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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - STEADILY

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Rays, 98:as follows: The life of the personality is steadily weakened, and its grip upon the soul isRays, 131:of his ultimate highest spiritual attainment; it steadily supersedes soul knowledge, and the energyRays, 133:a moment studying some of the effects of this steadily growing fund of knowledge. It has become theRays, 148:more than are suspected, and their ranks will be steadily increased in the postwar period, bothRays, 173:Ashrams which constitute the Hierarchy are steadily increasing and are beneficently conditioningRays, 187:and its opponent, the Black Lodge, increased steadily in potency. Gradually the forces tookRays, 188:plane, and to this thickening glamor humanity steadily contributed and responded. Then as evolutionRays, 245:thinking upon the subhuman kingdoms in nature steadily bringing the unknown to the surface,Rays, 267:Chamber of Shamballa, that purpose is ever held steadily within the "area of preparation" (I knowRays, 281:activity is strictly triadal and monadic, with a steadily growing responsiveness to logoic intent. Rays, 282:work, the consciousness of the Master is being steadily expanded, and this because of the nature ofRays, 287:new and higher spiritual influences are being steadily poured out. I write, my brothers, for theRays, 383:inner relationship and the spiritual fusion will steadily proceed until: Soul and personality areRays, 387:major Ashrams have been fully organized and are steadily increasing in radiatory activity. As youRays, 419:of the freeing of the spirit by the mode of steadily developing forms which - in orderly unfoldmentRays, 441:the united Ashrams. He thus consciously and steadily approaches the radiant Center of this solarRays, 443:quality of the soul, implementing desire and steadily becoming a higher creative faculty as desireRays, 443:a line of energy - the antahkarana - which he is steadily and scientifically creating. It might beRays, 447:by a definitely directed life-tendency, which steadily sends the man in the direction of the worldRays, 448:Some people, fewer of course in number, are steadily linking the soul and the mind, which in itsRays, 449:of the consciousness within the form to a steadily expanding range of contacts within theRays, 457:consequently undertake - in cooperation with his steadily awakening and focusing consciousness - toRays, 458:increasingly active, and thus the three threads steadily fuse, blend, become dominant, and theRays, 458:relation between soul and personality has been steadily carried forward, primarily by the soul, asRays, 484:and do form the vanguard. Humanity will awaken steadily and as a whole to the incoming spiritualRays, 490:the substance present. There then supervenes a steadily mounting potency, until the third stage isRays, 496:Perhaps, however, you prefer to go forward steadily, with no group effort, making your work for meRays, 502:of the ray life. The disciple has to preserve steadily the triple consciousness, not simplyRays, 569:of the Lord of the seventh Ray are becoming steadily more powerful in the three worlds. ThisRays, 577:registered, made active and finally used, are steadily increasing in number and potency at eachRays, 579:the mass tendency toward mental unfoldment. The steadily growing soul influence, working like aRays, 582:intensified and controlling, and his aspiration steadily mounts, but is at the same time limitedRays, 595:whether the ray is in incarnation or not - is steadily leading humanity towards illumination. [596]Rays, 629:habits and thoughts and faults, with a steadily increasing soul pressure. The United States, thoughRays, 638:[638] struggle between emotional control and a steadily developing mind control which isRays, 642:from the esoteric angle, evolution means a steadily increasing sensitivity to light andRays, 651:the transmutation of all these ambitions into a steadily growing and consciously spiritualRays, 663:personality. This higher possessiveness steadily increases from the time of the third initiationRays, 669:sex relationship shifts [669] gradually and steadily into its proper place as simply a naturalRays, 671:the head. This process may take several lives of steadily intensifying effort on the part of theRays, 693:is set up in the world of meaning where he has steadily learnt to dwell. This covers the period ofRays, 712:their intuitional capacity developing slowly but steadily - begin themselves to intuit these ideas,Rays, 714:on the initiate demonstrates increasingly and steadily the first divine aspect, that of the WillRays, 715:destruction will set in. This Shamballa force is steadily held in leash for fear of too great anReappearance, 10:of all these facts that has led to the steadily mounting invocative cry of humanity in every landReappearance, 24:Christian to realize that the Christ passes on steadily to increasingly potent experiences, andReappearance, 42:result of the World War (1914-1945); thirdly, a steadily mounting invocative cry, prayer or demand,Reappearance, 90:The New Group of World Servers holds steadily to the "Noble Middle Way" (as the Buddha called it)Reappearance, 133:see more clearly. World glamor is being steadily removed from the ways of men. Those twoReappearance, 146:to stage upon the Path of Evolution, unfolding steadily and sequentially the divine attributes andReappearance, 148:energy. This spiritual Hierarchy has been steadily drawing nearer to humanity as men have becomeReappearance, 148:Who will bring it and implement it is drawing steadily nearer to us. What [149] this great approachReappearance, 165:little study quickly provides) that mankind has steadily moved onward in wisdom and knowledge, andReappearance, 168:heart difficulties that his "body consciousness" steadily develops until it eventually dominatesReappearance, 169:all creation on toward a greater glory and a steadily deepening, intelligent responsiveness. ThisReappearance, 183:Relatively they are few and far between, but steadily their numbers are increasing, andReappearance, 184:the preparations for the coming of the Christ. Steadily and as a result of the work of the NewReappearance, 189:is developed, the Christ and His disciples will steadily approach closer to mankind. If the initialSoul, 71:by their aid, there appears a possibility of steadily enlarging self-mastery, as the spiritualTelepathy, 6:operation of this process is to be extended and steadily developed by the emerging group of mysticsTelepathy, 38:Your constant effort - to be carried forward steadily and slowly - must be to bring about a groupTelepathy, 46:of ideas. These demonstrate through a steadily growing and enlightened public opinion. TheTelepathy, 64:the various phases of consciousness which are steadily and sequentially revealed in time and spaceTelepathy, 90:Nevertheless, there is on man's part a steadily growing responsiveness to an expanding environment,Telepathy, 95:objectives of which he is becoming aware are steadily being formulated by him into thoughts withTelepathy, 101:of superconscious contact. This ability develops steadily as the aspirant treads the Path of
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