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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - STEADY

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Glamour, 263:The manifesting entity, the disciple, stands steady and firm at this point of tension and his firstGlamour, 272:is my heart's desire for you. To more active and steady enterprise I call you. THE TIBETAN. SeeHealing, 18:produce in him those conditions which lead to a steady weakening [19] of his hold on life; thereHealing, 34:dominating factors are these two streams, plus a steady inflowing and increasing tide of mentalHealing, 62:contact is established, we can hope to see a steady decrease in the number of those who succumb toHealing, 97:healer and the healing group, it should become a steady but subconscious directive agent andHealing, 249:the kingdoms in nature, and thus we shall have a steady radiance shining forth in the mountingHealing, 355:They have to learn, as a group, to hold the mind steady in the light - the group mind, and notHealing, 367:of the whole and not of the part, and through steady occupation in creative work on the physicalHealing, 381:and the rapid discoveries of science, plus a steady trend towards a much needed simplification,Healing, 458:lettest Thou Thy servant depart in peace." The steady use of the Sacred Word, chanted in anHealing, 472:this Law of Attraction, and consists in the steady and scientific abstraction of the vital body outHealing, 555:as well as the head center, and thus keep a steady flow of the positive energy of love pouring outHealing, 604:ability of the healer to hold his consciousness steady in the head center with the "eye ofHealing, 604:"needed center"; it is there focused and held steady. From that appropriate center the stage ofHealing, 605:sole task of the healer is to hold the situation steady, give the patient confidence in the powersHealing, 606:is set up which preserves balance, and furthers steady and normal activity in the centerHealing, 654:simply consists in holding the relationship steady; no interference must be permitted in the workHealing, 657:more to do but to hold his soul alignment steady and permit nothing to disturb his personalityHealing, 662:for it rebels against the curtailment of the steady inflow of material goods. Humanity has madeHealing, 674:quality, it indicates a mind which can be held steady in the light, and can therefore reflect theHealing, 683:are excessive; nevertheless, each life sees a steady growth in sensitivity, and also the storing-upHercules, 5:in two ways. It can be the result of slow and steady evolutionary growth, carried forward underHercules, 13:Finally, the changing focus of the life and the steady application to the twelve labors in theHercules, 24:he said. In the silence of Hercules and in his steady accomplishment, no matter by what failure andHercules, 46:attraction, or of bringing together. It exerts a steady and continuous pull and in both theHercules, 60:precede, almost inevitably, this real and steady effort. The visionary must become a man of action:Hercules, 63:goal. no deviations, no failure! There is only a steady going forward. [64] Hercules, 71:of one-pointed attention, when the mind is held steady and the emotions temporarily cease toHercules, 83:wonderful synthesis of the picture, and of the steady progression, and of the controlled unfoldingHercules, 180:flickered first uncertainly, then waxed to a steady beacon, and now shines for you like a blazingHercules, 198:think of humanity as a whole with all minds held steady in the light, transmitting to lowerHercules, 204:to focus your mind on the soul you must hold it steady, which you cannot do; and when you haveHercules, 218:are brought face to face with the concept of a steady and unceasing progression around and aroundInitiation, 78:they may but achieve the goal, and who steer a steady course through circumstances, keeping theInitiation, 87:the physical body is pure, the astral stable and steady, and the mental body controlled, then theInitiation, 93:by working systematically and enduringly at the steady development of the mental body, by theInitiation, 205:by his wise and sanctified normality, by his steady conformity to that which is best for the groupIntellect, 3:particular direction, which is one-pointed and steady, it may be safe to assume that out of it willIntellect, 98:for in their mastery we can trace the steady ascent of the conscious spiritual man out of the realmIntellect, 99:of the attention in any direction and the steady holding of the mind on any desired idea.Intellect, 135:forward on the wings of thought and then held steady at the highest attainable point. A conditionIntellect, 137:in his own world, the mind and brain are held steady and positive, oriented to the soul, andIntellect, 141:The physical brain has been quieted and held steady; the feeling or sensory apparatus has also beenIntellect, 143:work carried on by the mind. Having been held steady in the light, it now records and registers theIntellect, 143:the two becomes increasingly possible and steady, so that a man at will can focus his mind uponIntellect, 154:mind control and learned how "to hold the mind steady in the light." The consciousness then slipsIntellect, 154:with the soul continues, the mind is held steady and refuses all response to contacts emanatingIntellect, 155:transcendental process, the mind has been held steady in the Light. Presently, however, theIntellect, 