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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - STEPS

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Externalisation, 618:accepted as necessary to all men, and that steps must have been successfully taken in the directionExternalisation, 636:the Hierarchy may not take those possible steps which will prevent men making mistakes, for it isExternalisation, 671:lines, enforcing peace and comfort, taking steps to arrest evil by force and working for theExternalisation, 701:of the Kingdom of God. One of the first steps towards this is to prepare men's minds to accept theFire, 175:on the side of evolution, disciplines his life, steps upon the Probationary Path, and continues upFire, 202:triangle comes into play and the polarization steps up to the higher centers, the senses begin toFire, 326:this triple coordination to effect the necessary steps which enabled the quaternary to succeed inFire, 399:expansion of his consciousness through graded steps until it includes the planes he seeks to reach,Fire, 483:to another, and it involves three distinct steps, which can be seen and traced by means of theFire, 483:clairvoyance, and from the higher planes. These steps or stages are: [484] The fiery stage - theFire, 484:process without exception these three steps are followed. Occultly expressed in the old CommentaryFire, 738:old personality. And while the Karma (of evil) steps aside for the time being to follow him in hisFire, 753:direct incarnation can be seen when a disciple steps out of his body and permits his Guru, or aFire, 761:body and its constitution, and then take up the steps followed by the Ego in producing results inFire, 837:darkness, so that we are enabled to see a few steps of the Way ahead, thus encouraging us to pressFire, 983:of emotional tranquility is one of the first steps towards the achievement of the needed equipmentFire, 1021:whatever that may be. Finally, he has to take steps to protect himself from the attractive forcesFire, 1046:secure possession, i.e., to take the necessary steps, the action, that will bring possession; andFire, 1080:order to superintend the work. The preliminary steps are being taken now, and Egos are coming inFire, 1108:it is not easily possible to follow the various steps and stages and this for the followingFire, 1269:love the Master utters not the final Word. He steps from off the disk and turns His Lotus Feet backFire, 1270:fiery wheel formeth a living WAY, veiling the steps ahead. [1271] The Master - with the midwayGlamour, 36:height. But the hour has struck for the first steps to be taken in the dissipation of glamor, andGlamour, 56:is only an embodied idea. These are the first steps towards materialization. Embodiment becomesGlamour, 57:to that of the soul ray. These are the second steps towards materialization. The form of theGlamour, 65:way of wrong application. These are the third steps towards expression. The form of the expressionGlamour, 89:with the problem of maya that one of the first steps to its right handling is physicalGlamour, 96:reorient himself to truth and to take the first steps towards the Probationary Path. It is aGlamour, 112:and find the masses recapitulating the different steps upon the evolutionary way, with the lowestGlamour, 118:of his ray influence is one of the first steps towards understanding the nature of his problem andGlamour, 152:definitely imperils progress and retards the steps of the disciple upon the Way. It can produceGlamour, 152:Only then can they be usefully considered and steps taken to induce right action. Only when thereGlamour, 179:desired tension. These are the three preliminary steps for which the practice of alignment shouldGlamour, 179:the student of the higher mysteries. These steps must precede all effort to develop the intuition,Glamour, 194:they have taken one of the first important steps towards the comprehension of light and its uses.Glamour, 240:- all human living, and indicating likewise the steps whereby Reality can be known and all veilingGlamour, 270:Once the disciple has taken the necessary steps and moved irrevocably forward, the response of theHealing, 193:they are based on individual causes. When a man steps out of the general mass and steps upon theHealing, 193:When a man steps out of the general mass and steps upon the probationary path, and thus becomes aHealing, 297:condition. [297] Taking the necessary physical steps which will produce the conditions which theHealing, 297:the conditions which the soul desires. These steps will include: A mental acquiescence and anHealing, 303:demanded satisfaction and the taking of those steps - some right and some wrong - which lead toHealing, 344:becomes: The mystical extrovert. The "one who steps aside from the center." The "one who lives uponHealing, 484:attacks and the disasters which often dog the steps of those who discover ancient tombs and theirHealing, 510:to them), they believe in following [510] the steps of the Christ Who went about doing good, orHealing, 510:as they are - under evolutionary law. All these steps upon the way of integration lead to thatHealing, 514:Probationary Path, which increases as the man steps upon the Path of Discipleship. The potency ofHealing, 544:process of death or to the success of the steps taken to induce health. In the case of the healer,Healing, 553:to be obedient. You have here the first steps which the healer must take in dealing with theHealing, 707:be prepared and should take the needed physical steps for