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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - STATUS

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Astrology, 117:(the lower Creative Hierarchies) to the [117] status of Themselves in so far as They constitute theAstrology, 228:with power and determination to preserve the status quo of the balanced expression of these twoAstrology, 305:geometrical charts will indicate in a moment the status of the initiate, and also the point towardsAstrology, 324:determination that they too may attain planetary status equivalent to that of the sacrificing soul.Astrology, 334:which require a grasp of individual evolutionary status for correct interpretation. It isAstrology, 345:the lower three kingdoms is dependent upon the status and energy-distributing power of humanity asAstrology, 346:the point of development and the spiritual status of the subject whose horoscope is underAstrology, 453:facts will give you an idea of our planetary status in the great family of the central sun andAstrology, 503:It deals with and is related to the spiritual status of the planetary Logoi, those great Beings inAutobiography, 38:The claim that one is an initiate of a certain status is never permissible, except among those ofAutobiography, 39:was my correct place and indicated my spiritual status. Autobiography, 70:their differences, India can have dominion status or complete independence. Time and again, theAutobiography, 176:lines, with the emphasis upon personality status, upon personality devotions, upon personalityAutobiography, 196:of Alice A. Bailey - Chapter V This idea of status and position has been the curse of the T.S. andAutobiography, 249:against the unwholesome curiosity as to status and title which is a blight on so many occultAutobiography, 249:the teaching in its purity and simplicity. Status and title, place and position count for nothing.Autobiography, 253:- and not the authority of my name or of any status which I might claim or which might be claimedAutobiography, 255:and not by their words and have to prove their status by the work accomplished. The Masters workAutobiography, 268:person to be an initiate and, because of his status, authorized to speak with dogmatic emphasis.Autobiography, 281:life and rejects all claims to spiritual status. The Arcane School is non-sectarian, non-political,Autobiography, 290:no Claims are made of Place, Power or Spiritual Status The world today is full of self-proclaimedAutobiography, 291:Staff) makes any claim to high spiritual status; any worker making such a claim would ceaseAutobiography, 298:claim making, as to her own personal spiritual status. This we well know. The powerful andAutobiography, 298:disciple of the Great Ones with achieved status sufficient to her task and that through her theAutobiography, 300:disciple in proportion to the importance of his status and the amount of spiritual force thereforeBethlehem, 24:from the rest of humanity by asserting their status and thus automatically placing themselves uponBethlehem, 27:today believe themselves to have reached this status because some occult leader or some psychicBethlehem, 27:as one of the first initiates to attain that status under the Christian dispensation. Read what heBethlehem, 90:the Center, but this in no way detracts from the status and work of Those Who preceded Him. He cameBethlehem, 101:and trembling," (Phil., II, 12.) his spiritual status is immediately recognized by his peers, andDiscipleship1, 11:- in this life or another take your place. This status (if I may call it by such a name) must beDiscipleship1, 66:own background, tradition, social and racial status) , you will then brood consciously on theDiscipleship1, 70:of the disease and its cause, plus the karmic status of the patient and the condition of hisDiscipleship1, 77:I want to say is that whatever your particular status on the Path at this time, I shall seek toDiscipleship1, 78:you are accepted disciples with all that that status necessarily implies of responsibility andDiscipleship1, 84:are: The whole subject of humanity - its present status, its problems and the opportunityDiscipleship1, 95:you among them, have speculated upon your status and standing upon the Path and upon the status ofDiscipleship1, 95:status and standing upon the Path and upon the status of your co-disciples. That is, after all,Discipleship1, 96:Ashram upon the inner planes know somewhat the status of their co-disciples, but they do not alwaysDiscipleship1, 96:and your own business. Speculate not as to the status of the other disciples in my group who areDiscipleship1, 97:intensely preoccupied with your own development, status and service; you all need to learn toDiscipleship1, 108:you this as the outer recognition of the inner status (as well as of inner [109] states ofDiscipleship1, 118:evokes from you (as evidence from them of status) no [119] reaction practically, except a sense ofDiscipleship1, 143:of your health but from the angle of the status which you have reached upon the Path ofDiscipleship1, 215:a still greater achievement. As you realize the status of your soul, you must come to theDiscipleship1, 307:those whom he can help, but whose evolutionary status is not on an equality with his own. TheDiscipleship1, 344:point of evolution of the disciples and their status upon the Path of Discipleship lies [345]Discipleship1, 441:definitely orienting yourself to the life and status of the Path of Discipleship. This hasDiscipleship1, 562:out to you and to all disciples. Recognition of status, however, is purely a personal matter; itDiscipleship1, 617:know. I am, by doing so, telling you of your status upon the Path - that of an Accepted