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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - STEADY

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Discipleship1, 456:cessation of the effort, the ability to stand steady when the sense of futility seems to overwhelm,Discipleship1, 461:aliveness. This, as it takes place through the steady focusing of yourself in the head center, mayDiscipleship1, 462:right understanding of the astral nature and a steady shift of your point of consciousness on toDiscipleship1, 465:I know that for you that suffices. If you stand steady with an open heart, a seeing eye and a readyDiscipleship1, 477:that you have made real progress. You have stood steady under several years of strain andDiscipleship1, 487:come through on the other side. You have stood steady and held the ground gained e'en though youDiscipleship1, 489:necessity for making and holding each day a very steady and felt alignment. If you achieve thisDiscipleship1, 497:each new contact, for otherwise there will be a steady thinning of the stream of influence, willDiscipleship1, 500:impulses of your second ray soul. Hold the mind steady in the light and thereby discern the basicDiscipleship1, 506:your imagination guide you day by day into the steady work of restoration, remembering the goal ofDiscipleship1, 545:outer detachments, inner readjustments and the steady development of the ability to stand as aDiscipleship1, 550:with which you could establish [550] and hold a steady contact between soul-mind-brain. You haveDiscipleship1, 585:How does this stabilization come? Through steady identification with the desired vibration. One ofDiscipleship1, 586:been for your sixth ray emotional body and the steady beat of your loving soul - now emerging intoDiscipleship1, 593:and in time to come you must demonstrate that steady calm for this life, that "poised position atDiscipleship1, 598:at times, and might be, described as a series of steady growth cycles, accentuated at intervals byDiscipleship1, 599:rising sun. Therefore, for you there must be the steady growth of the light of your own soul,Discipleship1, 606:only pierces through in places. As yet, there is steady stream or lighted Way. Therefore, for theDiscipleship1, 617:the remainder of this life must be given to the steady adherence to the duty of the day and to anDiscipleship1, 618:you, and my confidence in your ability to stand steady and to avoid glamor is always present. Discipleship1, 620:to say - its own dangers but bringing also a steady growth towards beauty, goodness and wisdom;Discipleship1, 623:as the soul pours its life and light with steady radiance into the instrument. The best that I canDiscipleship1, 625:to blame. Maybe my vision of you as a strong and steady helper, added to your innate isolation,Discipleship1, 650:you can with such facility touch) has held you steady and sweetened your personality. See to it,Discipleship1, 652:the rest reach forth to men." Hold the mind then steady in the light and carry your plans andDiscipleship1, 668:and no action will then be taken but only that steady vision which sees the inner side and not theDiscipleship1, 668:here in connection with world affairs. Stand steady, therefore, and permit no thoughts of hatredDiscipleship1, 670:of the soul and endeavoring to hold the mind steady in that light. Interlude wherein you aspire toDiscipleship1, 682:The life of a disciple is a gradual but steady moving in towards the center, and accepted disciplesDiscipleship1, 687:unfoldment of each of the five senses brought a steady emerging revelation of God's world and aDiscipleship1, 698:an aspect, of the etheric web of humanity; the steady reorganization of the many parts leads to aDiscipleship1, 738:and limitations. He does not only give them a steady flow of teaching and increased opportunity toDiscipleship1, 749:to the lower and lead, therefore, to the steady ascending of the Way of Life and the Ladder ofDiscipleship1, 750:the disciple who is focused in a "mind held steady in the light." The surface of his life may beDiscipleship1, 755:the egoic lotus. The lower concrete mind "held steady in the light." The throat center. The brainDiscipleship1, 771:ideals and - at the same time - to preserve a steady attitude of love, is not an easy one,Discipleship2, 4:is good. The growth of impersonality must be steady and sure. The faults evidenced by each and allDiscipleship2, 8:not, therefore, adequate to hold the personality steady and the invocative power of the personalityDiscipleship2, 11:attitude which will enable me to pour out in a steady stream of constructive sentences which willDiscipleship2, 16:high as you possibly can, endeavor then to hold steady, holding the mind unwaveringly "in theDiscipleship2, 16:effort. Realize that, on my side, I also stand steady, pouring out upon you my love and strengthDiscipleship2, 26:become as one. Then hold yourself as poised and steady as possible, preserving that detached poiseDiscipleship2, 28:orientation which has enabled W.D.S. to stand steady through his tests. There is a stage ofDiscipleship2, 36:carried by thought and directed towards me, are steady but not so brilliantly fluctuating, theDiscipleship2, 36:in the outer world; it is aided also by the steady vibratory activity of the members of the AshramDiscipleship2, 52:essential to success: The mind must be "held steady in the light," and for this receptiveDiscipleship2, 54:enabled the confident aspirant to "hold the mind steady in the light." Then, there were the twelveDiscipleship2, 61:Path of Discipleship - be stable enough to stand steady under the impact of hitherto undiscernedDiscipleship2, 84:The past record of this group in effective and steady work would not incite A.A.B. to have muchDiscipleship2, 93:make but that of encouragement. They are