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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - STEADY

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Discipleship2, 704:which will be and is strong enough to hold you steady to the purpose and true to the objective? NoDiscipleship2, 705:and the cultivation of the spirit of steady inner spiritual learning, if he is ever to make hisDiscipleship2, 722:major life problem, you know that you need the steady rhythm and the heartbeat of the HeadquartersDiscipleship2, 725:that which comes in between you and the clear, steady enlightened progress upon the Path whichDiscipleship2, 754:when convenient. I set no regular time. A year's steady practice (with belief, plus skill inDiscipleship2, 756:For years I have watched you. You have made steady progress in all directions but have reached aDiscipleship2, 758:of a potency. It is the power to hold others steady by the nature of your understanding; this theyDiscipleship2, 760:on a deeper meaning. They [760] might indicate a steady moving forward, side by side, of a youngerEducation, 6:producing an integrated personality which is a steady developing expression of the indwelling soul.Education, 12:creation of thought-forms, and eventually to the steady orientation of the mind to a wider andEducation, 115:presentation of these ideas there is a steady march towards a liberty of thought (through the oldExternalisation, 19:the students in esoteric schools settle down to steady, quiet, unemotional work. Let them refrainExternalisation, 52:a right use of the systems of education and by a steady training of the people to recognize theExternalisation, 54:further elaborate in this place. In view of the steady progress towards religious unity which hasExternalisation, 82:not adequately potent ideas to hold us joyously steady in the midst of a changing world? Will you,Externalisation, 83:Being. [83] Second, that we too can stand steady in spiritual Being. Third, that the silence of aExternalisation, 102:be due to constant pervasive pressures and the steady spreading of the group influence and ideals.Externalisation, 138:are victorious and are definitely holding things steady. It is for this reason that nothing has yetExternalisation, 141:of right human relations. Secondly, to keep up a steady process of right thought, rightExternalisation, 172:world today, as these workers struggle to stand steady under the fierce impact of wrong thinkingExternalisation, 191:period for the new world order there will be a steady and regulated disarmament. It will not beExternalisation, 199:of the democratic nations; there is also the steady spread of the Soviet Socialist Republics.Externalisation, 219:meeting of group need, and the functioning of a steady group cooperation on a world scale. This isExternalisation, 294:make this demand with firm intent and can stand steady and unafraid, response will inevitably comeExternalisation, 343:is not expressed by an iron fixation to stand steady and not yield to evil forces. Determination,Externalisation, 352:the aspirants of the world are asked to stand steady in patient, yet convinced, expectancy. TheExternalisation, 353:renewed application to meditation and a constant steady use of the Invocation, particularly the oneExternalisation, 368:peak, bringing enormous present potency, but a steady decline is indicated for the future. TheExternalisation, 377:the vision and it is holding countless thousands steady in the path of duty, and for it many inExternalisation, 387:the history of the human race has been one of a steady moving forward down the ages and towards theExternalisation, 394:the Path of Light which leads to divinity. This steady trend towards increasing relationship hasExternalisation, 440:attract this force to Himself and will hold it steady, prior to redirecting it. The Christ willExternalisation, 495:war fatigue. This brought about, first of all, a steady deterioration of their minds, and then ofExternalisation, 499:must therefore, in the future, be based upon a steady determination to further right humanExternalisation, 509:increasing sensitivity of men and through the steady thinning of the separating veil, more and moreExternalisation, 516:us, available for use. Naught can withstand the steady pressures of love and harmony when they areExternalisation, 535:your adjustment to the Hierarchy through a steady construction of the antahkarana, and in so doingExternalisation, 559:to the humblest initiate - are in process of steady and increasing hierarchical discipline,Externalisation, 577:(as that of all disciples on this ray) is a steady persistence which brooks no discouragement, evenExternalisation, 589:of the central fact of human evolution - the steady growth of divinity and the revelation throughExternalisation, 641:train your workers. See that they are kept in steady circulation. 