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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - STATE

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Rays, 593:which is the Aryan or mental consciousness or state of thinking; this finds its exponents and [594]Rays, 594:called the sixth root race characteristics. This state of consciousness will find its expression inRays, 595:just as the individual is in a dangerous "state of mind" when he closes it to world contact, worldRays, 599:reflection of itself in the three worlds. Let me state this as follows: The directing energy of theRays, 619:the heart of the Hierarchy, the Christ, are in a state of positive contact; when this channel isRays, 628:it is among the masses of little people in every state, who are basically sound though easilyRays, 662:divine consciousness - into a plane or rather a state of being hitherto regarded as sealed andRays, 686:is understood by you) and a liberation into a state of awareness, a form of conscious recognitionRays, 694:passes finally into cosmic consciousness - a state of being unknown to you, even in the wildestRays, 723:as something akin to "immersion in a realized state of Being," because the initiate is a consciousRays, 728:by making free decision anent His future state of Being and of purpose. The future, for the averageRays, 730:shows that the prefix means "back to an original state" by rising. This return to an original stateRays, 730:state" by rising. This return to an original state is pictured for us in The New Testament underRays, 730:Resurrection and returned back to His original state of Being - to remain there throughout all theRays, 730:the Father and to His originating Source, that state of Existence to which we have given the nameRays, 734:Avatars have not arrived at Their high state of spiritual unfoldment on our planet or even in ourRays, 744:it is the imposition by force and by a police state of an ideology, and its use by powerful men orRays, 745:of their own territory, against the police state, the lack of free enterprise and the reduction ofRays, 745:you call the "iron curtain") die out a different state of affairs will gradually supervene and aRays, 751:intend here to stress the nature of that work or state how it should be carried forward. That IReappearance, 23:Him to decide to hasten His coming. The unhappy state of the world as the result of centuries ofReappearance, 57:and guide mankind into a civilization and a state of consciousness in which right human relationsReappearance, 68:to you of what has transpired within that state of awareness which distinguishes the spiritualReappearance, 68:distinguishes the spiritual Hierarchy; to this state of consciousness we can give the name ofReappearance, 69:and attitude is unknown to [69] Them, for Their state of awareness is inclusive and in no wayReappearance, 73:a point of tension was reached and it is in this state of spiritual tension that the ChurchReappearance, 108:that every phase of human life is in a state of chaotic turmoil; every aspect [109] of daily livingReappearance, 125:Himself taught that just before He came, this state of affairs would be found and that everywhereReappearance, 142:minds of men when churchmen keep the people in a state of fear unless they accept the oldReappearance, 165:wide inclusiveness, plus the development of that state of mind which will base itself upon beliefReappearance, 176:rest of the world. France will keep Europe in a state of unrest as she seeks to regain her lostReappearance, 186:of the Christ. Let me emphatically here state that the major method with which we can concernSoul, 16:Psychology, p. 349. [16] All is, however, in a state of confusion, and, as has been said by WillSoul, 28:Self, with the Over Soul. These claims, they state, can be substantiated and proven by any who willSoul, 77:the terms: Self, Soul, Christ, connote the same state of being or consciousness, and indicate theSoul, 90:East and point the way for humanity into a new state of being, into a fuller realization of power,Soul, 95:ultimate substance is stated to be Ether in a state of motion. The present scientific hypothesisSoul, 97:or physical when resolved back to its original state, is called Prana... - Vivekananda, Swami, RajaSoul, 106:it has brought its mechanism to the highest state of perfection. Matter has been raised intoSoul, 108:and, more particularly, with the human state in all its modifications." [109] - Guénon, René, ManSoul, 109:consider it in like manner in relation to every state of being) is called Purusha, because It restsSoul, 112:sort polarized into heat and light, the subtle state is linked to the corporeal state in twoSoul, 112:the subtle state is linked to the corporeal state in two different and complementary ways, by theSoul, 121:psychologists are consequently right when they state that a man is what his glands [122] make him,Soul, 122:or wrong functioning may be determined by the state of those centers. The glands are only outerSoul, 122:the soul which controls and dominates all. The state of the centers, then, is dependent upon theSoul, 129:repair work, and is limited to the highest state of those particular glands and nerve centersSoul, 141:Wisdom. When man has reached a fairly high state of evolution the throat center is functioning andSoul, 157:of spiritual demands, reject the normal marriage state, and pledge themselves to a life ofTelepathy, 13:I would, in summarizing the above instruction, state that in connection with individuals:Telepathy, 27:mind and from brain to brain. It is literally a state of consciousness which is sufficientlyTelepathy, 27:that he is aware of and inclusive of the mental state and thought processes of another person. 3.Telepathy, 34:the ajna center be developed. Sensitivity to the state of feeling or to the emotional reactions ofTelepathy, 37 To:can look for help in any hour of your own need. State frankly what you feel as you work month afterTelepathy, 37 To:it analysis - an analysis impersonally given; state truthfully what you sense and register. YourTelepathy, 59:learnt process of invocation and evocation, to a state of consciousness distinguished by a trainedTelepathy, 90:for men to grasp at this time wherein their state of consciousness is concentratedlyTelepathy, 90:and fast or he may go the slow way, but his state of consciousness remains one of a developingTelepathy, 95:in frequency and become eventually an habitual state of [96] consciousness; then, at will and atTelepathy, 96:so far as the magnetic aura is held by him in a state of receptivity. It is then constantlyTelepathy, 104:or energy distribution. He must be able to state clearly on what aspect of his recording mechanismTelepathy, 107:Path and brought to a relatively high state of effectiveness upon the earlier stages of the Path ofTelepathy, 108:about fundamental changes in the life and the state of consciousness of the aspirant and, aboveTelepathy, 126:initiation - is drafting human nature into a state of divinity (to use a most inadequate phrase).Telepathy, 145:to the focus of the consciousness, the psychic state of awareness, the potency of aspiration orTelepathy, 147:in due time produces a condensation or a [147] state of what is called "attracted response" fromTelepathy, 164:the energies of which it is composed are in a state of constant change and circulation. It is wiseTelepathy, 171:related energies or petals are indicative of the state of consciousness which that Eternal One isTelepathy, 171:express. This may be the relatively undeveloped state of consciousness of the savage, theTelepathy, 172:must be most carefully borne in mind. [172] The state of the consciousness is ever indicated by theTelepathy, 174:personality is outgoing, and is therefore in a state of livingness, or whether a withdrawing isTelepathy, 187:is the time yet [187] ripe for the "residence in state of the divine Representative." Each year,
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