Disciple.Discipleship1, 738:of disciples satisfied with themselves, their status or their service. He frequently lays theDiscipleship1, 739:disciples and co-workers, no matter what their status? Have I preserved the needed spirit of lovingDiscipleship1, 760:direct force in specific directions. When their status is not that, their task is to act asDiscipleship1, 769:group or Ashram, the Master gauges the place and status of the disciple, though there are, ofDiscipleship1, 770:disciples, because they are unconscious of status, of any responsibility in an Ashram and of theirDiscipleship1, 770:their own character training, and with their status in a Master's Ashram and his interest in them.Discipleship1, 781:against the unwholesome curiosity as to status and title which is a blight on so many occultDiscipleship1, 781:the teaching in its purity and simplicity. Status and title, place and position count for nothing.Discipleship1, 785:- and not the authority of my name or of any status which I might claim, or which might be claimedDiscipleship1, 788:as being of supreme importance and hierarchical status; they know full well that disciples,Discipleship1, 788:deeds and their words; they have to prove their status by the work they accomplish. Discipleship2, 53:disciples) to the Hierarchy. According to the status of the groups and their awareness andDiscipleship2, 63:not unaware of their massed effect, quality or status. Contact and relationship are based uponDiscipleship2, 108:and disciples who primarily value spiritual status, kudos or an elevated position? We cannot. AllDiscipleship2, 154:of the Plan or the Purpose - according to the status of the initiate - and that is accepted by himDiscipleship2, 165:you to arrive - according to your evolutionary status and the depth of your reflection - at what IDiscipleship2, 175:This produces recognition of spiritual status and objectives. It involves recognition also of theDiscipleship2, 317:everywhere for initiation - according to their status and developed ability. The difference,Discipleship2, 354:to pass onward and arrive at his attained status by his mode of handling a hint. In the precedingDiscipleship2, 373:these are dependent upon the initiatory status of the disciple. With these we cannot deal, becauseDiscipleship2, 467:The fourth initiation, which confers the status of adeptship, produced the mystic realization, theDiscipleship2, 561:need to learn sometimes that their spiritual status is not [562] always evocative of a life ofDiscipleship2, 564:of an Ashram is necessarily dependent upon the status, the degree and the experience of the MasterDiscipleship2, 623:the focus of his directed attention The present status of the human race. Most of humanity is not,Discipleship2, 631:Necessarily, this work varies according to the status of the disciple and his place within theDiscipleship2, 632:of duty and obligation are related to status more than to soul growth and control, though thisDiscipleship2, 666:the interpretations will be dependent upon the status of the thinker. For you, a disciple inDiscipleship2, 666:which you are being prepared); according to the status of the initiate, so will be the vision. ItDiscipleship2, 672:all that I said there and if your spiritual status is as I stated. It most certainly is, and onDiscipleship2, 672:been susceptible to glamor; you felt that your status was ahead of the majority of your brothersDiscipleship2, 673:as well as a clear perception of your status as a disciple. Since that time you have yourself beenDiscipleship2, 719:instructions is no indication of capacity or status, for in the spiritual life and in all life freeDiscipleship2, 729:part of his group or Ashram. You longed for the status, technically understood, of an acceptedDiscipleship2, 730:the Ashram, except those of higher initiate status, fall short at times. One of the things which IDiscipleship2, 763:[763] keeps him from clear-eyed recognition of status - a recognition which necessarily involvesEducation, 3:the method whereby tribes acquired national status through aggression, war and conquest. That hasEducation, 91:(whether based on an hereditary or a financial status) and which will ensure a fuller and richerEducation, 116:the major and primary causes. This evolutionary status has brought mankind to the threshold of aEducation, 128:according to the country of birth and social status. This has entirely altered the aspect ofEducation, 129:ideal: The recognition of hierarchical status, which is, in the last analysis, the relation of theEducation, 132:who have reached perfection and achieved the status of divine servers. Those souls who are in theExternalisation, 101:a vision of the Plan; I am aware (because of my status as an initiate of a certain degree) of theExternalisation, 497:the human family will recognize universally its status as a bridging kingdom between the threeExternalisation, 512:so-called is no indication of his true esoteric status. When the few who are the true esotericExternalisation, 575:and the reward of service rendered; spiritual status is recognized through the medium of what isExternalisation, 583:of the inner effort will be dependent upon the status in the Ashram of the disciple. When theExternalisation, 587:its content. According to his hierarchical status, he will become increasingly a channel of powerExternalisation, 664:(many of them unconscious of their esoteric status) who were cooperating with the Law of EvolutionFire, 65:a vishva, then a mahavishva and so on, till the status of mahavishnu is reached." - Bhagavan Das inFire, 77:Brahma, but it is going on a higher and higher status as it fulfils its mission. Those who have
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