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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - STEADILY

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Magic, 74:the soul and its triple instrument becomes steadily closer, and the resulting vibration moreMagic, 134:fields of human thought - are gradually and steadily affecting the subtler bodies of humanity andMagic, 135:the plans and to work together peacefully and steadily. Friction is oft unavoidable. They mustMagic, 135:of a group of knowers and of mystics is going on steadily in all parts of the world and in allMagic, 137:to the truth as sensed, and capacity to drive steadily forward toward the ideal. This entails theMagic, 147:interest the man and he regards it as desirable. Steadily the attraction of the three worlds growsMagic, 150:It is a holding of all the forces of the life steadily in the place of silence, and when this canMagic, 176:seek thus to extend their vision; that they hold steadily the inner realization that they alreadyMagic, 199:the form of the thousand-petalled lotus, and the steadily heightening vibration of the heart andMagic, 200:living out in your daily life the teaching so steadily imparted, you would be standing ere nowMagic, 203:discovers himself, as the Light shines ever more steadily upon one's way, and constantly a newerMagic, 204:This incentive is, in its turn, surely and steadily superseded by a vital love for humanity, andMagic, 204:control of its instrument and the soul nature steadily manifests, this too is superseded by love ofMagic, 204:in my other books and many of you are working steadily upon the work of meditation. I have placedMagic, 222:creator. Add to these forms that persistent and steadily growing scenario we call the "akashicMagic, 230:plane. It should here be noted that in the steadily developing power of choice, and the loyallyMagic, 231:expands; thus the responsibility and struggle steadily increases; yet at the same time there isMagic, 231:increases; yet at the same time there is also a steadily growing recognition of potencies which canMagic, 259:since the middle of the Atlantean period have steadily been attracted toward the destructive orMagic, 260:part he plays, let him remember that there is a steadily growing group of those similar to him andMagic, 266:closely focused, and the energy or life aspect steadily applied, the result will be irresistibleMagic, 325:shells built by man. So hold the inner vision steadily and have that long patience which enduresMagic, 328:group is as yet a very small minority, but a steadily growing one. It is that inner group of loversMagic, 330:Relatively they are few and far between, but steadily their numbers are increasing and increasinglyMagic, 339:from that of his brother. This realization is steadily expanding from the individual to the stateMagic, 339:the basic concepts connected with brotherhood is steadily growing. Brotherhood as a fact in natureMagic, 358:power of choice in the realm of ideas - man is steadily forging ahead towards full liberty and fullMagic, 359:well, for all is planned, and divine purpose is steadily working out its objectives. Magic, 383:on the plane of the intuition, and the mind is steadily relegated into the background till itMagic, 390:intuitional level has a subtle control which is steadily waxing stronger. All humanity is strivingMagic, 394:in power and influence where there is a real and steadily awakening entity behind the "persona",Magic, 396:issues are not registered as yet. The stage of a steadily growing group awareness. This is viewed:Magic, 399:or outer form, there is integrating - silently, steadily and powerfully - a group of men and womenMagic, 403:at present sensed, and for which the Masters are steadily working, might be defined as follows: -Magic, 417:They are equipped to organize, slowly and steadily, that public opinion which will eventuallyMagic, 432:in Whom we live and move and have our being is steadily increasing. On the one hand, you have theMagic, 454:up to some vast purpose, conceived and held steadily in the Universal Mind, which is in its turn anMagic, 461:senior initiates, and disciples is proceeding steadily with that work but is dependent, under theMagic, 461:of cataclysms, the cause, for instance, of the steadily increasing insect peril, will be [462]Magic, 504:for until the aspirant has learned to be steadily aware of all processes in going to sleep and toMagic, 513:the periods of withdrawal from incarnation steadily lengthen, until the point is reached when theMagic, 514:no physical plane ebb and flow, but manifest steadily an urge to work. These are people who are soMagic, 524:but a tiny fraction of the structure? Bear this steadily in mind as you study and ponder theseMagic, 536:educational endeavor, the human consciousness is steadily expanding until one by one the Sons ofMagic, 549:the equipment of the white magician has steadily grown. I could enlarge on many other quaternaries,Magic, 580:[580] creator. Energy can be used dynamically or steadily and the effects of these two modes of theMagic, 582:achievement of that spiritual orientation, held steadily - no matter what the outer disturbance inMagic, 588:hierarchy which stands behind world affairs. Steadily They have been working at the task ofMagic, 589:and of purity), the work of this stage is going steadily forward. So successful has it been thatMagic, 603:through love, actively shown; through wisdom, steadily outpoured; and through that capacity toMagic, 606:recognize