holding steady, but have enough teaching whereon to workDiscipleship2, 117:the day to continue holding this recollection steady and work always in due remembrance of theDiscipleship2, 120:into the solar plexus. There they must be held steady until such time as the man is ready to dealDiscipleship2, 130:the alignment work, endeavoring to hold the mind steady in the light and to achieve as far as youDiscipleship2, 131:Your duty lies in the daily releasing of steady illumined love, free from all criticism. It is notDiscipleship2, 144:the 0M, and wait silently, holding the mind steady. This is "the pause of reception." STAGE THREE -Discipleship2, 162:intuition, plus the capacity to hold the mind steady in the light whilst the brain is quiescentlyDiscipleship2, 162:of that ideal upon the physical plane. By the steady progress of humanity, en masse, towards theDiscipleship2, 169:of the primary objectives of the Invocation; its steady use will bring about an inclusive view ofDiscipleship2, 192:of reflection, of constant awareness, and the steady focus of his attention is higher than theDiscipleship2, 195:which, because the consciousness is held steady in the light, because the antahkarana is aDiscipleship2, 258:is given to the soul, recorded by the "mind held steady in the light" and then later - with greaterDiscipleship2, 373:thought-forms and this generated energy are held steady within the aura of the Master or of a groupDiscipleship2, 379:and every one of the revelations is - in a steady crescendo of illumination - the result ofDiscipleship2, 381:of life and of events upon humanity. The steady tendency towards decentralization, so that theDiscipleship2, 392:requirements and thus ensures the gradual and steady continuity of the Plan; the third group areDiscipleship2, 400:to the planetary Logos, preserving and holding steady in that light the vision, the purpose, theDiscipleship2, 401:man and "three periodical vehicles," producing a steady fusion of these three, an increasingDiscipleship2, 410:to ensure a recognition so extensive that the steady, consistent arousing of human expectation isDiscipleship2, 445:inner reality will hold you true to the goal and steady in expression. My attention turns towardsDiscipleship2, 461:on the first ray and as this work is largely the steady withdrawal of [462] energy to the mentalDiscipleship2, 462:times a day. Do not look for results. A year's steady work with a detached attitude as to theseDiscipleship2, 476:it also conveys the idea of a more definite and steady use of the head center. You are, of course,Discipleship2, 481:not present; the Master knows, therefore, that a steady cooperation and continous effort is not yetDiscipleship2, 489:all the group undertake. It involves only the steady preservation of an attitude, a fixedDiscipleship2, 492:OLD: In the present world upheaval and with its steady approach to the western hemisphere, it isDiscipleship2, 500:due expression for thought, for holding the mind steady in the light, and for the requiredDiscipleship2, 503:in my Ashram have a dual responsibility to stand steady in a preservation of realization - if I mayDiscipleship2, 506:contact with your students in Spain or hold steady those already working in South America; it isDiscipleship2, 510:my brother. These are troubled times, and steady centers of light in every land are sorely needed.Discipleship2, 510:disciple has persisted faithfully to serve as a steady center of light, and in September, 1951, heDiscipleship2, 549:for the life of the Ashram and an increasing steady contact with the Master demonstrate to him theDiscipleship2, 558:- holding on to his soul - the disciple stands steady until the problem or relationship disappears.Discipleship2, 573:on mental levels. Hold the consciousness steady at that point. Visualize then a golden band ofDiscipleship2, 582:result should be most effective service and the steady growth of any work you may undertake for meDiscipleship2, 584:call your almost grim determination to stand steady in the light. Now comes the disbanding of theDiscipleship2, 596:is - as well you know - the making known and the steady and intelligent preparation of the humanDiscipleship2, 607:required. An understanding heart and a steady application to the work to be done are greatDiscipleship2, 608:a better and more usable instrument. Form a steady and stable focal point of loving attention toDiscipleship2, 620:at any given time and does not demonstrate the steady force of the soul, centered in spiritualDiscipleship2, 628:yourself if you are going to fail as far as a steady and undeviating moving forward is concerned.Discipleship2, 630:and your patient waiting, quiet reflection and steady mental poise bring their reward of clarifiedDiscipleship2, 630:of living. You will then find taking place a steady enrichment of your entire life. This willDiscipleship2, 633:him - the life of ashramic instruction and of steady approach to the Master, plus the life of outerDiscipleship2, 636:from point to point with your consciousness held steady within the Ashram and your personalityDiscipleship2, 643:your attention upon them at this time. Stand steady, therefore, and be not unduly distressed. AvoidDiscipleship2, 643:the pledged disciple is that he learns to stand steady and unmoving no matter what may be happeningDiscipleship2, 651:much in the past years, but it is the standing steady, and so becoming a channel and a link.Discipleship2, 655:from watching others suffer. You have stood steady, and in your steadiness, serenity andDiscipleship2, 659:with the self in all should be your steady and practical objective. To aid you in this, I suggestDiscipleship2, 702:something about which you need to learn, or the steady friendship of F.B. and A.A.B., as well as
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