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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - STATES

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Intellect, 82:union with the soul, and become aware of inner states of consciousness. This is summed up for us inIntellect, 83:used as an instrument for observing the eternal states, and becomes in time an instrument forIntellect, 125:they enrich that mind and open up to it many states of awareness. When these activities can beIntellect, 125:and opens up, to the man in deep meditation, states of consciousness and ranges of knowledge whichIntellect, 134:and potently aware of phenomena, vibration and states of being. He is positive, active andIntellect, 135:waiting, have been called the Martha and Mary states, and the idea, through this metaphor, becomesIntellect, 138:upon the physical, emotional and mental states of being. The soul identifies Itself for aeons withIntellect, 138:which contact has to be made if those lower states of consciousness are to be known. Later, when aIntellect, 154:all response to contacts emanating from other states of awareness, such as those coming from theIntellect, 181:of all forms which express the Life, of all states of consciousness, and as the Life itself; let usIntellect, 185:to him... continuously the four blissful states of ecstatic communion..." "He was one, who havingIntellect, 185:Having acquired full power over the mental states and faculties within, he overcame all dangersIntellect, 185:bliss. These are the four progressive mental states, leading to complete concentration of mind,Intellect, 192:departure from lofty stations and glorious states and exalted miracles; and separation fromIntellect, 200:also registered a sense of loss. The old dreamy states of bliss and peace, with which the mysticIntellect, 204:and the physical body, so much so that the states are automatic and often irresistible; theIntellect, 211:in the feeling apparatus, the emotional states of being. [212] When the mind is the dominantIntellect, 212:- the sumtotal of physical, emotional and mental states - is of a high order, then the pituitaryIntellect, 217:mind can be more rapidly attuned to the higher states of consciousness. Again, if we start the dayMagic, 8:The second postulate grows out of the first and states that the one Life, manifesting throughMagic, 9:therefore the sum total of energies, of all states of consciousness, and of all forms in existence.Magic, 9:and yet, when time and space are not (being but states of consciousness), only the unity willMagic, 10:a man, or that Being who is the sum total of the states of consciousness and of the forms of anyMagic, 12:the animal soul. This exists in four degrees or states of sentient awareness: The consciousness ofMagic, 23:must worship [23] Him in Spirit and in Truth," states one of the scriptures of the world. "ManMagic, 31:of being, the totality of all forces, of all states of consciousness and of all forms, theMagic, 37:universe therefore manifests in certain great states of awareness with many intermediateMagic, 50:to the buddhic and the mind to the intuitional states of consciousness. [51] Magic, 59:state of transition between the new and the old states of being. He is vibrating between theMagic, 99:is macrocosmic in relation to the subhuman states of consciousness, and this H. P. B. has wellMagic, 99:The effect upon these lesser and more material states is primarily fourfold. 1. The stimulating ofMagic, 102:be harmless will go far to eliminate wrong [102] states of consciousness. See to it therefore, andMagic, 186:bodies to see whether in them are to be found states of consciousness which would hinder usefulnessMagic, 192:disciple begins to awaken psychologically to new states of consciousness, [193] to new states ofMagic, 193:to new states of consciousness, [193] to new states of existence, and to new states of being. ItMagic, 193:[193] to new states of existence, and to new states of being. It will be apparent therefore howMagic, 193:wrong interpretation of the phenomena of other states of being. A sense of values will be lacking,Magic, 245:saying that he needs to realize two things: That states of feeling are quite immaterial and are noMagic, 311:Only in time and in space are there varying states of consciousness, producing differing outerMagic, 324:remembering that each plane with its varying states of consciousness is equally a part of theMagic, 374:- experience of fresh phenomena, of new states of being, and of dimensional conditions hithertoMagic, 392:is always eternally possible. In the higher states of consciousness, it is however, eventuallyMagic, 416:In every European country, in the United States of America, and in parts of Asia and South AfricaMagic, 418:of the world - such as Switzerland, the United States, Holland, Germany and Great Britain. FromMagic, 498:the physical plane. He remains aware of the states of feeling and of the thoughts of those heMagic, 520:The physical bodies, the emotional and mental states of consciousness are all in a condition ofMagic, 533:divinity, for it produces that sequence of the states of consciousness which we term Time. ThisMagic, 538:All grades of matter meet in man, and all the states of consciousness are possible to him. MankindMagic, 568:manifestations, thus corresponding to the five states of mind, the fifth principle, and to the fiveMagic, 568:in the solar system works out as the five great states of energy which we call planes, the mediumMagic, 602:stages are regarded sanely for what they are - states of extended consciousness, and grades ofMeditation, 81:in the lower vehicles and not in the causal. The states of consciousness succeed each otherMeditation, 168:is fundamentally a matter dealing with various states of consciousness, and here it is that theMeditation, 168:control step by step the various intermediate states that lie between him and his goal. He rises byMeditation, 306:are: Great Britain. Canada and the United States. Australia. And even these exceptions might beMeditation, 307:This will be touched upon later. The United States will have a preparatory school somewhere in theMeditation, 351:divided by the occultists into seven planes or states, the highest of which is the atomic plane.Patanjaliand with their active modifications. 