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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - STATES

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Astrology, 35:in active planetary expression (The seven states of being - under karmic law) Nos. Down Ray NameAstrology, 51:karmic conditions, produces those environing states and those circumstances which give opportunityAstrology, 65:I would remind you of the occult truism which states that interpretation and right understandingAstrology, 152:way of expressing the united activity of all the states of consciousness, achieved upon the firstAstrology, 238:advocated by Russia and endorsed by the United States of America. Before 2035 A.D. such legislationAstrology, 243:ordinary humanity and produce the following states of consciousness: Aries and Virgo - The CosmicAstrology, 305:or form expression; the stars concern the states of consciousness, and the triangles are related toAstrology, 311:point, generally speaking, between these two states of mind, though perhaps it might be moreAstrology, 360:(which is ruled by Gemini) and in the United States (which is also governed by Gemini). Humanity isAstrology, 361:are correctly related we shall see the United States moving also on to the Path of DiscipleshipAstrology, 361:which is more slowly awakening in the States. These potencies, when effective, lead to true serviceAstrology, 384:writing of great significance. This writing states: "The holy Sons of Mind embraced the two. TheyAstrology, 403:as usual, clear in their implications. [403] One states the note of the form aspect, "Let struggleAstrology, 476:The seven planes of divine expression. The seven states of resultant consciousness. The sevenAstrology, 503:of the planet." He is then responsive to all states of consciousness within the planetaryAstrology, 519:difficulty. This transference out of the lower states of consciousness, expressed through the lowerAstrology, 522:and not through admixture as in the United States; it has enabled two relatively antagonisticAstrology, 523:attitude of those who seek to keep the United States from assuming her responsibilities and herAstrology, 523:succeed in their endeavor, will deny the United States her share in the "gifts of the gods in theAstrology, 523:two aspects at present condition the United States. The keynote of this world center is "I lightAstrology, 523:light the Way" and this is the privilege of the States if its people so choose and permit worldwideAstrology, 524:to realize that Great Britain and the United States are closely related and that this relationAstrology, 526:humanity in their hands at this time: The United States of America, Great Britain and Russia. GreatAstrology, 526:by a dictatorship which will shortly end; in the States by corrupt politics and in Great Britain byAstrology, 526:are learning very rapidly, though the United States at present is learning the most slowly. TheAstrology, 530:Europe and western and northern Asia. The United States (and later South America) fusing andAstrology, 530:struck by Russia, Great Britain and the United States - not because of their power, theirAstrology, 565:proving to the world that He was initiated into states of consciousness of which the thirdAstrology, 566:which must precede all the more inclusive states of consciousness. Scorpio - The significance ofAstrology, 630:in these two propositions lies the third which states that this creative will is not only the causeAstrology, 678:future spiritual Saviors." (Vol. I, 717) "Kepler states as a positive fact that at the moment ofAstrology, 689:of the middle principle from the fifth and third states of Pleroma. This fire is the possession ofAtomand of certain basic laws in successively higher states of being, and thus to bring to them aAtomto deal somewhat with the nature of the expanded states of consciousness and the enlarged lifeAtom, 21:or God, and which is the aggregate of all the states of consciousness. This is the God to Whom theAtom, 26:of all forms, of all groups, and of all states of consciousness blended, unified, and synthesizedAtom, 92:consciousness, which is the sumtotal of all the states of consciousness upon our planet, the earth,Atom, 92:solar system. Thus, in summing up, we have four states of intelligent activity, which we might termAtom, 131:of us know, was nearly discovered in the United States fifty years ago by a man called Keely, butAutobiography, 12:the higher self and the lower nature. The United States and London are ruled by Gemini andAutobiography, 26:the life of my own three girls in the United States, where they were born and lived until in theirAutobiography, 28:century, proves. The second time I came to the States after taking my eldest daughter, then a baby,Autobiography, 51:of a famous Bible Institute in the United States that "they took their stand upon the original,Autobiography, 70:A. Bailey - Chapter II People here in the United States know nothing of the problem and that is whyAutobiography, 91:paid the price, for the great law which St. Paul states "Whatsoever a man soweth that shall he alsoAutobiography, 97:She paid all his expenses to go to the United States and there to take a theological course and soAutobiography, 102:of birth in Great Britain but in the United States there is an aristocracy of money equally asAutobiography, 107:the same principles to their own southern States. Forgive this tirade, but I feel strongly on theAutobiography, 109:you more about her later. I came back to the States on a small boat which docked in Boston. It wasAutobiography, 118:Negro is better understood than in