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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - STAUNCH

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Autobiography, 4:the understanding [4] friendship, affection and staunch cooperation of my many friends andAutobiography, 50:in my diagnosis and prescription. I have also a staunch belief in the fact of the human soul and ofAutobiography, 204:a group of men and women who were not only our staunch friends, working with us from then to now,Bethlehem, 170:and which enabled Him to go forward with staunch determination to the Cross experience, through theDiscipleship1, 101:in the word "identification." They need the staunch support of all their disciples, the steadfastDiscipleship2, 482:the indicated task, to prove to the Master his staunch determination, and to his fellow members inDiscipleship2, 664:are learning to know me and you have ever the staunch love and confidence of A.A.B., who has aExternalisation, 210:activity. With goodwill to all, with a staunch belief in the divine possibilities of human beingsExternalisation, 317:persistence in the face of difficulty, and a staunch belief in the beauty of the human spirit, inExternalisation, 677:conceived, and from the point of view of the staunch and basic integrity of the divine human being.Problems, 120:A prejudiced person, a religious fanatic, or a staunch nationalist have a hard task in developingPsychology2, 691:seed in what I have told you, if you have staunch belief in the work of the spirit of God and inRays, 32:but basically it leads to an unalterably staunch loyalty, underlying the surface of the outer life.
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