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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - STATE

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Psychology2, 573:and concise and illustrates dramatically the state of mind and describes the assured nature of thePsychology2, 574:which is so potent that it swings the man into a state of consciousness which is fundamentallyPsychology2, 575:the intelligentsia of the race. The Atlantean state of awareness (which functions primarily throughPsychology2, 576:phase of the same emerging factor. The Aryan state of consciousness, with its coordinating capacityPsychology2, 576:for in the coming race the Atlantean emotional state of consciousness will be to humanity what thePsychology2, 582:faced with the transition out of the Atlantean state of consciousness into the higher and AryanPsychology2, 582:state of consciousness into the higher and Aryan state of awareness. They are offered a stepPsychology2, 593:how long it will still continue to "appear". The state of the pranic channels reveals thisPsychology2, 602:in another life) swings into a frankly agnostic state of mind, there comes a restoration of balancePsychology2, 622:The intense one-pointed attitude, the fanatical state of mind, the sacrifice of the personal lifePsychology2, 632:themselves with their hand upon some ship of state, and are the controlling agent in some party,Psychology2, 634:the upper classes. It is found existing as a state of consciousness in the aristocracy of anyPsychology2, 637:upon which all men of good will can meet. They state and believe that their initial appeal has beenPsychology2, 653:ameliorated and wisely ordered that the present state of fear and of intense competitive strugglePsychology2, 671:to do, and be led, blindly or by force to that state and form of civilization which the leaders andPsychology2, 688:at each momentous full moon in May? I shall state the objectives sequentially and [689] in thePsychology2, 705:world. Perhaps the simplest way to proceed is to state some of the developments [706] which willPsychology2, 711:Heredity, opportunity, environment and the state of the glandular equipment, are some of thePsychology2, 719:and have endeavored to synthesize it with the state of world affairs as far as we know it, that thePsychology2, 720:forces, nor may we interpret them. We can simply state what are facts to the Hierarchy but whichPsychology2, 733:aspirants and disciples over the world? Let us state what I see to be possible, and what can bePsychology2, 744:Hierarchy seeking to do today? Let me briefly state the immediate plan. To make the lines ofPsychology2, 747:as well as cooperation with the government or state to which they owe allegiance or loyalty. ThisRays, 14:reactions and responses, dependent upon the state of the conditioning consciousness, and (strangeRays, 45:vehicle, on to the level of the buddhic life or state of being. Note, I do not say "ofRays, 47:a jumping off place for the recognition of a new state of realization, which is not consciousnessRays, 59:of that which is more desirable than his present state and experience. At first this is interpretedRays, 71:one sphere of activity from another, and one state of consciousness from another. It fosters in theRays, 75:activity of the Christ-consciousness, and is the state referred to when it is said of the Christ:Rays, 77:cold to all that limits and hinders, and this state of personality consciousness has to be realizedRays, 82:experience because, as I have pointed out, the state of consciousness or awareness is supersededRays, 82:are taken and their place is filled by a state of being for which we have no word but theRays, 82:the unsatisfactory one of identification. This state of being is something very different toRays, 96:reveals the nature of the fourth plane or fourth state of consciousness, that of buddhi or theRays, 106:negative and positive, male and female. In the state of being which we call the monadic, noRays, 108:as human beings understand it, but is that state of apprehension which is not consciousness orRays, 109:global housecleaning that has gone on, the last state will be worse than the first. We shall haveRays, 113:the normal separate consciousness into the broad state of awareness that "sees no difference." TheRays, 124:lies far beyond you; and only this highest state of understanding suffices for the clear perceptionRays, 130:World this group pivots; Their consciousness and state of being is only dimly understood by theRays, 158:of planetary energy which are received in a pure state. It is then channeled through the sevenRays, 166:nor consciousness) are paramount in the new state of Being, but only the life aspect, the spirit onRays, 170:insight into the all-pervading conditions if I state that His work of mediating between humanityRays, 172:to interpret the consequent and resultant state of being. "Identification with" is the phrase whichRays, 173:at present in process of evolution. Beyond this state of awareness there lies a state of beingRays, 173:Beyond this state of awareness there lies a state of being which is as far removed from theRays, 173:this inability to understand; remember that this state of being embraces the goal towards which theRays, 178:as we understand it. There is only a state of being and of activity for which we have no adequateRays, 185:period, they were left in a relatively quiescent state