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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - STATEMENT

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Healing, 518:the creating soul chooses to work. Think this statement out and emphasize the words "suited to."Healing, 519:gone. [519] If you will think clearly about this statement, you will see that a very completeHealing, 522:You might argue, brother of mine, that this statement negates the free will of the individual unitHealing, 525:This refers to the eyes of the patient. This statement implies limitation, because if the patientHealing, 529:by [529] the affirmation of divinity or by the statement of abstract theories. They will be healedHealing, 538:Rule attached or related to it, as it is a basic statement, indicating the major underlying theoryHealing, 540:proceed with the work to be done. In this statement, I am dealing with the average person. In theHealing, 564:and all is well. This law starts off with the statement of one of the paradoxes of the occultHealing, 566:This sounds impossible upon first reading the statement, but a careful study will reveal itsHealing, 569:of its sheaths a point of friction. Much of this statement I have covered above. I would, however,Healing, 574:that is at present possible in reference to this statement is to turn the patient's attention (ifHealing, 588:good or evil) is the relationship aspect. This statement is of major importance in all yourHealing, 594:and Applied We come now to a very ambiguous statement and one that is purposely meant to be so: TheHealing, 611:things which frequently puzzle students is the statement that the dense physical body is not aHealing, 611:principle is can the beauty and accuracy of his statement be grasped. What, in the last analysis,Healing, 614:of the soul. Please note the importance of this statement. The physical body has no true life ofHealing, 629:and the thinker. The simplicity of the above statement is somewhat misleading, as there are otherHealing, 697:by a deliberate act of faith and by the firm statement of his fixed intention. The greater triangleHealing, 708:known and the years prolonged. If this ancient statement is read in the light of any knowledge youHercules, Note t:"seven Sisters" singing about Hercules, in the statement of the Myth] the Lost Pleiad (for only sixHercules, 58:the tree was to be found, the first true statement given him as yet. Therefore he turned his feetHercules, 116:with spirit. (Esoteric Astrology, p. 481).This statement underlies the spiritual theory ofHercules, 120:and its labor. In The Secret Doctrine is a clear statement of the whole message of this sign:Hercules, 121:itself." (Note the beautiful correlation of this statement with the fact that the Holy SpiritHercules, 122:This warning is covered in a positive statement by the Tibetan: "The basis of the astrologicalHercules, 135:to another vibration, that of Uranus. The statement in the Bible which describes this impulse isHercules, 140:- November 21st) (Beginning with Scorpio the statement of the myth will be written Dr. FrancisHercules, 142:of the myth and we have no longer the myth statement by the Tibetan to guide us. The story that theHercules, 142:head seems ruled out by the Tibetan's plain statement that there were three times three, or nineHercules, 142:mystical, immortal head appeared. Further, the statement that this great head was "buried under aHercules, 202:Note: (written in 1958) When A.A.B. made this statement in 1936 it appears to have been theHercules, 209:suffering is the great purifier, then the above statement is indeed true. Men today areHercules, 225:can be outlined for us briefly in the following statement: In Aries (March 21 - April 20, the Ram),Initiation, 3:because one of the most suggestive), makes the statement that "our solar system is builded out ofInitiation, 16:the astral plane, but this is incorrect, and the statement has given rise to a misunderstanding.Initiation, 23:embodies. The wise student will ponder on this statement, for it holds the clue to much that may beInitiation, 109:Suffice it to say, in concluding this brief statement, that the making of an initiate is an affairInitiation, 156:his speech every minute of every day. This is a statement easily made, but most difficult to makeInitiation, 181:that will be chosen later by the adept. This statement must be linked up with that earlier made,Initiation, 184:is least is faithful also in much," is an occult statement of fact, and should characterize theInitiation, 222:of Life. The occultist believes the following statement: "Life we look upon as the one form ofIntellect, 74:and our theories into proven experience. The statement of St. Paul's remains only a concept and aIntellect, 200:upon the beginner will substantiate this statement - often to the mental bewilderment of theIntellect, 228:the underlying ideas - the following concluding statement: "There is a peace that passethMagic, 10:light, thus demonstrating the accuracy of the statement of the Christ "I am the Light of theMagic, 10:World". IV. The fourth postulate consists of the statement that all lives manifest cyclically. ThisMagic, 24:to a certain point and then dropped with the statement that, owing to the point in evolution of theMagic, 25:depth) is seeking to save his face by some such statement. Just as a scientific treatise wouldMagic, 51:The forty-eighth Sutra in the same book gives a statement covering a later stage of thisMagic, 56:Fire with a brief summary of the process and a statement as to the nature of the