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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - STATED

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Education, 64:give you here much food for thought. It might be stated that the esotericist is occupied inEducation, 92:indicate the nature of this process. I have stated here and elsewhere that the soul anchors itselfEducation, 117:point to be grasped. It might therefore be stated that: Man is now at the point where the principleExternalisation, 6:which is everywhere transpiring and which can be stated as follows. The cause of the growth of theExternalisation, 30:whole problem from another angle, it might be stated that the effort of the past has been to raiseExternalisation, 31:carry forward your work with fresh ardor. I have stated [32] that these groups constitute anExternalisation, 32:raison d'ętre of the mental plane is concisely stated. Its function in this connection will beExternalisation, 34:reasons for their importance might therefore be stated as follows: They constitute the germ of lifeExternalisation, 50:with in the group's instructions. What I have stated, however, will serve to indicate to you theExternalisation, 75:consciousness aspect. It might, therefore, be stated that: Shamballa is occupied with the lifeExternalisation, 127:groups of opponents. In Atlantean days, it was stated that the battle was [128] between the ForcesExternalisation, 224:World Picture The problem can be most simply stated. Either the spiritual Hierarchy exists, withExternalisation, 244:elimination of the hindrances can also be simply stated. The vision will appear as fact on EarthExternalisation, 322:form. The books which have been published can be stated - without any conceit - to have noExternalisation, 335:once realized. An understanding of all I have stated above will greatly help, for I have pointedExternalisation, 359:the potency of love) the hearts of all men, and stated this determination in the words, "And I, ifExternalisation, 415:and the new group of world servers) the premises stated above: The fact of God (God Transcendent)Externalisation, 418:will train its students to present, at certain stated periods throughout the year, the voicedExternalisation, 423:event will evoke worldwide recognition. I have stated also that we are reaching a climaxing periodExternalisation, 436:world will see the expression of that same law, stated in the words, "Whatsoever a man soweth, thatExternalisation, 474:of the Hierarchy was affirmed and publicly stated. In 1932, I wrote a series of pamphlets whichExternalisation, 602:Theologians have forgotten that He Himself stated that "greater things shall ye do, because I goExternalisation, 630:proclaimed from the housetops - as the Christ stated would be the case - and as we listen or readExternalisation, 675:IV - Stages in the Externalization Earlier I stated that the physical plane areas or localitiesFire, viii:psychological key to the Cosmic Creation. H.P.B. stated that in the 20th century a disciple wouldFire, 17:their source, gazed on the sevenfold work, and stated it was good. The Stone was set alone. In dualFire, 63:the last period of inactivity on this planet, as stated in Mr. Sinnett's book, Esoteric Buddhism,Fire, 98:- is strictly balanced or internal. As stated earlier, the pranic emanations of the sun areFire, 103:this takes place likewise in the system at the stated cycles. [104] 45 In the Secret Doctrine, Vol.Fire, 111:Logos likewise can pass His ring-pass-not at stated seasons which correspond in the planet to theFire, 111:The solar Logos likewise does the same during stated cycles, which are not the cycles succeedingFire, 111:the bounds of the solar ring-pass-not in Their stated cycles. This is a profound mystery and itsFire, 116:matter of the solar system. Some of the facts stated are already well known, others areFire, 163:rightful development. To do this, as before stated, the subject will be divided into the followingFire, 163:with man's fivefold evolution. As before stated, man, at the close of his long pilgrimage, willFire, 173:surmise and wise conjecture. All that is here stated is given simply as basic or foundation facts,Fire, 183:Astral Planes 3. The Centers and Kundalini As stated, it is not possible to impart much aboutFire, 210:Initiator in His position of power, and at the stated seasons, they act as transmitters of electricFire, 211:the Chohan of the Ray. It is produced only at stated times when specific work has to be done. It isFire, 233:Manifesting Units of Consciousness 94 If these stated aims are carefully considered, it will beFire, 241:and is the aspect of the Son. What is above stated is in no way new, but these thoughts onFire, 272:form His etheric and dense bodies. It might be stated that: He vitalizes them by His life and heat.Fire, 273:them. When the vitalizing force is contacting at stated periods a certain set of atoms, it willFire, 286:on the astral and the mental planes. This is stated in connection with average man, the rank andFire, 306:remarks anent this final question. It has been stated that a mystery lies hid in the 777Fire, 306:out that it does not hold the number of a stated cycle of incarnations through which a man mustFire, 364:between the various root-races and subraces. As stated in various occult books, many of the presentFire, 367:Flame to the planet Earth is deeply involved (as stated above) in the relationship existing betweenFire, 368:misinterpretation. The