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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - STATE

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Initiation, 31:animal kingdom, had reached a relatively high state of evolution, and animal man was in possessionInitiation, 37:of the Hierarchy, it will not be possible to state what those aims have been, nor to consider inInitiation, 39:Logoi, which one it is not permissible to state, as this fact is one of the secrets of initiation.Initiation, 56:the thought of the occident out of its present state of unrest into the peaceful waters ofInitiation, 73:frequently is. This means the attainment of that state of consciousness where balance is seen, andInitiation, 99:ray or type. [99] It is not possible here to state the order of the application of these varyingInitiation, 159:speech - expresses an inner purpose or state of mind, and thus builds a form or vehicle in devaInitiation, 222:beings who renounce Nirvana (the highest state of spiritual bliss) and choose a life ofIntellect, 9:flashes of clear vision which reveal a subtler state of being, and which lift the fog, letting inIntellect, 21:religious bodies, and lies in the hands of the state. In the past, education was largely colored byIntellect, 21:Now the vast body of teachers are trained by the state; any religious bias is ignored on account ofIntellect, 21:period, our educational systems are in a state of flux and [22] of change. A general feeling thatIntellect, 25:of the child in order to lead him out of one state of consciousness into another and wider one. InIntellect, 25:who are simply conscious of being alive, into a state of self-consciousness; they become aware ofIntellect, 39:eventually to an inner awareness of a new state of being. It produces at length a rapid reactionIntellect, 49:the intuitional knower it might be well to state the hypotheses upon which the science ofIntellect, 51:and only on reaching a relatively high state of unfoldment does it become possible for man to [52]Intellect, 54:mechanism, and thus, therefore, towards a new state of awareness of being. Intellect, 65:chapters, it might be of value if we were to state clearly toward what definite goal the educatedIntellect, 67:"No prayer is needed, except to ask for a good state of mind, for health (wholeness) of soul." Intellect, 68:for the constant repetition of the ecstatic state to which his prayer, adoration and worship haveIntellect, 68:Poulain in Des Grāces d'Oraison holds that no state is mystical unless the seer is unable toIntellect, 72:man into another kingdom in nature, into another state of consciousness and Being and into anotherIntellect, 78:passed from the purely animal and physical state of being into that of an intensely emotional andIntellect, 78:emotional and sensory awareness and in this state [79] millions remain at this time. But otherIntellect, 91:exercises. The words of the Rev. R.J. Campbell state succinctly our story and our task. He says:Intellect, 92:conscious within ourselves of duality, and of a state of warfare between the two aspects of whichIntellect, 99:soul, detached from the mind, which is held in a state of quiescence. Illumination. This is theIntellect, 105:Thinker as he impresses upon the mind (when in a state of equilibrium) that which he thinks. TheIntellect, 109:and affected by desire of some sort. In this state of consciousness desire is transcended, just asIntellect, 116:and the true student of meditation slips into a state of conscious identification with thatIntellect, 127:persisting and must do so if another kingdom or state of consciousness is to be added to thoseIntellect, 130:body has been forgotten and the brain held in a state of positive receptiveness, ready to be sweptIntellect, 131:the greatest obstacle to the intuition and the state of illumination. No longer is the attempt toIntellect, 132:in the technical language of mysticism the state of meditation or recollection, and... is theIntellect, 133:and only a longing for the attainment of such a state of holiness that the condition could beIntellect, 134:prolonged meditation. This brings about a state of mind which renders the thinker unresponsive toIntellect, 135:consciousness of the thinker shifts into a new state of awareness and he becomes identified withIntellect, 139:Richelieu [139] calls contemplation that state "in which man sees and knows God without using theIntellect, 139:as a psychic gateway, leading from one state of consciousness to another. Jeremy Taylor calls itIntellect, 142:fact that the instrument, the mind, is now in a state of control. It is, therefore, possible forIntellect, 148:it is a result of the true contemplative state and of soul contact, and indicates, with itsIntellect, 150:an inability to define or express clearly this state of illumination. "The mystic," we are told inIntellect, 151:process and method which carries man to the state of identification with the soul. It posits - as aIntellect, 152:the light is done away with, then comes the state of being called discarnate (or disembodied) freedIntellect, 152:of the thinking principle. This is the state of illumination." - Bailey, Alice, The Light of theIntellect, 152:urging upon them the necessity of arriving at a state of freedom from the body consciousness inIntellect, 154:and the mystic passes into the contemplative state, wherein he functions as the soul, and realizesIntellect, 155:the Light. Presently, however, the contemplative state comes to an end, and the mind is swept intoIntellect, 155:for instance, says "...The illuminated state entails a vision of the Absolute: a sense of theIntellect, 155:not true union with it." "It is," she says, "a state of happiness." - Underhill, Evelyn, Mysticism,Intellect, 155:an after effect and not a part of the illumined state. True illumination is related to theIntellect, 156:It is a condition [156] of knowledge, it is a state wherein the mind is brought into relation withIntellect, 157:God... The soundest arguments expressly state (what is the truth) that the kernel of eternal lifeIntellect, 167:physically considered, is trance. It is a state of rapture, and can be either good or bad. Intellect, 171:a universal accompaniment of the illuminative state, we have [172] probably also the origin of theIntellect, 182:following of that Way have entered into a new state of being, the Divine Purpose and Plan standsIntellect, 182:must be entirely superseded in the contemplative state wherein the man slips out of the formIntellect, 183:union (realized when in the contemplative state) is illumination of the mind and of the brain,Intellect, 184:there are no longer any restrictions; for the state of Buddha... has been attained. These threeIntellect, 185:with what the Tantras mean by [185] the... State of the Animal-Man... State of the Hero, and StateIntellect, 185:mean by [185] the... State of the Animal-Man... State of the Hero, and State of the Divine orIntellect, 185:of the Animal-Man... State of the Hero, and State of the Divine or Enlightened." - Evans-Wentz, W.Intellect, 186:"Enlightenment we can thus see is an absolute state of mind in which no 'discrimination' ...takesIntellect, 186:requires a great mental effort to realize this state of viewing [187] all things 'in one thought'.Intellect, 187:concluded that Nirvana was not vanishing into a state of absolute non-existence which [188] was anIntellect, 190:in his fourth Book in the following words: "The state of isolated unity (withdrawn into the trueIntellect, 190:mind stuff and the Self, or spiritual man." "The state of isolated unity becomes possible when theIntellect, 193:a new condition of being is instituted and a new state of awareness supervenes. St. Augustine says:Intellect, 194:objective; there is the same entering into the state of contemplation of Reality, the sameIntellect, 209:themselves, and they can and do enter into that state of silent positive concentration whichIntellect, 217:general give and take of life, the mind is in a state of violent vibration; this is not the case ifIntellect, 227:back into a negative emotional quiescent state. I have used such forms as the following in workingIntellect, 229:that Tennyson induced in himself a heightened state of consciousness by the repetition of his ownIntellect, 231:effect. Those that induce a waiting and negative state of mind should be avoided. A certain amountIntellect, 232:rhapsodies, and the imposition of a peaceful state upon my emotional nature. I feel [233] better.Intellect, 253:at-one with Reality, he is entering into a state of group awareness, which breaks down allMagicportal admitting to a kingdom, a dimension and a state of being which is inwardly or subjectivelyMagicis inwardly or subjectively known. It is this state of realization which produces changes in formMagic, 5:accepted discipleship in our own peculiar times, state and environment. To do this we will take theMagic, 9:one life is formed, in their sphere and in their state of being, become, so to speak, grounded inMagic, 9:and assume forms whereby their peculiar specific state of consciousness may be realized and theirMagic, 24:so; each will read into the words his own state of consciousness; each will fail to interpret inMagic, 25:The source of the one life, the plane, or state from which that life emanates is the great HiddenMagic, 26:therefore, standing as they do in the midmost state and functioning as they choose, to function onMagic, 34:which has convinced them that there is a state of consciousness so far removed from that normallyMagic, 34:normally experienced as to bring them into a new state of being and a new level of awareness. It isMagic, 37:be enumerated as follows: Consciousness, or that state of awareness in matter itself, due to theMagic, 41:takes," then in turn a higher or more inclusive state becomes possible and soul life is supersededMagic, 51:which for the sake of clarity, I want briefly to state. Firstly, that the student is sincere in hisMagic, 59:to satisfy and hold him. Now he is in a state of transition between the new and the old states ofMagic, 68:is unrecognized and the man remains in the state of constant indecision. What then, must be done?Magic, 79:condition has been passed, and a more stable state of affairs is gradually being brought about, andMagic, 89:have brought their instrument into a responsive state. This is the basic group meditation, and whenMagic, 116:They control the man during his little evolved state, and during his period of thoughtlessness andMagic, 118:can think with vision of the many as one, can state these principles satisfactorily. They are theMagic, 121:Is it not possible dimly to sense a state of affairs in mental realms analogous to that now seen inMagic, 128:have it. Enter with relative facility into the state of contemplation. Recognize the vibration ofMagic, 147:of reorientation toward a new world, a new state of being and a new condition of awareness is setMagic, 160:to consider the condition of the waters or the state of the emotional substance into which this
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