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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - STEADILY

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Glamour, 95:growing sense of dualism which, day by day, gets steadily stronger. This stage only takes placeGlamour, 110:or the consciousness that "I am," is steadily growing, and the initiate of the day faces the effortGlamour, 110:its brilliance and radiance. This glamor has steadily deepened and intensified as more and moreGlamour, 117:glamor. The soul ray or energy is all this time steadily increasing its rhythmic potency, andGlamour, 141:localized) to the heart center. There he must steadily hold it and work consistently andGlamour, 155:that the balance changes and the personality steadily becomes negative and the soul or psycheGlamour, 156:and up to the time when the soul ray begins steadily to produce a growing effect. This personalityGlamour, 159:spiritual standpoint functions today through the steadily growing band of world servers, worldGlamour, 159:ray but precipitated by the effect of the steadily influencing soul ray. It [160] is the shadow orGlamour, 167:see more clearly. The world glamor is being steadily removed from the ways of men. These twoGlamour, 174:that (when grasped and apprehended) they have steadily transformed man's way of living, revealed toGlamour, 174:apprehension of being; they have led him steadily away from identification with form and into thoseGlamour, 183:recognizing no further revelation and holding steadily - many of the theosophical groups - that TheGlamour, 208:light of the mental body, and this blended light steadily intensifies as he persists in theGlamour, 224:heart, plus a critical mind, which loves steadily in spite of error seen, with a clear sightedGlamour, 240:its close. We have carried a consecutive theme steadily and have traced the threefold aspect of theGlamour, 252:is directed into them or through them; they are steadily brought into a beauty of organizationGlamour, 257:attaining and adhering to a point of tension. Steadily, whilst the process of inhalation andGlamour, 258:and re-establishing. The lower centers are steadily vitalized and become extremely active and theGlamour, 260:the music of the Hierarchy itself and this is a steadily enriching symphony; as the centuries slipHealing, 43:the initiate or the Master, the astral body is steadily oriented towards the soul. In the mystic,Healing, 53:for that basic condition is becoming steadily modified by impulses coming from the mental plane.Healing, 61:processes of cremation, this condition will be steadily improved. Gradually, very gradually, theHealing, 67:would have you remember this with care and bear steadily in mind that I am here only generalizing,Healing, 97:body. The problems of stimulation will, however, steadily increase with the growing sensitivity ofHealing, 101:it out on to the patient in the form of a steadily outflowing stream of radiant energy. This streamHealing, 135:at the same time, orthodox medicine has been steadily drifting towards the occult point of view. IHealing, 139:at the middle point, the solar plexus, and then steadily and intelligently to coordinate theseHealing, 217:of its awakening, as the astral body becomes steadily more powerful. The stage of its potency when,Healing, 230:growth of the sense of responsibility has gone steadily forward until it has culminated in ourHealing, 231:to the impression and the direction of a steadily developing desire nature. Desire became somethingHealing, 236:The orientation of humanity towards the light is steadily changing and "light dispels all evil."Healing, 264:their borders), grasping for material good and steadily rejecting the things of the spirit. TheyHealing, 297:prior to a forward moving activity, leading steadily and always towards betterment. TheHealing, 342:god, the Soul, then the cycles of the moon will steadily lose their baleful effect and there willHealing, 363:This great truth and its guarantee is held steadily before us in the history of the "gloriousHealing, 365:labors in the field of service but looks forward steadily to the dawn of the "clear cold light"Healing, 368:to the electrical force of the soul, which is steadily growing in potency. A few of the scientistsHealing, 384:in the world of the Hierarchy are aware, or are steadily becoming aware, of the causes whichHealing, 395:between men upon telepathic levels; men will be steadily growing in intelligence, and humanity willHealing, 411:after the disintegration of the physical body is steadily being proved. If that is not so, then weHealing, 412:of clairaudient and clairvoyant people is steadily revealing the existence of the astral plane andHealing, 435:every soul within a physical form; in so doing, steadily and inevitably, the first divine aspect -Healing, 475:the sumtotal of organs, cells and atoms, is steadily being released from the integrating potency ofHealing, 476:conscious man, withdrawing his consciousness, steadily and gradually, into the astral and mentalHealing, 479:be helpful. Investigation and experiment and the steadily growing facilities which science providesHealing, 489:for mental life. He withdraws gradually and steadily into the mind body, and the astral bodyHealing, 497:state where the probationary disciple - under steadily growing soul contact - shatters theHealing, 501:the lower triple man. The bodies become then steadily more refined; the seeds of death and ofHealing, 514:astral and mental - are carried out with a steadily awakening state of