amelioration - steps as ordained by theHealing, 707:the needed physical steps for amelioration - steps as ordained by the orthodox medical profession,Hercules"Let him proceed upon his way, but watch his steps." [2] The swiftly passing aeons ran theirHercules, 2:he find the object of his search. Watch o'er his steps and, when he has an understanding heart, anHercules, 5:leaving us an example that we should follow his steps", we have portrayed the five stages of theHercules, 27:he greatly loved and who ever followed in his steps as he went from place to place. And AbderisHercules, 30:horses, nor their savagery. Before he could take steps to prevent it, the mares turned on AbderisHercules, 55:from place to place and returning oft upon his steps to the third Gate. Sad and discouraged, stillHercules, 56:and failure met him and for long delayed his steps. For there he met Busiris, the greatHercules, 57:wisdom on his way. Suddenly, he halted in his steps. A cry of deep distress smote on his ear. SomeHercules, 57:the one who seemed in need and thus retard his steps? He pondered on the problem of delay; a yearHercules, 57:Again a cry broke forth and Hercules, with rapid steps, sped to [58] his brother's help. He foundHercules, 58:the object of his search and hastened then his steps. "Now I shall touch the sacred tree," heHercules, 79:At each point reached, the maidens turned my steps, but still I did persist and now the doe isHercules, 113:from Hippolyte, their queen, who stood upon the steps of the high altar, wearing the girdle givenHercules, 119:personality. But in Virgo, the first of the steps towards spirituality is taken, the soul is calledHercules, 133:that heaven is reached by a series of separate steps rather than by a single salvational leap.Hercules, 136:of means, with a minimum of intermediary steps, with inherent logic". A redwood tree is likewiseHercules, 148:brotherhood. Setting himself apart, he steps further and further beyond the circle of humanHercules, 171:chains, and set the sufferer free. Retracing his steps, Hercules returned as he had come. When onceHercules, 180:now your back upon the brightness; reverse your steps; go back to those for whom the light is but aHercules, 180:point, and help them make it grow. Direct your steps to Augeas whose kingdom must be cleansed ofHercules, 197:but always Hercules turned back, retraced his steps, and journeyed on. Though wearied by this mostHercules, 199:lives set an example that we may follow in their steps; by their words they have sounded the note,Hercules, 209:man's development, and call us to follow in the steps of Hercules, who trod the Path ofHercules, 218:with living creatures, but denotes a way, or steps and is used for the way or path which the sunInitiation, 9:to be found as to its scope, the preparatory steps, the work to be done between initiations, andInitiation, 10:life. It is the first step, and the succeeding steps, upon the Path of Holiness. Literally,Initiation, 17:the Masonic method with what we are told of the steps on the Path of Holiness we get an approximateInitiation, 24:who have achieved the goal by the very selfsame steps that individuals tread today. These spiritualInitiation, 28:It is not sought, in this book, to deal with the steps which led to the founding of the HierarchyInitiation, 61:World Teacher, and the taking of the necessary steps before they themselves come out among men, asInitiation, 74:is one who is mastering rapidly the initial steps to be taken in preparation for initiation. SpeechInitiation, 80:lead men on to further illumination. All these steps have to work out on all the three lowerInitiation, 84:Birth and the Baptism, but the remaining three steps were taken in three years. Once the secondInitiation, 85:this follows in the same invariable consecutive steps and stages. Much is done in simultaneousInitiation, 118:emancipated Buddha. Thus by a graded series of steps is the initiate brought face to face withInitiation, 125:a few outstanding points indicative of the major steps thereto. He sees for one brief second theInitiation, 180:referred to above, but has also taken the five steps involved in the conscious control of the fiveInitiation, 183:in the West the chance to take these further steps. That opportunity will be found by the man whoInitiation, 211:He sits alone, yet close upon the rainbow steps there stand three other Lords, garnering theIntellect, 10:which we call death, and yet take no rational steps to ascertain whether there really is a lifeIntellect, 70:is submission to a new procedure and to those steps and passwords which lead to the door andIntellect, 71:that meditation plays its part [71] and the mind steps in to fulfil its new function of revelation.Intellect, 78:rules to be followed, [78] certain definite steps to be taken, and certain stages of unfoldment toIntellect, 151:pages 203-204. [151] It is here that the East steps in and shows the system whereby illuminationIntellect, 203:world of the unseen and intangible. These are steps in the right direction. When the mentalIntellect, 203:can begin to organize his life so that the first steps can be taken on the path towardsIntellect, 203:organization is one of the most difficult of steps. It is well to remember that all initial stepsIntellect, 203:steps. It is well to remember that all initial steps are hard, for the habits and rhythms of manyIntellect, 223:Failure to conform to the necessary preliminary steps has landed many a worthy investigator in
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