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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - STEEP

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Autobiography, 21:steps from top to bottom (and they were very steep) I would probably be dead at the end. I did notAutobiography, 32:mystery stories. Pushing our bicycles up a very steep hill one sunny morning, two men on bicyclesBethlehem, 35:birth to that of the final resurrection, via the steep path of Mount Golgotha. In his innermostDiscipleship1, 375:is a hard way, with many ups and downs, and many steep hills and valleys of shadow, but there isDiscipleship1, 527:and west, lower mountains to the north, and a steep slope to the south, with the path to theDiscipleship2, 641:more easily, picture yourself as mounting seven steep steps. Then, at your highest point, sound theEducation, 110:along the lines indicated. I seek to have you steep yourselves in this line of thought so that myHercules, 125:with his trusty club, he climbed the mountain steep, seeking the boar, and seeing sights, on everyHercules, 170:more intense. And yet his will was firm. This steep descent continued long and long. Alone, yet notIntellect, 94:with J. C. Earle: "I pass the vale. I breast the steep. I bear the cross: the cross bears me. LightMagic, 623:and - like a man carrying a heavy load up a steep hill - he discovers points of strain, and evincesSoul, 126:persons, and of the hogs who ran down a steep place into the sea (Matt., VIII, Mark V, Mark IX).
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