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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - STATES

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Patanjali, 339:There is a relation between one of the seven states of matter and one or other of the centers;Patanjali, 362:said that time itself is simply a succession of states of consciousness and this is true of anPatanjali, 363:or Cognizer of both, we have got the clue to all states of consciousness itself, and to the naturePatanjali, 364:of divine life are conscious, even though all states of consciousness are not the same but rangePatanjali, 366:developed. To say that time is a succession of states of consciousness and that the present is lostPatanjali, 382:himself, and this is true in all realms and states, higher or lower. The effect of the transferencePatanjali, xii:consciousness, at a realization of these two states of being; he has consciously to free himselfProblems, 12:off" policy of certain groups in the United States, the demand for a white Australia or SouthProblems, 20:nation which emerged from Britain, the United States. This is one side of the picture. But theProblems, 25:Rehabilitation of the Nations The United States The psychological problem with which the UnitedProblems, 25:The psychological problem with which the United States of America is confronted is that of learningProblems, 25:it is an accusation) is also true of the United States. A great future lies ahead of that nationProblems, 25:and a politically-minded church. The United States of America has no such handicap, except insofarProblems, 25:Britain. The roots of the people in the United States are necessarily in other countries becauseProblems, 26:from other lands. The racial groups within the States still bear the marks of their origin and ofProblems, 26:symbolically speaking, the people of the United States show all the characteristics of adolescence.Problems, 26:symbolically speaking, the people of the United States are of the ages seventeen to twenty-four.Problems, 26:and labor will reach its climax in the United States, but will also be fought out in Great BritainProblems, 27:Commonwealth of Nations and in the United States. Order must be brought about in the States andProblems, 27:States. Order must be brought about in the States and this order will come when freedom isProblems, 30:Will the great powers, Russia, the United States, and the British Commonwealth of Nations standProblems, 44:other. We are all intermingled today. The United States is composed of people from every knownProblems, 50:newer countries of the world, such as the United States, Australia and Canada, mass education wasProblems, 68:than are the others. Such nations are the United States, the British Commonwealth of Nations andProblems, 68:impulse. The basic intention of the United States is the well-being of all within its nationalProblems, 69:of labor, will have none of it. In the United States there is isolation, the persecution of suchProblems, 74:the situation around the coal fields both in the States and Great Britain. The exploitation ofProblems, 76:men in Europe, Great Britain and the United States began to agitate, to write books which wereProblems, 86:the case with the Negro minority in the United States of America, which leaves them basically notProblems, 91:British Commonwealth of Nations and the United States of America; you have also powers which haveProblems, 93:after influence in many directions; the United States of America is seeking to hold the place ofProblems, 95:same time constituting a minority in the United States of America and one which is attracting greatProblems, 101:its evil head can now be seen, and in the United States of America it is a mounting menace. [102]Problems, 106:and carried them into slavery to the United States or to the West Indies. They have been exploitedProblems, 111:an outstanding disgrace. Brought to the United States and to the West Indies more than twoProblems, 111:Under the constitution of the United States, all men are regarded as free and equal; the Negro,Problems, 111:not free or equal, particularly in the southern states. The situation in the West Indies moreProblems, 111:more closely resembles that in the northern states, where conditions are somewhat better but whereProblems, 111:The treatment of the Negro in the southern states is a blot upon the country; there the fight is toProblems, 111:this constitutional privilege. In the northern states these conditions do not exist to the sameProblems, 112:nations why the broadminded people of the United States - vociferous in their demand for their ownProblems, 112:fact that he can and does vote in the northern states, in many cases as wisely as his whiteProblems, 172:is a rampant capitalism which makes the United States one of the most feared of the nations, plusProblems, 172:of Russia and the capitalism of the United States. It is the smug greed of the nations whichProblems, 172:treatment of the Negro peoples in the United States and Africa which is [173] contributing, to theProblems, 173:in Great Britain and still more in the United States, thus keeping much of the truth from theProblems, 175:Russia distrusts the capitalism of the United States and - to a lesser degree - that of GreatProblems, 175:is rapidly learning to mistrust the United States on the ground of imperialism; both Great BritainProblems, 175:imperialism; both Great Britain and the United States mistrust Russia, on the basis of her spokenProblems, 175:there are statesmen in Great Britain, the United States and Russia who are endeavoring to work forPsychology1, 6:its reactions through