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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - STARTS

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Astrology, 93:the great cycle of struggle towards expression starts and the foundational words of The SecretAstrology, 94:of the Zodiacal Constellations Aries, therefore, starts the process of the "most ancientAstrology, 118:Pisces - Here the beginner upon the way of life starts with a material receptivity which willAstrology, 555:of the endless Way of Revelation" which starts when Nirvana is entered and for which all theAtom, 50:if this imagination is based on essentials, and starts with a logical hypothesis, perhaps it willAtom, 105:evolutionary process which lies behind him. He starts with all that has been gained therein latentAutobiography, 137:badly put together and lacks continuity. H.P.B. starts with one subject, wanders off to another,Autobiography, 266:type of body, required by the disciple when he starts true esoteric work. This elementary trainingAutobiography, 269:(working under some one of, the [269] Masters) starts an esoteric school has absolutely noAutobiography, 270:orders a disciple to form one. The disciple who starts such a school of preparatory occultism doesBethlehem, 45:"infant life," newborn into the kingdom of God, starts on the struggle and the experience whichBethlehem, 87:greatness. The mission of the Savior definitely starts at this time, but for the sake of those whoBethlehem, 152:to the discovery of the divine in himself, and starts on that long struggle which carries himDestiny, 146:and he who bears the water pot stands forth and starts upon his mission." Those with vision can seeDiscipleship1, 4:which nothing will deter. Each of you starts upon this work with certain fundamentalDiscipleship1, 228:The moment a man sets his hand to the plow and starts upon his plugging, from that moment until heDiscipleship1, 569:for you. If you will do this, when the work starts in the autumn you will bring to that field ofDiscipleship1, 688:A disciple becomes an Accepted Disciple when he starts climbing towards the vision, towards theDiscipleship1, 700:unit begins to assume importance when the man starts to recognize these controlling energies, theirDiscipleship2, 144:you to the point at which this new meditation starts. 'Then proceed as follows: STAGE TWO - TheDiscipleship2, 185:It is here that the dual life of discipleship starts and at the same time demonstrates itsDiscipleship2, 257:arrive at contact with the "Point." The disciple starts on the periphery of the Master's circle andDiscipleship2, 595:men, and through all men, goodwill. That Plan starts now. The Plan, within our planet as a whole,Discipleship2, 737:decision - that this very motive and decision starts energy working along the indicated lines andEducation, 66:to the world of significances. The esotericist starts by endeavoring to discover the reason why; heExternalisation, 378:regarded as imperative when world readjustment starts. Their demand is for a new governingFire, 86:and which is separated at birth. When a man starts to live his own life of conscious desire, when aFire, 122:be the three lowest cosmic astral planes. Man starts in where he leaves off, with cosmic physicalFire, 772:thrills through the petals, and activity starts in those of them which respond to the note of thatFire, 860:psychic unfoldment: The fact that the energy starts from the fifth plane, the mental, where man isFire, 1006:which impel activity in the Agnisuryans, and starts a stream of protective energy from one of theFire, 1012:increases its secretion, enlarges its form, and starts it into a new cycle of activity, The secondFire, 1023:being an occultist, deals in universals, and starts his magical work on the confines of theFire, 1073:be regarded as jumps, 1-3-5-7. Each kingdom starts with a specific equipment, and during theGlamour, 62:have absolutely no relation at all. He therefore starts to work with the idea, distributing it inGlamour, 90:The unfoldment of the divine consciousness. This starts in the mineral kingdom. The expression ofGlamour, 228:the members of the group occupy that position) starts the work by calling the names of the groupHealing, 241:The open-minded investigator, however, who starts with an acceptance of the fact of the centers,Healing, 474:as possible. This loosening of the nadis starts in the eyes. This process of detachment often showsHealing, 507:between the soul ray and the personality ray starts and the war is on between two focused aspectsHealing, 564:the healing force, and all is well. This law starts off with the statement of one of the paradoxesHealing, 648:sentence in each [648] paragraph of this Rule starts with an important injunction to the healer:Healing, 655:line of contact with the brain, and the healer starts with a closed triangle and not with an openHercules, 13:Beholder" awakens into activity. Hercules starts upon his labors. The human being, hitherto sweptHercules, 31:the mares. This first labor, therefore, starts with a partial failure, as is so often the case withHercules, 31:of the great circle of existence. In this sign