the fact that the kingdom of souls is steadily becoming a physical plane phenomenon (do IMagic, 606:Their work is threefold and very difficult. Steadily they have to cultivate that detachment whichMagic, 606:which characterizes the soul which knows itself. Steadily they take the knowledge and informationMagic, 607:whose hands the three threads of developing life steadily pass. Their task is exceedingly hard, farMagic, 619:and equipment of the race as a whole. It is steadily coming to the surface owing to the growingMagic, 624:personality that their service is gradually and steadily stepped down to the level of thatMagic, 626:concepts. The student finds himself becoming steadily detached from the prime governing instinctsMeditation, 31:that point of light to become a flame, by steadily fanning the spark and feeding the fire. CausingMeditation, 62:chanted with the center of consciousness steadily held within whichever center has been chosen, theMeditation, 195:that heart center (keeping the consciousness steadily there) he will drive forth the sound of theMeditation, 232:the pupil to realize the absolute necessity of steadily refining his vehicles so that the force mayMeditation, 268:living) will come the increased faculty to hold steadily the higher vibration. Again and againMeditation, 270:and be able to hold himself stable and to move steadily forward when subjected to theMeditation, 314:student with cosmic strength and will bold steadily before him the thought of the Mount ofMeditation, 344:whole, is the man whose own development proceeds steadily. But nevertheless the aim of personalMeditation, 349:wastes not time in backward contemplation, but steadily presses forward to the accomplishment ofPatanjali, 13:- the concentrated effort of the soul to hold steadily the position of observer, or perceiver andPatanjali, 45:are exponents of the middle path. They proceed steadily and moderately and are called thePatanjali, 45:by an imperturbable pertinacity and who go steadily, undeviatingly forward, eventually arriving atPatanjali, 112:28. When the means to yoga have been steadily practised, and when impurity has been overcome,Patanjali, 134:of identification with the not-self becomes steadily less. The third use of the mind is its use byPatanjali, 178:to Union 28. When the means to Yoga have been steadily practised and when impurity has beenPatanjali, 180:increasing downpour of fiery energy increases steadily the "light in the head," or the effulgencePatanjali, 234:concentration, or the ability to hold the mind steadily and unwaveringly upon that which thePatanjali, 247:Having achieved the capacity to focus the mind steadily upon an object, the next step is developingPatanjali, 264:by the illuminating light of the mind being steadily directed upon that object. The perceivingPatanjali, 273:then be heard. Once heard and the work carried steadily forward, the realm of consciousness isPatanjali, 407:gradually expanding state of consciousness and a steadily increasing condition of awareness becomesPatanjali, 419:of the Silence and obeys its injunction, working steadily at the task of spiritual living in aPatanjali, 424:following the practices employing the means and steadily fulfiling the law and at the same time toPatanjali, x:East. Since then the tide of spiritual life has steadily flowed westward, and we may now look for aProblems, 25:and middle class origin is determining the race. Steadily in all nations, the power in governmentProblems, 30:unity in diversity, can be brought about. A steadily pursued educational process by which all theProblems, 66:benefiting others. Secondly, there will be the steadily growing problem of the release of man powerProblems, 76:which is the right of every man. The fact of the steadily increasing power of labor and of itsProblems, 76:of the workers is still going on; gains are steadily being made; shorter hours and better pay areProblems, 111:not exist to the same extent, but the Negro is steadily discriminated against, is refused equalProblems, 112:small nations in Europe; at the same time they steadily defy their own constitution by refusingProblems, 113:is on the side of the Negro and there is a steadily growing determination among the white citizensProblems, 130:and clean and relatively pure and good. All have steadily deteriorated since the day of theirProblems, 142:to stage upon the Path of Evolution, unfolding steadily and sequentially the divine attributes andProblems, 178:churchmen will be forced to listen and comply. Steadily and regularly, the general public must bePsychology1, xxiv:as he takes up the study of the rays, must steadily bear in mind that he himself - as a human unitPsychology1, xxv:present time wherein the human consciousness is steadily becoming more inclusive and mental, and soPsychology1, 11:laws. The great work of the Builders proceeds steadily. Often that which is built is inchoate,Psychology1, 13:of gravity (if I may so express it) shifts steadily out of the form side and centers itself morePsychology1, 39:of the quality with the appearance grows steadily upon the path until the fusion of quality andPsychology1, 47:of forms. The aeons will see these two energies steadily dominating all appearance and driving thePsychology1, 98:of clairvoyant and clairaudient people are steadily revealing the existence of the astral plane andPsychology1, 98:the disintegration of the physical body, is steadily being proved. If that is not so, then we are
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