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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - STEADY

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Astrology, 84:our thought and all that I have to say. A steady recollection of the twelve basic [85] energiesAstrology, 140:planets is supplemented by an increasingly steady inflow of the energies [141] of the esotericAstrology, 172:Mercury is becoming increasingly active. A steady illumination is taking place and light is beingAstrology, 190:for the [190] Archer has to acquire and hold a steady eye, hand and stance prior to firing theAstrology, 236:attitude, the intellectual perception and the steady urge of the evolutionary process. Nothing canAstrology, 258:Throughout this relation and as a result of the steady unfoldment of the soul principle runs theAstrology, 358:of Mercury as it rules Gemini is to produce a steady pull between the pairs of opposites; in VirgoAstrology, 373:phases of one condition. The war, when held in a steady focus by the Guides of the race and whenAstrology, 378:in a far vision of possibility and a steady movement forward in spite of the immediate dangers andAstrology, 381:that attraction and repulsion which leads to a steady shift of the attracting force to an everAstrology, 394:He will move spasmodically and in wild rushes; steady measured progress upon the Way is very hardAstrology, 446:Great Britain and which is responsible for the steady movement of peoples from East to West, fromAstrology, 447:conditions which will enable mankind, under the steady influence of the Hierarchy, to take theAstrology, 447:a conscious inner program or purpose under the steady pressure of the life of the indwellingAstrology, 450:pattern, its recurrent points of fusion and its steady progress, through changing process, towardsAstrology, 471:is, therefore, brought about at this time by the steady inflow of the energies of Leo-Pisces-VirgoAstrology, 472:Triangle: Leo, Virgo, Pisces. It has been the steady impact of Piscean force which has at long lastAstrology, 484:of energies is going on, producing a slow, steady awakening of the mass consciousness so thatAstrology, 580:is not expressed by an iron fixation to stand steady and not yield to evil forces. Determination,Astrology, 624:does not require the slower methods of the steady drive. It is also the will which conquers deathAutobiography, 229:developments in the school has been our steady stiffening of the requirements of membership.Autobiography, 257:does not go to the Master for strength to stand steady. He tries to walk in the light of his ownAutobiography, 277:self. This leads in sequential process to the steady unfoldment of consciousness and prepares theBethlehem, 5:its close) crystallization and a gradual but steady emphasis of the letter and the form, till theBethlehem, 49:the evidences of this unfolding Plan in the steady growth of several ideas that are now dominant inBethlehem, 55:consciousness of man, and that which is the steady application of the message of Christ to currentBethlehem, 203:for soul consciousness; and righteousness is the steady turning of the thought and life towards theBethlehem, 267:and understanding (not emotional reactions, but steady, [268] steadfast, understanding love), thenBethlehem, 274:kingdom materialize on earth? By the gradual and steady increase of the numbers of those who areDestiny, 43:the many means of communication and through the steady growth of telepathic interplay; hence alsoDestiny, 49:They must be led in right ways gradually by the steady development in right understanding of theirDestiny, 108:you, definitely good, and it demonstrates the steady achievement of the Great White Lodge. TheDestiny, 114:recognized desire and thus there is a steady expansion of requirements, of realization and then ofDestiny, 120:the Hierarchy. We can look, therefore, for the steady appearance, gradually and cautiously applied,Destiny, 126:upon the physical plane with a constant and steady objective in order to bring about results whichDestiny, 138:considered) and in relation to the Plan and the steady growth of widespread creative activity, bothDiscipleship1, 20:Third: Disciples must now organize for a steady united effort. This must take the form of a closerDiscipleship1, 61:Soul contact. Spiritual poise. Poise is the steady holding of the achieved soul contact. Then, theDiscipleship1, 81:intelligent understanding; it will require the steady and conscious intensification of group loveDiscipleship1, 82:seemingly impossible goal. I would reply: By the steady practice of impersonality with itsDiscipleship1, 100:seeing it on every hand and attempting to stand steady in the midst of it all - I say: That whichDiscipleship1, 104:upon the Lord of Love - which is the soul. Steady your thought processes (which for you is notDiscipleship1, 113:then stay poised in thought and hold the mind steady in the light for as long a period as you can.Discipleship1, 124:express it. There has been, at the same time, a steady adherence to the chosen way and to yourDiscipleship1, 129:several life cycles. But you have courage and a steady will and can achieve much in this life. YourDiscipleship1, 144:and galvanizing them into activity. By the steady power of your own inner radiance, you must holdDiscipleship1, 144:own inner radiance, you must hold your workers steady. The task of finding the right people and ofDiscipleship1, 159:Recognition of the Plan. Clear-cut realization. Steady Will. For you, meditation is an assuming ofDiscipleship1, 163:to carry the plans forward. Therefore, hold steady, brood deeply but drive not. Discipleship1, 164:interludes of gaining physical strength. The steady, unbroken, inner push, carried forward throughDiscipleship1, 