Venusian scheme is - as stated in the Secret Doctrine (S.D., I. 187. II,Fire, 374:a Cosmic, Systemic and Human Factor It should be stated here that: A major incarnation is one inFire, 375:and is somewhat touched upon in this. I have stated that the interaction between the two schemes isFire, 376:in evolution, and the fifth principle will, as stated, be no longer the object of His attention asFire, 378:Those Who stand around Sanat Kumara Who may be stated (esoterically understood) to representFire, 380:yet of dimly anticipating. The occult fact, as stated by the English poet Pope, "The proper studyFire, 382:idea may be clarified for the student if it is stated that: A scheme, in its totality, correspondsFire, 384:His manifesting Consciousness. It might here be stated in connection with the planetary Logos ofFire, 387:the earlier mentioned Triangle. It has been stated that one hundred and four Kumaras came fromFire, 412:are the sum total of manas on the Earth. I have stated that the Lord of the World, the firstFire, 413:They are the agents for: The Lord of a Ray as stated above. The four Maharajahs. The planetaryFire, 413:the chain and the scheme. It might here be stated that the relative failure that was the fate ofFire, 414:as . In time and space the order might be stated to be 7-3-10, and at certain stages 10-7-3. AsFire, 416:with the lower principles, which H.P.B. has stated are now superseded. The sexual misery of thisFire, 420:Broadly (in relation to man) it might be stated that: "I am" refers to the personalityFire, 440:with the plan of evolution. It might here be stated that the seven Kumaras, (the four exoteric andFire, 484:expressed in the old Commentary they are thus stated: "The fiery lives burn within the bosom ofFire, 529:me to the consideration of the fact earlier stated that the mental unit possesses but four of theFire, 533:by the Logos to carry a certain type of force at stated intervals and thus further the evolution ofFire, 534:groups of forty-nine. This has been somewhat stated before when it has been [535] announced that aFire, 535:buddhic and atmic. - MAN. All that is here stated is an enlargement of the data given about theFire, 545:by the student of egoic evolution. It is, as stated elsewhere, through the permanent atoms that theFire, 558:the logoic thought form can be equally well stated about that of a Heavenly Man, and a planetaryFire, 580:it controls the building of forms. It has been stated that the matter of the lowest subplane formsFire, 600:of Correspondences, and certain things can be stated as regards the system, and its component partsFire, 687:via the fourth cosmic ether (whereon as earlier stated are the etheric centers of the planetaryFire, 724:Him work a number of cosmic entities who, as stated in the Secret [725] Doctrine, 41 have theFire, 779:Venus is a case in point. Metaphysically stated, it marks the point when the Logoi begin toFire, 790:the building of the dense body, it should be stated that it appears as a human form, much in theFire, 809:even cursorily, the following briefly stated facts, the trend of popular education, the object ofFire, 820:terms of the old Commentary, the truth is thus stated: "The Lord of Life Himself sits at the heartFire, 846:some idea of this may be gathered if it is stated that there is a resemblance between thisFire, 846:present inconceivable to man. Esoterically he is stated to have "neither sight nor hearing"; he isFire, 850:through the limitation of language, it might be stated that on egoic levels, or on the three higherFire, 853:of egoic groups: It might be briefly stated that the egoic groups in connection with our planet mayFire, 864:the torso and not to the head. It should also be stated here that the center between the shoulderFire, 871:love. Speaking generally, therefore, it might be stated that egoic groups in whom the knowledgeFire, 917:differentiation of the physical plane as stated by Eastern occultism, to recognize the tripleFire, 920:devas of vast power and prerogative who may be stated to be connected with the Father aspect, andFire, 1053:considered a sacred planet, as has before been stated. The sun Sirius. Fire, 1057:must remain as yet esoteric, but it may be stated that it approximates one hundred thousand years,Fire, 1058:progress these various horoscopes for the next stated cycle, and Their records are of profound andFire, 1063:cause of radiation. It might be very briefly stated that when any form becomes radioactive, certainFire, 1120:when the petals are becoming active. It might be stated that the passing of the Pilgrim through theFire, 1167:connection with the superhuman aspect it may be stated that this law of life expands into theFire, 1201:positive to each other as the case may be. As is stated in the Secret Doctrine, this hierarchy isFire, 1225:the five hierarchies which have passed on may be stated as follows: A ball of green fire with threeFire, 1232:which the soul expresses itself. This can be stated to be true of all forms, of all souls, human,Fire, 1234:a concretion on the plane of objectivity, and as stated above, an idea lies behind every formFire, 1246:concerned may not here be given. It may only be stated that luminosity is gained upon the battleFire, 1250:this second Path on to the Seventh Path. It is stated that they "alchemise themselves" on to it.Glamour, 36:mental nor has the illusion (which is, as I have stated, pre-eminently the result of the
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