white magician.Magic, 82:subject to immutable laws, if such a paradoxical statement may be permitted. In the attempt to findMagic, 116:A principle is that which ensouls a statement dealing with the highest good of the greatest number.Magic, 116:number. That a man should love his wife is a statement of a principle governing the personality butMagic, 136:medium of service. I would like to emphasize the statement anent "the words of Reconstruction,"Magic, 159:of the expulsive breath. This is a symbolic statement but, at the same time, an experimental factMagic, 184:lies in the proper appreciation of the above statement, and therefore the Yoga Sutras of PatanjaliMagic, 239:been told that fear is an illusion. Yet this statement does not help. It is a generalization thatMagic, 259:and I assure you that this is but an inadequate statement of the case. The thoughts of men sinceMagic, 344:many is not based on timidity (a paradoxical statement!) but is often based on a mental condition,Magic, 371:remember. It is of vital importance. It is this statement, that in the destruction of the form liesMagic, 384:dependent upon the seven ray types! In this statement, we note the differentiations of the soulMagic, 448:There is an occult basis for [448] the statement that if one desires a thing for a sufficientlyMagic, 464:effect. You ask, where then the truth of the statement made in many occult modern books that theMagic, 535:limited there you have a prison. Ponder on this statement for it holds much of truth. Where thereMagic, 615:Great Illusion The rules therefore end with the statement that the magician chants the words thatMeditation, 43:quickly to this seventh influence; by that statement I mean that their monads are easily influencedMeditation, 51:all comprehended. H.P.B. touched on three in his statement of the fundamentals of the SecretMeditation, 75:his sound goes out before him. This is an occult statement of fact definitely apparent to those whoMeditation, 102:"plays with fire." I wish you to emphasize this statement for it embodies a truth little realized.Meditation, 102:and is not a symbolic teaching but a plain statement of fact. Fire forms the basis of all - theMeditation, 110:guidance of future students and as a prophetic statement, that in days to come when the science ofMeditation, 147:care between the two types. I would begin by a statement of fact. The mystic is not necessarily anMeditation, 150:is a consuming fire" [150] is to him a literal statement of fact, and of realized truth. He risesMeditation, 174:are two different things. That is a preliminary statement. [175] In the one you have destruction,Meditation, 182:as yet with the involving group. Remember this statement. The deva and human evolution will, duringMeditation, 192:occult knowledge, of a vacuum. The occult statement that "Nature abhors a vacuum" is entirely true.Meditation, 224:school, the revelation will be great. In this statement as to the esoteric significance of theMeditation, 229:intelligence, or the activity aspect. The above statement will repay much [230] earnest thought; itMeditation, 230:repay much [230] earnest thought; it contains a statement of occult fact. According to the threeMeditation, 279:the pupil to His Heart." This is an esoteric statement of a very interesting experience to whichMeditation, 292:him direct to his Master. This is a literal statement of fact. Good work earns for the man in timeMeditation, 357:of Life. The occultist believes the following statement: "Life we look upon as the one form ofPatanjali, 33:It will be apparent therefore that the statement "as a man thinketh so is he" (Prov., XXIII, 7.) isPatanjali, 87:as he studies the idea conveyed in the earlier statement to the effect that, to the occultist, lifePatanjali, 120:complex dissertations, but just a clear simple statement of the requirements. It might be of valuePatanjali, 160:eventually demonstrate to him the truth of the statement that "as a man thinketh, so is he." "I amPatanjali, 297:for the sake of clarity let us modernize the statement and reduce its terms to those of modernPatanjali, 409:effect-producing cause. We have in this sutra a statement which is the key to effective and safeProblems, 15:vision. There is a scientific basis for the old statement in the Bible that "where there is noProblems, 22:Time alone can prove the accuracy of this statement, plus wise activity and sound propaganda on theProblems, 89:emerging problem in the light of the Biblical statement that there is "one God and Father of allProblems, 89:through all and in us all". Let us regard that statement as a scientific one and not as a pious,Problems, 96:or which agrees with all points of view or is a statement of all that has hitherto been said. ThereProblems, 99:guard against him and his methods. This general statement is often untrue where the individual JewProblems, 104:and increasingly proved the truth of this statement. [105] Such is the problem of the JewishProblems, 116:a platitude is, in the majority of cases, the statement of a recognizable truth, it is difficult inProblems, 142:ideas which have been summed up for us in the statement of Shri Krishna in the Bhagavad Gita:Problems, 147:somewhat into disrepute. Yet the word is a statement of the underlying origin and goal of humanityPsychology1, xxv:relation between all sentient beings, then the statement is meaningless. But the fact is thatPsychology1, 11:of trouble or precipitates disaster is not a statement of fact. The extent of the discipline to be
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