or else were swept into activity by definiteRays, 198:to speak paradoxically) marks a very exalted state of Being and stage of development. It was intoRays, 206:of our Hierarchy have yet been able to reach the state or condition of development which wouldRays, 224:and the Christ Who had taken it in an earlier state of life. The more diversified the group, theRays, 238:era of world peace which will be symbolic of the state of the human spirit. Men will then settleRays, 242:constituted, expressive and at the special state of consciousness of our entire planetaryRays, 242:intention. Which that initiation is I may not state. The only service which these hints can renderRays, 251:to the world of occult students? Let me briefly state them in the order of their relativeRays, 256:Chamber is not a location or a place, but a state of consciousness within the all-enveloping Life.Rays, 259:passing through a stage of inner adjustment to a state of being and of awareness for which all pastRays, 276:here to remind you of two facts: Shamballa is a state of consciousness or a phase of sensitiveRays, 280:plane. The mental plane is a unique location (or state of consciousness) whereon or wherein theRays, 291:The mode of unfoldment upon the Path. The state of divine focus upon the Way. In other words, youRays, 297:from individual self-interest to a universal state of consciousness; this in time becomes theRays, 304:worlds, it is hard for you to comprehend the state of mind and the type of awareness whichRays, 317:it does teach the "livingness of Life" and the state of "unalterable Being." This unalterable BeingRays, 357:goes, to you who have not as yet achieved that state. The key to your understanding lies in theRays, 362:of Sanat Kumara and the attainment of that state of Being which is significant of Shamballa.Rays, 369:relations. There is a constant shifting in the state of the planetary consciousness and this,Rays, 390:the Nine Initiations. I shall do no more than state them, but you must regard them as basic: OurRays, 401:It must be pointed out that, in its original state, this pure astral energy, directed under lawRays, 406:of identification which indicate an advanced state of evolutionary development. Their work is toRays, 408:the etheric body is brought into an increasing state of receptivity through the awakening of theRays, 410:the Initiation of Decision. Here I must state the existence of a hierarchical problem: the use ofRays, 416:is that which enables the initiate to achieve a state of "isolated unity"; it is that which liesRays, 434:put in touch with widening areas of the divine "state of mind" or with the planetary consciousness,Rays, 435:involved, remembering always that a plane and a state of consciousness are synonymous terms, andRays, 463:the buddhic plane. This is the fourth or middle state of consciousness. Atmic Plane TheRays, 463:I can say about this condition of awareness; its state of nirvanic awareness can mean but little toRays, 470:and the soul. It is an occult truism to state that the aspirant is to be recognized by orRays, 472:a conscious synthesis. The attempt to convey his state of mind, in words that but limit andRays, 477:"sensitives," in the modern use of the term. The state of awareness was astral, and human beingsRays, 487:mental consciousness and holding them there in a state of absolute tension. You can now see theRays, 488:a soul oriented towards the personality and in a state of constant, directed perception. I wouldRays, 489:ring-pass-not of accumulated energies, held in a state of tension by the "intention" of theRays, 492:is, technically speaking, the achievement of a state of bliss and of ecstasy because it is theRays, 503:of the Will aspect. The preservation of a triple state of awareness in order that: [504] TheRays, 512:gathered energies must be created and held in a state of tension. A period of clear thinking anentRays, 522:dealt. In the above words He indicated a state of being which He had never demonstrated on earth,Rays, 529:realization has also been made clear; that the state of being which the initiate has now reached,Rays, 542:holds the manifested world of energies in a state of fusion; points of tension successively occurRays, 559:possessing [559] today the Lemurian or Atlantean state of consciousness - and there are many such),Rays, 559:when individuals who had attained a certain state of consciousness transferred on to one of theRays, 562:of conscious contact within the Ashram. This new state of perceptive spirituality permits theRays, 564:then becomes possible to enter into the "exalted state of mind" which holds the planetary LogosRays, 564:the principle of limitation. Beyond this exalted state of mental perception the initiate is not yetRays, 565:of the Spiritual Triad: the buddhic or the state of pure reason and the atmic or state ofRays, 565:or the state of pure reason and the atmic or state of spiritually direct will intention. In givingRays, 576:polarization and the sphere of activity and the state of consciousness which has dominated him. TheRays, 582:alignment becomes astral-mental-soul. When this state of consciousness has been achieved and theRays, 591:These great Lives reached Their present state of development in the previous solar system. ThisRays, 593:of nations and races or types. I deal with a state of consciousness which is the Aryan or mental
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