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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - STATE

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Magic, 160:objective because of the chaotic and whirling state of the aspirant's emotional body. Thus goodMagic, 161:astral bodies are again and again swept into a state of agitation by the group for, and in which,Magic, 161:for the emotional body is thrown into a state of activity by the general astral condition and mustMagic, 165:of the higher kingdom in nature. A similar state of affairs exists in the early stages of the pathMagic, 191:reoriented, and to be brought from a state of positivity into that of negativity. Equally, the fourMagic, 191:head center, must be awakened and brought from a state of negativity into that of positivity. ThisMagic, 200:met and the questions must be answered. I will state therefore the necessary requirements asMagic, 202:They are composed of energy units, atoms in a state of constant flux and movement and find theirMagic, 211:of God, the world of heavenly Being. It is the state whereof disciples are becoming increasinglyMagic, 212:controlling, can begin to contact the state of pure Being in which the monad or spirit eternallyMagic, 212:for further progression in the awareness of the state of pure Being. 3. The third direction inMagic, 213:forms which "illumination" indicates a specific state of being. It opens up the world of radiance.Magic, 214:the emotional plane, the soul is brought into a state of awareness or vision of its emotionalMagic, 221:the reality and sees things in an upside down state. The appearance of the astral plane when firstMagic, 245:quite immaterial and are no indication of the state of the soul. The aspirant must center himselfMagic, 258:nature so that it eventually becomes a habitual state of mind is the clue to all the transmutationMagic, 275:still, the human kingdom itself is an analogous state of consciousness to the human unit throughMagic, 277:reversal of tendencies is progressing, are in a state of violent turmoil. The vortex of conflictingMagic, 285:spiritual energy and sweep the entire man into a state of spiritual being. The vitality aspect isMagic, 299:side - can therefore enter somewhat into the state of consciousness of our planetary Logos, senseMagic, 302:of this. That forward looking anticipatory state of mind is predominantly a human characteristicMagic, 303:the individual the more he will react to this state of mind. Fear of the future is therefore aMagic, 313:bringing the etheric body of our planet into a state of increased rapid vibration. Reference willMagic, 314:and may in its later stages bring about a state of exaggeration as potent in the line of sentiencyMagic, 330:of seekers and enquirers, we have our present state of world upheaval, of apparent license andMagic, 330:It should not be forgotten that this world state is therefore the result of the clashing of theMagic, 331:together in the background of our present world-state a group of mystics who are distinguished byMagic, 339:is steadily expanding from the individual to the state and nation, from the family unit to theMagic, 343:- The Present Age and the Future I would like to state that there are five things which those whoMagic, 345:the following manner: You are, we will say, in a state of panic; suggestions of greatMagic, 367:upon many things, and it might be useful to state some of them very simply: An ability to sense theMagic, 370:upon the aspirant's circumstance or worldly state. Much happiness is necessarily foregone whenMagic, 374:and a consequent constant reorientation to a new state of awareness, it necessarily leads to newMagic, 375:preponderates. This produces in the man a state of apparent negativity and inertia which may lastMagic, 375:there is nothing but soul and then the higher state of unity supervenes. [376] These points needMagic, 379:this time to comprehend, owing to the different state of his consciousness. The Ibezhan adepts hadMagic, 392:we call the superhuman. Personality is that state of awareness which has its conditioning factor inMagic, 399:not to the present world condition, but to the state of the human consciousness. Mind has arrivedMagic, 401:consciousness tremendously diversified, but this state of affairs marks the summation [402] of theMagic, 408:does not even involve the formation of a world state, but it does involve the development of aMagic, 408:and national unselfishness. This universal state of mind will not again inevitably involve theMagic, 420:as freely and as effectively when in the married state as in the celibate; he will however brook noMagic, 420:spiritual being through a critical attitude or a state of self satisfaction than by the eating ofMagic, 432:is a Being Who, ages ago, passed through the state of consciousness which we call the human stateMagic, 432:state of consciousness which we call the human state and has left it far behind. He (using theMagic, 439:of the personality and with its sensitivity, or state of awareness; the third will be the chart ofMagic, 456:of the intuition, though in reality it is a state of consciousness far higher still. These formulasMagic, 459:form aspect and the life urge. The intuitional state of awareness. On this level of consciousness,Magic, 459:can go forward. The activity of the mental state of consciousness. It is on the mental plane thatMagic, 461:thought, according to their group influence and state of inclusive