the emotional and mental states, is of course recognized by many schools ofPsychology1, 58:greater activities are going forward; varying states of consciousness and stages of awareness arePsychology1, 58:of the human form we have such differing states of sentiency as are registered by the hair, by thePsychology1, 60:of God) is a sevenfold being, capable of seven states of consciousness, expressive of the sevenPsychology1, 60:objective is to be consciously aware of all the states of being, to express consciously all thePsychology1, 60:every kingdom in nature and producing thus all states of consciousness in all fields of awareness.Psychology1, 99:intelligent awareness. These latter supernormal states find expression through the medium of thePsychology1, 124:of the world the fact that the superconscious states exist - not the superhuman only - and willPsychology1, 163:planes of form, and in this connection, with all states of consciousness and throughout the createdPsychology1, 177:subjective realm, and his apprehension of new states of awareness. These developments will bePsychology1, 192:great sons of God. Again, the second proposition states that the seven rays, being each thePsychology1, 192:by his solar angel. The third proposition, which states that quality determines the appearance, isPsychology1, 199:will initiate the life of that kingdom into new states of consciousness and of awareness. The wholePsychology1, 331:and complete response to all conditions and states of awareness. Let it ever be remembered that thePsychology1, 384:the possibility of such grouping. The United States of America are doing a somewhat similar thing,Psychology1, 384:into one federated state with many subsidiary states, instead of subsidiary nations. These twoPsychology1, 384:that the sign Gemini governs both the United States and London. The fluid, mercurial, intuitionalPsychology1, 385:The sixth ray is potent in Russia, the United States, Italy and Spain. It is the fanaticalPsychology1, 386:of the idealism of Russia and of the United States may reveal no resemblances in the goal of theirPsychology1, 387:only Brazil, Great Britain and the United States of America are definitely under the influence ofPsychology1, 387:force for the Aryan race, so called. The United States fulfils the same office for the sixth orPsychology1, 387:based on idealism and love. The United States will therefore represent a fusion of races, with thePsychology1, 387:but not the fulfiled achievement. The United States represents the intuitive faculty, expressingPsychology1, 388:and masculine. India, France, the United States of America, Russia and Brazil are all feminine, andPsychology1, 389:the personality or form aspect of the United States of America is abundantly evidenced in itsPsychology1, 390:The newly forming country of the United States is likewise esoterically and intimately associated,Psychology1, 392:of the British. If the idealism of the United States of America, which is today its personalityPsychology1, 392:the pattern which underlies the structure of the States may be seen in lines of light, and we shallPsychology1, 393:also that the emotional pattern of the United States at this time is expressed in terms ofPsychology1, 393:of true benevolence. The mental pattern for the States is to be seen as mass information throughPsychology1, 393:intuitive perception. The soul pattern in the States today works out through the acquisitiveness ofPsychology2, 70:life of the atom, the sensitive emotional states, and the intelligent mind have eventually to bePsychology2, 110:system, and therefore all rays and the varying states or groupings of consciousness, and all forms,Psychology2, 253:in the outer world of phenomena as further states of consciousness are attained. In the past eachPsychology2, 320:for the psyche, and also the secret of the many states of consciousness which the sentient orPsychology2, 337:impact of ideas. That of one or another of these states of consciousness, alternating in theirPsychology2, 339:energy. The shift of emphasis is then into those states of awareness which reveal the kingdom ofPsychology2, 340:or another of all of these various stages and states of consciousness. There are but a few on earthPsychology2, 342:in consciousness, into higher and higher states of awareness until the Path of Pursuit becomes thePsychology2, 349:his various bodies with their different states of consciousness into one active reality. He is thenPsychology2, 364:of it," is significant, for it indicates that states of consciousness can exist and the disciplePsychology2, 391:three worlds of human endeavor and in the five states of consciousness, human and superhuman. ThisPsychology2, 398:aesthetic sense, group philanthropy and world states are from the consciousness of the aboriginalPsychology2, 405:can become aware of worlds of phenomena and states of consciousness of a nature different to thosePsychology2, 427:for fusion and for unity. Parallels to these states of consciousness are found in the adolescent.Psychology2, 468:a vague, impractical, visionary mystic. These states of mind are dangerous, if they are permittedPsychology2, 474:control. The man is, in reality, reverting to states of awareness and to conditions of functioningPsychology2, 475:our occidental civilization. I am referring to states of consciousness and realms of awarenessPsychology2, 482:to bear it all. In some of the more sublimated states of this acquiescence, the sensitivelyPsychology2, 499:using the lowest type of aid for all groups and states of consciousness. This does not seem wise,
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