starts the path on which form is taken andHercules, 34:is under this urge to liberation that Hercules starts upon his labors. Hercules, 66:comes when he knows himself to be Hercules and starts to concentrate upon the search for the goldenHercules, 106:he has to do. As Leo, [106] the king, the soul, starts upon his work, he realizes that he has theHercules, 107:started with a raven, the New Testament starts with a dove. Experience starts with the bird ofHercules, 107:the New Testament starts with a dove. Experience starts with the bird of matter and ends with theHercules, 209:Initiation. In the case of the Buddha, the story starts later than that of Hercules and we see theHercules, 219:the date from which our Christian dispensation starts, the sun passed in to the sign Pisces, theHercules, 225:of mind control. As the intelligent disciple, he starts out upon his career, beginning with anInitiation, 63:in Christ. At the first initiation this babe starts on the pilgrimage of the Path. The firstIntellect, 37:of our day are beginning to realize. Religion starts with the accepted hypothesis of the unseen andMagic, 127:word of power which the soul communicates and so starts the work. This word is dual. It is soundedMagic, 169:is accorded wherein the Master accepts him and starts him to work. Such is not the case. The occultMagic, 194:as the spiritual nature. The average student starts with the knowledge that he has centers, andMagic, 262:The man who is entering on the occult path starts with the vehicle provided, but during incarnationMagic, 262:key, and frequently he begins with mistakes. He starts to build anew his physical body by diet andMagic, 352:called in the New Testament "the babe in Christ" starts upon the pilgrimage of the path. The firstMagic, 486:of the many, often of the many unwise. One kind starts nebulously on the mental plane, and only theMeditation, 82:(for on the fourth the life of the aspirant starts) has to be dominated. Each center has to beMeditation, 115:when he enters upon the path of probation and starts meditation is that the goal ahead for him isMeditation, 130:disaster to the ambitious student. When a man starts out to follow the path of occult meditation,Patanjali, 96:producing the form. In creative work, the adept starts on the inside and - knowing the idea whichPatanjali, 112:What must I do? Where shall I begin?" Patanjali starts at the very beginning and in this secondPatanjali, 386:tendency, lie no real joy or pleasure, and there starts a new effort which is characterized by aPsychology1, 159:the dynamic idea of God, and thus the Most High starts the work of creation. Ray II is occupiedPsychology1, 159:with His Builders, organizes the material, starts the work of construction, and eventually (as thePsychology1, 169:unites with it, and the immortal individual Ego starts on its upward climb through the humanPsychology2, 27:ignored the infinite detail of process. The work starts at Individualization, and continues throughPsychology2, 71:is the prime intent of the meditation work) he starts working in mental matter and trains himselfPsychology2, 525:energy streams from below which it absorbs and starts on its task of deflecting them andPsychology2, 688:The work of getting ready for the opportunity starts for the Hierarchy exactly at the hour whenRays, 4:centers himself in the point of control and [4] starts upon his day's experience and contacts withRays, 81:in its many aspects and differentiations; he now starts off upon the way of the higher unfoldment,Rays, 286:and begins to know; the disciple or the initiate starts with knowing, and through his ability toRays, 301:owing to the fact that the applicant today starts on a much higher turn of the spiral than he didRays, 337:to use. The disciple upon the Probationary Path starts off on his quest for the door of initiation,Rays, 446:is the prime intent of the meditation work), he starts working in mental matter and trains himselfRays, 457:consider just where the aspirant stands when he starts consciously to build the antahkarana. BehindRays, 459:active, and (in unison with the soul) starts building the antahkarana - a fusion of the threeRays, 472:initiation, when the soul body, the causal body, starts to dissipate, the line of relation or ofRays, 504:actively of his soul ray or his soul energy. He starts in to use that distinctive ray energyRays, 672:[672] Thus the work of magical reformation starts, and it is here that the influence of the seventhRays, 682:the mental plane, and this focusing in due time starts the serious undertaking of the shifting ofRays, 769:the Flame bursts forth, six times the burning starts, but at the seventh hour the altar is lostSoul, 10:better than the Western. It is different. It starts from another angle of approach. Both East andSoul, 14:reduce things to thought, and matter to mind; it starts with the 'entelechy' of Aristotle (who heldSoul, 54:of the Etheric Body The Oriental psychologist starts with that which the Occidental regards asTelepathy, 87:Ashram; eventually, as a Master of an Ashram, he starts upon one of the major hierarchical tasks of
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