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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - STEADFAST

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Bethlehem, 57:and that His love for His people has been steadfast and unalterable. Whenever the time is ripe andBethlehem, 241:the angle of environment and circumstance. A steadfast belief in God and His predestined purposeBethlehem, 268:(not emotional reactions, but steady, [268] steadfast, understanding love), then the tangles inDiscipleship1, 101:the staunch support of all their disciples, the steadfast love, the loyal attitude, theDiscipleship1, 139:other people. This can be handled if you stand steadfast as a soul and do not focus as aDiscipleship1, 243:must be superseded by the purpose, ordered and steadfast, of your first ray soul. In this lastDiscipleship1, 243:of the devoted aspirant must change into the steadfast, powerful, calm purpose of the soul, workingDiscipleship1, 245:have to be prepared. But you are a strong and steadfast soul, provided you can keep a poised andDiscipleship1, 245:soul, provided you can keep a poised and steadfast attitude of mind and emotion and preserveDiscipleship1, 305:go. Detachment from the thoughts of others and steadfast radiation hold for you the secret of yourDiscipleship1, 321:and those associated with you certainly will. My steadfast understanding and my love is yours, myDiscipleship1, 324:for the days of coming duty, of quiet living, of steadfast orientation towards the light, of silentDiscipleship1, 358:to it. It disappears by the power of clear and steadfast meditation and the freeing of oneself fromDiscipleship1, 384:test has been the holding of the attitude of steadfast endeavor in the face of circumstance, and ofDiscipleship1, 394:5th month - How can I enter into light and steadfast stand, seeing the truth on every hand? 6thDiscipleship1, 407:being." For you, there must now be a period of steadfast stabilizing of that which has beenDiscipleship1, 424:quite radically. All disciples who are steadfast in their orientation entered, at the Full Moon ofDiscipleship1, 460:storms nor peace, no rest nor strife; only the steadfast will of God which works toward good."Discipleship1, 471:to work in the Tibetan's Ashram and remains steadfast and sure. Discipleship1, 505:loyalty to the cause of occult truth and steadfast endeavor (plus selfless thought) are yours andDiscipleship1, 510:or of imminent failure mount to your tower and steadfast stand. The tower is only symbolic but, ifDiscipleship1, 519:and for your unfaltering aspiration and steadfast service. For you the group meditation isDiscipleship1, 551:There was, in these earlier times, but little of steadfast, coordinated purpose. Now yourDiscipleship1, 579:that the restful waters give. 4th month - I am a steadfast hill whereon the breeze of God blowsDiscipleship1, 615:Have I been hard, my brother? I assure you of my steadfast love and of my deep and lasting desireDiscipleship1, 620:Ashram. His acceptance of the discipline and his steadfast faith, in spite of continued recurrentDiscipleship2, 80:nature of a seal set upon your faithfulness and steadfast faith over the years in which we haveDiscipleship2, 100:enterprise animating those few of you who remain steadfast. Certain of you (F.C.D., J.W.K-P.,Discipleship2, 101:at this point to all of you who have remained steadfast, even if perforce inactive, that I wouldDiscipleship2, 331:disciple, but to stand at the same time in steadfast love beside him until such time as he hasDiscipleship2, 541:Disciples - L.F.U. August 1946 MY BROTHER OF THE STEADFAST HEART: I do not find as I approach youDiscipleship2, 556:to carry you through this life. I urged on you a steadfast adherence to established spiritualDiscipleship2, 659:suffering and nothing has prevented them from a steadfast pursuit of reality. This capacity leadsDiscipleship2, 696:to work, in the Tibetan's Ashram and remain steadfast and sure." A.A.B. knew what she was saying,Discipleship2, 714:turn to something else; your basic purpose is steadfast and true and your steadiness in adhering toDiscipleship2, 741:life then has an ordered rhythm, and there is a steadfast adherence to a plan which is carriedDiscipleship2, 745:at all times, but you must now come forth into steadfast ordered work, shouldering responsibilityExternalisation, 221:you must preserve an understanding attitude of steadfast love (not sentiment or emotional reaction)Externalisation, 364:to weld the free nations into one united and steadfast whole? Today the issue is clear and the endHealing, 105:creative imagination, plus a sense of deep and steadfast love, will keep the mind and the will inHealing, 358:love, silent, uncomplaining, non-critical and steadfast, be your goal and the quality of your groupHercules, 79:flight. With quiet step, outstretched hand and steadfast eye, he shot an arrow towards the doe andIntellect, 92:is strong enough and our determination rooted in steadfast and undeterred perseverance, and if theIntellect, 100:from traditional teaching, thy soul shall stand steadfast, firm in soul vision, then thou shaltMagic, 182:relation to the Adepts is more potent than the steadfast investigation into [183] limitations andMagic, 583:limitation and inherited tendency) and to a steadfast application of the creative and magical work.Patanjali, 29:from traditional teaching, thy soul shall stand steadfast, firm in soul-vision, then shalt thouPatanjali, 66:from traditional teaching thy Soul shall stand steadfast, firm in soul-vision, then thou shalt gainPatanjali, 170:in two parts: Discipleship itself or the steadfast training and discipline administered to thePatanjali, 178:in any of the three bodies is eradicated. This steadfast application to the twofold work producesPatanjali, 180:(see previous sutra), and is dependent upon steadfast practise, meditation and earnest service. 2.Patanjali, 213:of the physical body when in meditation, a firm steadfast unwavering condition of the astral orPsychology2, 18:any personal cost and sacrifice, should be our steadfast aim. For this, in truth and sincerity, weRays, 51:carried forward into the realm of the dynamic steadfast will. This will, as it is progressivelyRays, 109:but am endeavoring to show the necessity for the steadfast consecration of the spiritually mindedTelepathy, 25:a constant attitude of reflective thought and a steadfast love for each other. I would remind you
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