5. The mind states are five, and are subject to pleasure orPatanjali, 13:- Book 1 - The Problem of Union 5. The mind states are five, and are subject to pleasure or pain;Patanjali, 23:and specific work the Nirmankaya "sleeps" to all states save that of the third, or atmic plane. Patanjali, 49:being (as is easily seen) the sum total of all states of consciousness. He is the soul of allPatanjali, 54:be regarded as a generic term covering all those states or conditions of being in the fourth andPatanjali, 64:groups which lay the emphasis upon the mental states will be more justly [65] appraised. The humanPatanjali, 70:to the method whereby liberation from the wrong states of consciousness can be effected. The nextPatanjali, 75:applicable to all differentiations and to all states of being. As a man studies the spheres inPatanjali, 78:he places it as the fourth means of yoga and states that only when right poise has been achievedPatanjali, 86:knowledge. Imagination involves certain mental states such as: Memory of things as they have beenPatanjali, 86:as: Memory of things as they have been known, as states of consciousness, Anticipation of things asPatanjali, 86:of things as they may be known or of states of consciousness, Visualization of the imaginaryPatanjali, 86:that which he has imagined. In these three dream states we have the condition of the thinker in thePatanjali, 87:dim understanding of the nature of these dream states as he studies the idea conveyed in thePatanjali, 129:the final fetters of ignorance are cast off. It states that the reason evil exists, the reasonPatanjali, 172:progressively. The Hindu teaching holds that the states of mind-consciousness are seven in number.Patanjali, 175:in the three worlds. The tendency of these seven states of mind, produced through the experience ofPatanjali, 234:(or mind stuff). 9. The sequence of mental states is as follows: the mind reacts to that which isPatanjali, 234:through one-pointed meditation upon the three states of feeling-compassion, tenderness andPatanjali, 248:of the form and of his relation to it. The two states in which he is conscious of himself and ofPatanjali, 251:student who has learnt and mastered the three states of mind control. Through that mastery he hasPatanjali, 251:that lower man (the sum total of mental states, of emotions and physical atoms) as simply hisPatanjali, 258:and its Results 9. The sequence of mental states is as follows: the mind reacts to that which isPatanjali, 259:endeavor the sequential nature of these two states of consciousness are gradually offset, and inPatanjali, 263:aspirant is now deliberately unconscious of all states of mind relating to the three worlds. HisPatanjali, 266:of consciousness in one or other of its many states. 3. Specific use in time conditions. As thePatanjali, 271:who is the sum total of all forms and of all states of consciousness continues to sound the cosmicPatanjali, 286:through one-pointed meditation upon the three states of feeling - compassion, tenderness andPatanjali, 287:upon what are sometimes called the "three states of feeling." These are: Compassion, the antithesisPatanjali, 287:the antithesis of lust or desire. These three states of feeling when understood and entered into,Patanjali, 288:out into physical manifestation of the two other states. It is the practical ability to identifyPatanjali, 297:system will come a realization of the seven states of being." The various terms used here servePatanjali, 298:solar system into seven planes embodying seven states of consciousness and enfolding seven greatPatanjali, 300:following comments by Vyasa are illuminating. He states: "Their lives are chaste," i. e., free fromPatanjali, 301:of a still greater spheriodal whole. Then he states: "By performing constraint upon the door of thePatanjali, 302:One deals with the soul and the various states of consciousness; the other deals with the body, thePatanjali, 319:parts of man's nature on all planes, and for all states of consciousness. One strand of this triplePatanjali, 329:manifestation, thus corresponding to the five states of mind, the fifth principle and to the fivePatanjali, 329:in the solar system works out as the five great states of energy which we call planes, the mediumPatanjali, 334:of manifestation, the spheres wherein seven states of consciousness are possible. All of these arePatanjali, 337:hearing on the various planes and in the various states of consciousness. Only the true mystic andPatanjali, 339:working through the seven centers and the seven states of matter and consciousness, then he isPatanjali, 339:at will and without time limitations all those states. There is a relation between one of the seven
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