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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - STATE

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Problems, 168:which have brought humanity to its present state of almost cataclysmic disaster. These conditionsProblems, 170:and thinking has led to the present unhappy state of world affairs. This constitutes a challengeProblems, 176:confronting the United Nations. Church and State are not in sympathy; capital and labor carry on aProblems, 181:as possible, and the present unhappy state of world affairs can be changed. This will be done, notPsychology1, 4:and the consequent stage of awareness (the state of consciousness) of the human beings who arePsychology1, 14:When this happens, there is the registering of a state of being which lies beyond word, mind andPsychology1, 41:the group-conscious aspect retains the human state of consciousness, but adds to it awareness ofPsychology1, 53:(called by us the Plan), then we have that state of being and knowledge which is distinctive of allPsychology1, 94:and of immortality, and has entered into a state of knowledge as to the nature of [95] the soul andPsychology1, 96:into a consciousness of true being and into a state of knowledge which will prove to them the factPsychology1, 97:dimension of consciousness and into a different state of being. This expansion of consciousnessPsychology1, 99:consciousness which transcend the ordinary human state of intelligent awareness. These latterPsychology1, 102:the other three types and which comes from that state of matter which we call the mental plane - aPsychology1, 115:the soul light and condition, and of the mental state, but he does not turn his attention to thePsychology1, 119:the importance of this study of the rays when I state that, esoterically, these seven rays are thePsychology1, 130:Matter, per se, and in its undifferentiated state, prior to being swept into activity through thePsychology1, 156:our planetary history, have passed on to this state of awareness. Of what use is this informationPsychology1, 173:come into being. It was the establishing of a state of mind which was the primary objective, andPsychology1, 173:of national relations which underlie a world state or federation, and their instructions were toPsychology1, 197:This is initiation, or the entering into a state of liberation, for all mineral appearances, andPsychology1, 223:"Transmutation is the passage across from one state of being to another through the agency ofPsychology1, 249:- the form and the life; and his psychological state is such that during the period wherein hePsychology1, 271:man than does the [271] animal in its wild state; the other lives his life in a controlled fashion,Psychology1, 328:on and up" into another dimension, into another state of consciousness and another "caste," everPsychology1, 337:of the intelligence and expands into the human state of awareness. Pleasure and pain becomePsychology1, 339:in terms of man's life problem, we might state that it is affected potently by the two majorPsychology1, 354:and The Path of Discipleship by Annie Besant state the requirements for the path of probation, andPsychology1, 384:the nationals of many nations into one federated state with many subsidiary states, instead ofPsychology1, 423:"Transmutation is the passage across from one state of being to another through the agency ofPsychology2, 10:and consequences in the world consciousness and state of being. Hence also the need for thePsychology2, 23:the life animating the various forms. The exact state of awareness is contingent upon the age ofPsychology2, 25:economic satisfaction. At this stage we have the state of awareness of the infant and the rawPsychology2, 25:to the period of adolescence and to the state of consciousness called Atlantean. It is thePsychology2, 30:of quality or ray type, but simply a state of Being or of livingness that realizes identificationPsychology2, 30:into the One Life is the nature of this elevated state of consciousness. Freedom from all that isPsychology2, 31:of negation". Only by indicating what this state or condition of awareness is not, can any idea bePsychology2, 31:After the major initiations are undergone, the state of consciousness of the illumined andPsychology2, 31:the emphasis of that which it is not. It is a state of No-thing and Non-ego, for all egoicPsychology2, 31:for all egoic awareness is superseded by a state of Being and of consciousness which is onlyPsychology2, 31:use to the perfected spiritual life. It is a state of non-individuality, yet with the subconsciousPsychology2, 31:macrocosmic life is sentiently realized. It is a state of non-activity from our present angle ofPsychology2, 31:reactions to the activity of matter or to that state of being which we call egoic, have droppedPsychology2, 32:and non-phenomenal, are included in the state of Being which is now the natural state of thePsychology2, 32:in the state of Being which is now the natural state of the liberated and enlightened spiritualPsychology2, 32:group soul, and thence to that of the liberated state of pure intuitional life. He has passed fromPsychology2, 36:give the keynote of the new psychology. They state the major impulse, the native quality, and thePsychology2, 50:the limitations of form life and enter into that state of consciousness called Nirvana, by thePsychology2, 50:called Nirvana, by the Buddhist. This high state of being has to be entered also in full continuityPsychology2, 51:as mankind expresses what we call the "human state of consciousness". I am not speaking in terms ofPsychology2, 55:it passes from one plane to another and from one state