awareness, and according also toMagic, 472:produce the needed effect? There are, and I will state them simply so that the beginner will, if heMagic, 478:Putting the truth as simply as possible we might state that through the complexity of muchMagic, 492:nature. As long as the astral body is in a state of restless movement, and its moods and feelings,Magic, 498:the physical plane and that of the after death state. The man knows himself to be as he was before,Magic, 501:it confers also the power to pass into the state of Samadhi which is the spiritual correspondenceMagic, 572:to develop the centers, to bring them into a state of potency and to harmonize them into a unifiedMagic, 590:a great deal of misapprehension. First, I would state that no work such as an effort to awaken theMagic, 605:must remain hid to man just as much as the human state of being and awareness remains a sealed bookMagic, 607:that of the synthesizing intellect, and their state of awareness is wide and inclusive. TheyMagic, 607:from the form aspect in all three worlds. Their state of detachment is not yet complete. TheyMagic, 608:of the planet; they express, because of their state of expanded consciousness, the Mind of God;Magic, 614:as are all human creatures, conceive of the state of consciousness of those who have freedMagic, 614:the illusions of the astral plane or realize the state of awareness of those forms of life whichMagic, 619:up in the words: impersonalisation wherein the state, group or groups are regarded as of moreMeditation, 3:Perhaps we might reverse the idea and state that it is only when third subplane matter of a certainMeditation, 8:egoic contact and alignment. It brings about a state of equilibrium. It stabilizes vibration. ItMeditation, 39:to the lower self and to the Hierarchy. The state of the body must be known, and its content; itsMeditation, 95:diversified by many geometrical forms, all in a state of flux or circulation, you may get some ideaMeditation, 96:its own plane, the mental body will be held in a state of equilibrium. It will hold no lowerMeditation, 121:unwisely and ignorantly practiced, the last state of affairs is frequently the reward of success.Meditation, 243:major one in any particular case? What is the state of the etheric body? Does it show symptoms ofMeditation, 244:particular attention to the spine, and to the state of the inner fire. The state of the variousMeditation, 244:spine, and to the state of the inner fire. The state of the various organs of the body, andMeditation, 337:to vibrate unless the aspirant inhibits such a state of affairs and trains it to receive andMeditation, 356:beings who renounce Nirvana (the highest state of spiritual bliss) and choose a life ofPatanjaliupon perception of the form and not upon the state of being. 9. Fancy rests upon images which havePatanjaliPassivity (sleep) is based upon the quiescent state of the vrittis (or upon the non-perception ofPatanjaliand right perception. 21. The attainment of this state (spiritual consciousness) is rapid for thosePatanjaliare entirely controlled, there eventuates a state of identity with, and similarity to that which isPatanjalithe subtle leads in progressive stages to that state of pure spiritual being called Pradhana. 46.Patanjaliwith seed. 47. When this supercontemplative state is reached, the Yogi acquires pure spiritualPatanjalisupersedes all other impressions. 51. When this state of perception is itself also restrained (orPatanjali, 18:upon perception of the form and not upon the state of being. This sutra is somewhat difficult toPatanjali, 21:Passivity (sleep) is based upon the quiescent state of the vrittis (or upon the non-perception ofPatanjali, 22:correct use is the goal of yoga, and that the state called "a blank mind" and a condition ofPatanjali, 22:to is not the passing of the body into the state of slumber, but the putting to sleep of thePatanjali, 26:of all sense contacts. This does not involve a state wherein they are atrophied and useless, but isPatanjali, 29:as the attainment of Heaven or of the discarnate state or of resolution into primary matter - ifPatanjali, 30:may be found to be of use: Heaven, that state of consciousness upon the astral plane which is thePatanjali, 30:body on to the mental plane. Devachan, that state of consciousness upon the mental plane into whichPatanjali, 33:the result of attachment, and enters into a new state of consciousness upon which it is useless forPatanjali, 33:and has his being" (Acts XVII, 28.) and to Whose state of development he aspires. As the aspirantPatanjali, 39:They know how to achieve the real samadhi or state of occult abstraction through their ability toPatanjali, 47:to the three worlds is shown. This is the state of the master or the adept, of the soul who hasPatanjali, 55:of the brief statements made according to the state of his intuition. The Lost Word. The idea ofPatanjali, 61:giving place to the Eternal Now. 34. The state of isolated Unity becomes possible when the threePatanjali, 75:forms, and it is apt (in its unregenerate state) to gravitate with facility towards materialPatanjali, 85:incarnation. This corresponds to that dream state which we recognize as caused by the vibration ofPatanjali, 86:to the not-self. There comes in again a higher state of dream consciousness in which a faculty ofPatanjali, 86:the three planes in the three worlds, from the state of ignorant savagery to that of the average
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