158:out. The aspirant masters the mind, holds it steady in the light and then sees and knows. Then theIntellect, 165:way we can account for the coming forth of the steady stream of illuminated writings and of theIntellect, 168:is the high one of constant intellection and steady mental control, and it is only in the earlyIntellect, 180:Whither do we go from this point? It has been a steady progression down the ages of the evolvingIntellect, 180:ages of the evolving human consciousness, and a steady growth of awareness of nature, of the worldIntellect, 183:that they have both been held positively steady and in a waiting condition. The illumination, whenIntellect, 188:Next comes the use of the will to hold the mind steady in the light, and then - the Vision,Intellect, 191:and the realization of unity. This tends to steady illumination. Intellect, 224:immersed. It is the will which holds this image steady and which gives it life. This process goesIntellect, 233:we engage when we feel inclined, but it is a steady unremitting pressure of the will." [234]Magica dynamic adherence to the chosen path and a steady perseverance that overcomes and remains unmovedMagic, 15:are ultimately eliminated or corrected, and the steady focusing of the attention either upon a seedMagic, 15:results in an ultimate clarifying and the steady seeping in of right ideas and sound conclusions.Magic, 26:plane) and seek to understand, through steady expansive growth, the nature and purpose of thatMagic, 54:energetic progress has its drawbacks, and that a steady, regular, persistent endeavor will carryMagic, 57:by the soul with the mind and the brain. Steady meditation upon the plan of evolution. The soul is,Magic, 57:the soul and its instrument is conscious and steady, the man becomes a white magician. ThereforeMagic, 61:them concentratedly to his shadow, man, and his steady meditation upon the purpose and the plan. ItMagic, 64:this be borne in mind. May there be a full and steady play of cyclic force from the kingdom ofMagic, 77:and concentrated attention. It involves also the steady working out of the truths learnt. OccultMagic, 87:between the higher and the lower mind, involving steady and increasing soul contact. The meditativeMagic, 87:three bodies (or by the spiritual man) and the steady meditation of the soul goes on also on itsMagic, 95:set up, and, figuratively speaking, there is a steady flow of force between that center of energyMagic, 97:that he is thus occupied he is "holding the mind steady in the light", and is keeping hisMagic, 97:difficult stage) a paralleling activity of a steady visualization of the thought form through whichMagic, 97:environment. This is only truly possible when a steady rapport has been established between theMagic, 101:personality subject to the soul, will come the steady progress of humanity towards its goal ofMagic, 107:"power from on high", and to hold that energy steady in the brain center whilst he himself inMagic, 121:pin-point, cold and flickering, groweth with steady radiance till the warm light of some blazingMagic, 121:wanderer by the way. "Pass on, O Pilgrim, with steady perseverance. No candle is there nor earthMagic, 129:the Master K. H., that part of my work is the steady search for aspirants of strong heart, ferventMagic, 133:and still, he who also has a physical body with steady nerves and stable rhythm (it will be like aMagic, 146:but not understood. The man, under the slow and steady impact of this vibratory [147] effect,Magic, 147:known. When this stage is reached there ensues a steady turning away from vibratory contact withMagic, 157:the safety of the one who thus creates, and steady contemplation. Thus are the heart, the throat,Magic, 158:waters. The safety of the one who thus creates. Steady contemplation. We will deal briefly withMagic, 163:- Rule Five - The Soul and its Thought-Forms 3. Steady Contemplation You will note here that theMagic, 164:Just as long as he can contemplate and hold steady, so will his creation fulfil his intention andMagic, 164:can link the form and the ideal together in one steady vision, just so long will it serve hisMagic, 172:force center which is his group, and thus in steady touch with the Master, without interviews andMagic, 196:by the cultivation of inclusiveness and the steady loss of interest in the personality, and inMagic, 203:of the astral plane) there should be imposed the steady detached and harmonizing rhythm of theMagic, 207:the need for students to hold their meditation steady in the head and so awaken the head center.Magic, 207:Learn to use the will through the development of steady purpose and the organizing of the dailyMagic, 211:its accurate definition. To contemplate involves steady vision, one-pointedly directed towards aMagic, 214:human beings and animals by a look, and through steady gazing can act magnetically. Force flowsMagic, 216:soul [216] rebuilds the astral body and holds it steady and coherent through its focused attention.Magic, 221:plane, and can achieve equilibrium and hold steady in the midst of its vibrating forces, thatMagic, 227:its ideas and impressions upon the mind held "steady in the light" and so enables the mental bodyMagic, 230:right choice and quick progress upon the way a steady progression. We are told that power is grownMagic, 240:aspirant who builds his Dweller and permits its steady and increasing control becomes a "deluder of
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