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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - STAYED

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Autobiography, 29:came to us when I was twelve years old and who stayed with us until I went to a finishing school inAutobiography, 109:family gathering at an uncle's house. I only stayed a few months in England and then went back toAutobiography, 115:home but in due time she got scared though she stayed with me right through. The field next theAutobiography, 180:the offer and left for New York whilst I [180] stayed behind to see what the developments were andAutobiography, 181:for Foster to go West and fetch the children. I stayed behind to get things ready, make theAutobiography, 222:met us and took us to her lovely villa where we stayed for a number of weeks. This train trip was aAutobiography, 225:husband and herself and Foster and me. Later we stayed with them frequently in their beautiful homeAutobiography, 241:we went to Geneva or Lausanne or Zurich and stayed there for a little while. People from differentFire, 26:evolution spiraled on its way. The Sons of Power stayed in their appointed place, though cosmicFire, 724:being swept in on the second Breath; He has stayed until now: He will remain with us until all theHercules, 127:which you should love. Learn why." And Hercules stayed within the city gates and there prepared forHercules, 141:sally forth. In vain he watched. The monster stayed within its fetid den. Resorting to a stratagem,Hercules, 196:cast him down so forcefully that there he stayed. Again, when the giant Alcyoneus threw a rock thatHercules, 199:about the world doing good, and their names have stayed with us down the ages. You must be a veryInitiation, 44:story (though with much error in detail) has he stayed with the sons of men; never has he reallyInitiation, 57:a Master of the Wisdom. From that time on he has stayed and worked with the Christian Church,Problems, 145:His steps; Christ Who ever lives and Who has stayed with us for two thousand years, watching overPsychology1, 84:from each to each. Yet still the temple door stayed shut. As time went on, the sounds of life werePsychology1, 397:gates of earth. Their friends went on... They stayed behind... The Masters met in conclave and
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