of consciousness to another, is a study soPsychology2, 56:inner conditioning of matter is mutable and in a state of continual flux. When, at the thirdPsychology2, 78:freedom from acquisitiveness, and therefore the state of desirelessness. [79] The establishing ofPsychology2, 89:to the merits of that vicarious death, into a state of bliss in heaven, simply because of anPsychology2, 90:today we talk in terms of a fourth dimensional state of consciousness and can grasp the fact thatPsychology2, 100:necessarily infers that one has reached that state of consciousness which transcends what may bePsychology2, 100:symbolically the "Earth, Saturn and Mars" state of consciousness. Psychology2, 148:love, and has so acted down the ages, for that state of realization which we call Paradise is aPsychology2, 154:the eventual fulfilment of the hoped-for ideal state. Everything is governed by some form ofPsychology2, 188:on discipleship and on preparation for that state. Now an effort is being made to see if such aPsychology2, 217:with the Plan have set Themselves. Let us state them succinctly, and later we can somewhatPsychology2, 252:the fifth kingdom, however, a new condition or state of affairs will be found. The outer phenomenalPsychology2, 252:in the realm of consciousness a very different state of affairs will be found. A Master of thePsychology2, 253:upon the outer plane, but its quality and state of awareness is as much changed as is that existingPsychology2, 263:the best in the race can flower forth to a state of perfection. The second does not leave thePsychology2, 318:But They make the following reservation. They state that the centers of expression through whichPsychology2, 336:This is the primitive and so-called savage state of consciousness and lies far behind us today, inPsychology2, 336:That of a vital, primitive being into that state of consciousness which is colored almost entirelyPsychology2, 337:of the vital, emotional, desire emphasis and state of longing into that of a mental consciousness,Psychology2, 340:today who are capable of expressing as low a state of relative development as the LemurianPsychology2, 366:do well to ponder on this. When, therefore, this state of mind is achieved, and the disciple andPsychology2, 379:races have individually demonstrated. The Aryan state of consciousness is one into which all menPsychology2, 386:refer is, symbolically speaking, related to the state of consciousness of the Creator when He sentPsychology2, 393:which is set apart from other Wholes." When this state of awareness has been achieved (andPsychology2, 408:as one unit. We have, therefore: The child state, in which the three first integrations are broughtPsychology2, 408:this with the minimum of difficulty. The human state, dealing with the integration of all the [409]Psychology2, 409:self-directed personality. The spiritual state, dealing with the integration of the personality andPsychology2, 409:in the integrative process; all of them in a "state of crisis" and all of them therefore providingPsychology2, 420:enables the advanced adept to enter into the state of Samadhi. In the one case, the vehicle is leftPsychology2, 422:dream world, into the land of illusion, into a state of negativity and even over the border toPsychology2, 426:might produce a more complete person. May I state here an interesting point? The problem itself isPsychology2, 438:rule unchecked, can lead eventually to a serious state of ego-mania, for ego-mania is outstandinglyPsychology2, 447:as an occultist and brought mentally to such a state of consciousness that the higher and the lowerPsychology2, 452:This energy has the following effects and I state these effects in various ways in order to producePsychology2, 461:creative capacity. They pass rapidly into a state of complete isolation or separateness. This canPsychology2, 466:the need to temporize and to live in the same state of mind as heretofore, or so he thinks, and soPsychology2, 469:on the mental plane, in their original vague state. The effort to see more and grasp more andPsychology2, 469:materialization of the visioned plan. If this state of mind continues for too long a period, itPsychology2, 472:this induced belief, we force ourselves into a state of mind which recognizes that the tangible andPsychology2, 476:many people are today living in the Atlantean state of awareness, in the Atlantean consciousnessPsychology2, 480:has plunged so many sensitive people into a state of lowered spiritual vitality, accompaniedPsychology2, 480:of autosuggestion, throws himself into a state of negativity and (whilst in that state) becomesPsychology2, 480:into a state of negativity and (whilst in that state) becomes aware of inclinations, urges, voices,Psychology2, 481:attentive, negative, receptive subject. In this state of almost sublimated awareness to thePsychology2, 483:similar bodies are also prone to drift into a state of negativity, based on autosuggestion. ThePsychology2, 502:the subject. As soon as a person has reached A state of real integration of the astral body and thePsychology2, 512:the next generation. It is during this interim state that the full difficulty of depression can bePsychology2, 542:wherein the forces of the body are in a state of abnormal flux and mutation, it will be obviousPsychology2, 557:little more than an animal, when he was in the state which we have earlier called the LemurianPsychology2, 565:directed message; there is only a tuning in on a state of mind or on a condition and situationPsychology2, 568:and space and to all intents and purposes - a state of real being plus a world of illusory forms,
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