awareness, as the lower mindHealing, 514:knowledge relinquishes his various vehicles. Steadily the soul takes control, and then the discipleHealing, 537:a rounded-out approach to the whole man will be steadily developed, and the need for this is todayHealing, 586:students in the world, and their numbers will steadily increase as both personality and soulHealing, 685:and which - when unfolded - indicates a steadily growing soul control. The [686] fulfilment ofHercules, 6:of sublimation and of transmutation, carried steadily forward until at length the Mount ofHercules, 12:testimony of the mystic, however, we can see a steadily emerging manifestation of this concealedHercules, 27:sons of men who crossed their path, and breeding steadily most wild and evil horses. "Capture theseHercules, 66:the mind faculty and the intellect have been steadily developed. Gemini, therefore, has influenceHercules, 66:the five stages of his search his education is steadily carried forward. The exoteric ruler ofHercules, 74:in psychic phenomena, and to shut out as steadily as they can the astral plane until they haveHercules, 86:and thus both the sign and the name hold steadily before us the thought of the taking of form andHercules, 90:he has emerged out of the water and climbed steadily on until he finds himself on the summit of theHercules, 110:consciousness of people everywhere is shifting steadily out of the emotional nature, and so out ofHercules, 170:form. The atmosphere grew stifling, the darkness steadily more intense. And yet his will was firm.Hercules, 226:Christ is gradually revealed, matter is steadily subordinated to the uses of the soul, and the formInitiation, 5:ever changing forms, and catch glimpses of the steadily evolving life within those forms, but asInitiation, 32:of Light still exists, and the work goes steadily on. They are all in physical existence, either inInitiation, 40:as the case may be. Only the King persists steadily and watchfully in active physical incarnation.Initiation, 76:is response, but looks not for it, and loves steadily, quietly, and deeply through all apparentInitiation, 84:development, although his mental equipment grows steadily. Many lives may intervene between theInitiation, 104:for the majority of the Great Ones pass on steadily and increasingly to other and higher work, asInitiation, 157:Ego. By thus meditating the first aspect comes steadily into greater prominence, and the consciousInitiation, 177:do all these four things consistently and steadily, and thus transmute knowledge into wisdom, andIntellect, 5:by their aid, there appears a possibility of steadily enlarging self-mastery, as the spiritualIntellect, 27:and the faculty of awareness must be steadily expanded. Expansion and growth is the law of life andIntellect, 52:soul. Later comes control by the soul, and a steadily increasing expression of the nature of theIntellect, 60:ordered and as phenomenal as any we now know. He steadily assumes the attitude of the soul towardsIntellect, 60:hastened. The mentality of the race is steadily mounting the ladder of achievement. Humanity,Intellect, 78:scientific achievement and divine unrest. Steadily his center of consciousness has shifted, andIntellect, 78:his center of consciousness has shifted, and steadily his attention has been focused on an everIntellect, 80:and from the basis of ordinary knowledge, we steadily expand our understanding of the term, untilIntellect, 82:process, a relationship is gradually and steadily established between the soul and its instrumentsIntellect, 84:tells us that "when the means to union have been steadily practiced and when impurity has beenIntellect, 105:and ideas, and holding the mind firmly and steadily focused or centered on the object of ourIntellect, 107:in reading a book, in writing a letter, let us steadily focus our thought on what we are doing andIntellect, 107:topic for thought. To this succeeds a process of steadily and quietly learning to abstract theIntellect, 112:inward increasingly, and outer things have been steadily negated; this has not been accomplishedIntellect, 123:to register impressions emanating from that steadily manifesting Factor which we call (for lack ofIntellect, 151:"When the means to union have been steadily practiced, and when impurity has been overcome,Intellect, 168:- pleasure as well as pain - and stands steadily in [169] spiritual being. The line or channel ofIntellect, 184:between the races. These two factors are steadily breaking down the old barriers, and demonstratingIntellect, 200:knower and the instrument of knowledge becomes steadily and revealingly apparent. At the same timeIntellect, 202:Our idea as to what constitutes spirituality has steadily grown. Through the use of desire, feelingIntellect, 206:be the One who is thinking (not feeling), and we steadily guide our thoughts at all times alongIntellect, 214:is as follows: The five senses are being steadily synthesized by the sixth sense, the mind. This isIntellect, 234:his own reports about himself. Our work is to go steadily forward, doing the demanded task "withoutMagic, 11:his forces that a plan is being sequentially and steadily matured. Through a clear knowledge of theMagic, 17:without questioning. The other is that small but steadily growing band of Knowers of God, and ofMagic, 55:soul is grasped by the personality, that soul steadily dominates and can be trusted to carryMagic, 66:aspire, and hold the inner calm. Withdraw steadily into interior work and so cultivate a
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