the United States, I have been deeply indebted to members ofAutobiography, 132:and I were concerned. In 1917, when the United States entered the war, he went out to France withAutobiography, 145:and their characteristics. Take the United States. The Pilgrim Fathers have set their seal or stampAutobiography, 146:to live with the Pilgrim fathers, for the United States is a feminine civilization. The PilgrimAutobiography, 156:California is one of the most difficult states in which to get a divorce and the rapidity of myAutobiography, 157:of the Theosophical Society in the United States, and still more so in Adyar (the internationalAutobiography, 159:that time Mrs. Besant sent B.P.Wadia over to the States to investigate and find out what was goingAutobiography, 173:of men and women from all parts of the United States who were presumably occupied in teaching andAutobiography, 184:country and in Great Britain. Here in the United States we are so lax and lenient with our childrenAutobiography, 219:France, etc., as there are in the United States. The thing we have to develop in the world today isAutobiography, 219:as I have gone through city after city in the States, Great Britain and on the Continent and haveAutobiography, 220:school education along the lines of the United States. In the spring of 1931 we made our plans toAutobiography, 220:anywhere in their lives outside of the United States, with the exception of my eldest girl,Autobiography, 226:after our trip abroad we returned to the United States for some months, usually leaving the girlsAutobiography, 227:daughter, Mildred, came back with us to the States and there married Meredith Pugh which was a mostAutobiography, 227:and Europe and seven months in the United States the school work was steadily growing. The workAutobiography, 241:in the people as in Great Britain and the United States. The same things could be said to them; theAutobiography, 269:importance and as equally divine. It is with the states of consciousness of men everywhere, of allAutobiography, 284:vital activity, the sumtotal of emotional states and feeling, and the mind. These various aspectsBethlehem, 10:physical organisms, of vital force, of psychical states or emotional conditions, and of mental orBethlehem, 40:the end, and marked His initiation into higher states of consciousness. This is apparent in theBethlehem, 45:IX, 23.) When Jesus is speaking to Nicodemus he states that 'Except a man be born again, he cannotBethlehem, 195:by what is called the 'Ransom Theory,' which states that the Devil was lawful lord of [196] mankindBethlehem, 249:accepted the Oriental doctrine of rebirth, which states the world to be the "vale of soul-making,"Bethlehem, 278:"As Christ fulfiled it." A book earlier quoted states that this idea of a personal Christ must beDestiny, 22:is embodied in the vision of the totalitarian states is an erroneous but clear-cut response to theDestiny, 46:started upon the American continent. The United States of America was the center of old AtlantisDestiny, 51:the possibility of such a grouping. The United States is doing a somewhat similar thing and isDestiny, 52:one federated state with many [52] subsidiary states, instead of subsidiary nations. These twoDestiny, 52:astrological sign Gemini governs both the United States and London. The fluid, mercurial,Destiny, 52:Ray of Idealism is potent in Russia, the United States, Italy and Spain. It is the fanaticalDestiny, 54:of the idealism of Russia and of the United States may reveal no resemblances in the goal of theirDestiny, 54:only Brazil, Great Britain and the United States of America are definitely under the influence ofDestiny, 54:second ray energy for the Aryan race; the United States will fulfil the same office for the worldDestiny, 55:yet the exactly fulfiled achievement. The United States represents the intuitive faculty,Destiny, 55:and positive. India, France, the United States of America, Russia and Brazil are all feminine andDestiny, 56:related. The newly forming country of the United States is likewise spiritually and intimatelyDestiny, 58:of the British. If the idealism of the United States of America can be illumined by the law of loveDestiny, 58:the pattern which underlies the structure of the States may be seen in lines of light and we shallDestiny, 58:present it is the personality ray of the United States which controls. [59] Destiny, 59:and temporary political potency. The United States of America has for its personality ray the sixthDestiny, 60:of the French, for the citizen of the United States values money only for the effects on his lifeDestiny, 64:a great synthesis of people, as is the United States of America, and also, in a lesser extent, bothDestiny, 65:were at one time prone, particularly the United States, and the physical warning as to this dangerDestiny, 65:Europe and dislocated their relationship between states within America itself. The world is oneDestiny, 69:Russia Moscow Taurus 2nd Aquarius 11th United States Washington Cancer 4th Sagittarius 9th AnDestiny, 77:spiritual growth have been learnt. The United States must not forget either that she is a sectionDestiny, 82:is a much closer relation between the United States of America and Great Britain than between anyDestiny, 82:however little of the Taurian influence in the States and consequently you have the attitude ofDestiny, 83:and the [83] noisy self-assertion of the United States which leads them to regard their country asDestiny, 85:and condition the Italian empire and the United States, leaving you to make your deductions and
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