5. Endeavor to make the WesakExternalisation, 643:be fulfiled if humanity (as a whole) stands in steady expectancy, wise activity, and makes broadExternalisation, 689:to the spiritual growth of mankind and to the steady, even if slow, orientation of mankind to theFire, 123:to the higher note of the Ego, and causes a steady rising of the blending fires through theFire, 249:effect of these two stimulations, inducing steady growth and development. A man is distinguishedFire, 254:the united effect of these stimulations inducing steady internal development. A Heavenly Man isFire, 258:levels. It is their united effect which induces steady development. The solar Logos isFire, 401:a somewhat synthetic viewpoint, and the steady holding of the thought of PURPOSE in all activity,Fire, 407:concrete mind. Unless this is paralleled by a steady influx of egos on to the buddhic plane inFire, 455:the growth of spiritual realization, and by the steady grip of the Ego upon the lower personality,Fire, 542:plane is unfolded [542] through the conscious steady application of all the powers of the soul toFire, 838:fire waited in its high place and the steady glow beneath increased. The fire burned clearer, andFire, 838:They meditated. * * * The glow became a steady burning and tiny flames were seen. The first, theFire, 868:and illumines, and, at the same time, the steady practice of purification, the burning away of allFire, 939:[939] First, their work is directed to the steady increase of the human physical vehicle, so thatFire, 978:if the interplay between units of the group is steady and uninterrupted. One of the most frequentFire, 994:of altruism, sincere love of man, and a steady negation of all lower desire. The third danger whichFire, 995:vibration, and the "stormy sea of life," for the steady rhythmic response to that which is highestFire, 995:constant watchfulness, unremitting control, and steady meditation. Mental Poise. These words areFire, 995:(as it is commonly understood) becomes the keen steady instrument of the indwelling thinker, andFire, 998:out concentratedly to his shadow, man, and his steady meditation upon the purpose and the plan. ItFire, 1004:the safety of the one who thus creates, and steady contemplation. Thus are the heart, the throat,Fire, 1005:man on the physical plane can hold the purpose steady, and refuse to permit its distortion by theFire, 1007:this produces (unconsciously in most cases) a steady stream of energy which is focused upon theFire, 1034:periodical emergence of form, and in the [1034] steady, though slow, progress towards a goal. WeFire, 1059:This united activity produces a uniform and steady push (if it might so be expressed) toward aFire, 1216:of an atom with the group interest, and the steady negation of the atom's own material interests;Glamour, 3:itself in that mental apparatus which is held "steady in the light." This is the "Light of theGlamour, 11:symbol as it is illuminated by the mind "held steady in the light." This final stage brings intoGlamour, 15:in order to incite you all to more rapid and steady growth and effort. You have been told that oneGlamour, 18:I ask for your cooperation and assistance. The steady impact of right thought on the humanGlamour, 27:mass is made up of the individuals, and in the steady release from the control of these innerGlamour, 42:Path of Discipleship Meditation Holding the mind steady in the light Maya Etheric InspirationGlamour, 55:the brain. The idea is seen by the mind, "held steady in the light of the soul." It descends to theGlamour, 56:it. The mind, endeavoring to remain in constant steady conscious contact with the soul, seeing intoGlamour, 59:This results in the ability to hold the mind steady in the light, to perceive correctly, to achieveGlamour, 60:he may be able in some measure to hold his mind steady in the light, yet what he is offering to theGlamour, 61:attempt to contact the same idea. The cure is a steady attempt to decentralize the life from theGlamour, 73:things: Stand in spiritual being. Keep the mind steady in the light. From this it will be apparentGlamour, 81:Only through Raja Yoga can a man stand steady in the light, and only through illumination and theGlamour, 81:Only as the disciple learns to hold his mind "steady in the light," and as the rays of pure lightGlamour, 81:and to assume the attitude of reflection - held steady throughout the day. You would find it ofGlamour, 99:by dwelling in the light and holding the mind steady in that light, and by learning to throw thisGlamour, 127:but the Hierarchy, which is a term denoting a steady progress from a lower state of being and ofGlamour, 139:and its power is brought to an end by a steady, prolonged period of concentration which is given toGlamour, 155:disciple strives with more or less success to steady the Dweller (by learning to "hold the mindGlamour, 155:the Dweller (by learning to "hold the mind steady in the light" and thus controlling the lowerGlamour, 175:occult terminology: Individuality has led to the steady perfecting of the mind with its perception,Glamour, 179:Higher Evolution. [179] The holding of the mind steady in the light of the soul, which remains theGlamour, 184:world of human thought, there must also be the steady development of the human mind so that it canGlamour, 202:light. To this they add a persistent and steady focus. This beam, thus projected, has a twofoldGlamour, 204:The stage of direction. This involves the steady pouring of the light (under intelligent direction)Glamour, 204:with meditation and the holding of the mind steady in the light. Only through steadiness can theGlamour, 217:spoken of by Patanjali as that of the "mind held steady in the light." This use of the will -Glamour, 225:that a rhythm can be set up which will lead to a steady rhythmic impact of the light upon theGlamour, 226:work being group work firmly realized and with a steady recognition of the members who form theGlamour, 231:and united as souls with mind and brain held steady and positive in the light. Their blended [232]Glamour, 232:the glamor to be dissipated, holding the light steady [233] and realizing mentally the work ofGlamour, 236:will is invoked whilst the mind is held steady in the light. The glamor to be dissipated and theGlamour, 261:of awakening the centers because right impulse, steady reaction to higher impulsions and the
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