (and will)Soul, 131:hypothesis, for hypotheses have always been the starting point for knowledge. We assume then, as aTelepathy, 138:in the presentation of truth, and as a possible starting point in yours. From the point of LightTelepathy, 163:and expansion of the network because, starting with the initial triangle, two points only are left
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