167:other members of my group push through. Stand steady and do not be so seriously troubled as to theDiscipleship1, 167:and found alignment. Fan those flames into a steady fire in every soul you meet. Ponder on this.Discipleship1, 174:Your progress on the Path has been earnest and steady and your life tendency has been directlyDiscipleship1, 174:case are not hard to read. There has been a steady unfoldment, an [175] yet at times some realDiscipleship1, 175:good deal of valley experience, but usually the steady monotony of a career which has become anDiscipleship1, 175:1st month - The Power of the Soul pours like a steady current through my life. I sense it in myDiscipleship1, 177:more I would now give to you, my brother. Stand steady and know that you are not alone. This groupDiscipleship1, 192:mind. Figuratively speaking, there is a lack of steady contact between the mind and the astralDiscipleship1, 193:as possible, and attempting to hold the mind steady in the light and aligned with the brain. 1stDiscipleship1, 195:You have within yourself a good deal of steady staying power, and you have also a definite capacityDiscipleship1, 198:assume the attitude of the Onlooker, who stands "steady in the light?" Am I capable of learning toDiscipleship1, 198:light of my soul and do I know the meaning of steady reflection? If I use this review on light asDiscipleship1, 199:to the higher self to use? Can I hold the mind steady in the light? As I review my day, what partDiscipleship1, 212:the head. There must the consciousness be held steady. I would suggest that you work as follows: 1.Discipleship1, 213:condition. 2. Then, holding the consciousness steady in the head, at the close of the finalDiscipleship1, 217:your powers would be given simply to standing steady and that you would have no strength to liveDiscipleship1, 221:in mind. Then, consciously, hold the mind steady in the Light. Give five minutes to: A dedicationDiscipleship1, 228:some mental work in meditation, holding the mind steady in the light; carry your service in myDiscipleship1, 228:and the regularity of your life and in the steady rhythm of your service, high moments ofDiscipleship1, 229:your mind upon this point. But paralleling this steady progress must come an increasing crescendoDiscipleship1, 237:more inclusive than heretofore. See to it that steady progress is made in that direction. With anDiscipleship1, 250:mental levels and there learn to hold the mind steady in the light, your sense of proportion mustDiscipleship1, 253:life rhythms and objectives; the life theme is steady and the danger of rigidity is very real. SeeDiscipleship1, 263:into experience with undue haste, but the steady, conscious quickening of the vibration which leadsDiscipleship1, 268:endeavor. True accomplishment involves a life of steady radiance and stable uniform activity; but,Discipleship1, 270:True accomplishment involves a life of steady radiance. There must ever be crises of achievementDiscipleship1, 271:has been done, only you yourself can gauge. A steady readjustment has gone forward in your life andDiscipleship1, 289:that it is not a freedom demanded because the steady discipline of occult training frets aDiscipleship1, 298:that you concentrate upon "holding the mind steady in the light." This will involve renewed work inDiscipleship1, 302:by the consciousness, centered and held steady in the head... We will, at this time, refrain fromDiscipleship1, 310:out of a steadily expanding consciousness, a steady decentralization, demonstrating in a constantDiscipleship1, 311:Let your influence, welling forth from a steady and radiant center, make itself felt in everDiscipleship1, 316:which permits the man who has it, to stand steady in the light, to rest in pure being, and toDiscipleship1, 329:the knowledge that there are those who stand steady, who love strongly and who aid untiringly. GiveDiscipleship1, 346:Then, in your own words, holding the mind steady in the light, and focusing yourself as high in theDiscipleship1, 348:should consist. For you, it should be a steady "standing in spiritual being" which in your caseDiscipleship1, 382:oriented towards the light and this becomes a steady and fixed habit. This fact should prove aDiscipleship1, 395:group life if she achieves the grace of standing steady until she has time to clarify her vision inDiscipleship1, 396:and that her only present need is to stand steady and to give herself time to stabilize into herDiscipleship1, 397:but without criticism and enquiry; love and steady each other as you go through the needed fusingDiscipleship1, 399:to the higher self to use? Can I hold the mind steady in the light of the soul? As I review my day,Discipleship1, 404:before initiation becomes possible, is that of steady persistence in the face of all that seeks toDiscipleship1, 406:for loving service. NOTE: This disciple stands steady in the Tibetan's Ashram. Discipleship1, 408:say one thing? I would like to see in you a more steady application to the meditation work. Seek asDiscipleship1, 417:realization than to know or to act. The constant steady effort to dwell in the Secret Place of yourDiscipleship1, 428:But I seek today to indicate that your steady service has been noted and I assure you that progressDiscipleship1, 431:my mind an organ of vision? Can I hold my mind "steady in the light" and see life truly and freeDiscipleship1, 444:organ to the observer to use? Can I hold my mind steady in the light which streams from theDiscipleship1, 453:with the world problem; you can only achieve a steady, forward-looking attitude and really work atDiscipleship1, 455:It matters not the name. For you, it is the steady transference out of the heart into the head and
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