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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - STEPS

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Patanjali, 229: The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali - Book 2 - The Steps to Union 54. Abstraction (or Pratyahara) is thePatanjali, 232: The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali - Book 2 - The Steps to Union 55. As a result of these means therePatanjali, 244:responsible for the form. This process gradually steps up the consciousness and enables thePatanjali, 420:who stumble in the darkness and light their steps upon the path. When is the term of service, 0h!Problems, 5:a long patience as, one by one, the necessary steps are taken, leading to the readjustment of humanProblems, 14:we face the world of today and begin to take the steps which will, in due course of time, lead toProblems, 29:quelling of national pride and by taking those steps which would establish unity and beauty ofProblems, 29:This later involves also the taking of those steps which would enable it to enrich the whole worldProblems, 45:and constructive in its approach. What initial steps the educators of the different countries takeProblems, 60:provide a major asset in preserving world peace. Steps towards this are already being taken andProblems, 81:the needed changes, provided that the correct steps are taken before the pain and agony areProblems, 81:have passed out of man's consciousness. These steps must be taken at once whilst patent evidencesProblems, 93:and must realize that if the best possible steps, spiritual and material, were to be taken for theProblems, 102:and for all; it is for the Jew to take those steps which will not arouse the dislike of theProblems, 107:the trader but much good also followed in their steps, particularly in those of the missionary. TheProblems, 107:of people who have, as yet, only made the first steps towards modern civilization and culture, butProblems, 116:with some hope of success? What are the first steps which should be taken to promote such rightProblems, 116:opinion be sufficiently aroused so that the many steps to promote right human relations will beProblems, 123:of mankind is emerging with clarity, and the steps which the churches propose taking to meet thatProblems, 145:leaving us an example that we should follow His steps; Christ Who ever lives and Who has stayedProblems, 155:its coming? What must be the preliminary first steps? Are there any indications of developingProblems, 156:influence. These are ever the preliminary steps to creation. Subjective realization always precedesProblems, 171:of those wise, compassionate and understanding steps which will lead to the establishing of rightProblems, 171:interested in humanity, realizing that the steps taken by humanity in the immediate future willPsychology1, 15:Life is, though, when he has attained certain steps and can function on the higher planes of thePsychology1, 40:eightfold path" was not known, and only seven steps into the Temple were seen. With the coming inPsychology1, 157:to convey the magnitude of the Plan and the steps upon the evolutionary stairway which lie ahead ofPsychology1, 170:on White Magic I outlined one of the first steps taken by the Hierarchy in the work of inauguratingPsychology1, 235:of the evolutionary ladder and grasp the first steps taken by the life of God, through the mediumPsychology1, 298:future, is it possible at this time to take steps which will eventually lead to the necessaryPsychology1, 351:which will enable him to take the needed steps towards the Initiator. Psychology2, 16:of new achievements which will direct his steps on to the Path of Discipleship and eventually on toPsychology2, 29:As we close our discussion of the three steps of Individualization, Initiation and Identification,Psychology2, 70:bridging antahkarana to be built? What are the steps which the disciple must follow? We are notPsychology2, 156:becomes stronger and clearer, and when the man steps out upon the Path of Discipleship, then thePsychology2, 209:the soul does through the medium of five stages, steps or initiations which are the correspondencePsychology2, 270:souls) is recapitulating these three inevitable steps and making certain advances or approaches toPsychology2, 279:There were, if I might so express it, seven steps or approaches on the part of the life of God inPsychology2, 279:ahead of the world disciples and these are steps towards the Approach of Acquiescence which willPsychology2, 279:long. There are - after these seven and five steps - three more to be taken before the cosmicPsychology2, 290:took being. His dim reflection followed in His steps. The little lord of force manasic appeared onPsychology2, 328:an appearance". Consciously taking the necessary steps to appropriate the needed substance throughPsychology2, 362:These words embody the first and simplest steps upon the way of at-one-ment. They embody thePsychology2, 424:as to be impossible. The avoidance of those steps and activities which are doomed to failure.Psychology2, 427:crises are indicative of progressive steps upon the Way, bringing with them the need for effort andPsychology2, 464:and concentration is one of the first steps in the meditation process; sometimes it is broughtPsychology2, 469:to the plane of desire, and thus take the first steps towards the physical materialization of thePsychology2, 566:consciousness without any intermediate stages or steps. This is formless telepathy. Other peoplePsychology2, 588:would suggest certain preliminary and necessary steps, as follows: Let the man drop all suchPsychology2, 652:are immediately faced and take the necessary steps to change the present condition. The new Plan ofPsychology2, 750:achieving of an intelligent appreciation of the steps to be taken during the coming twelve months,Rays, 8:- put into a position of danger and should take steps to arrest that control prior to an attempt toRays, 17:in the human family is the taking the first steps towards group initiation. Such a thing as groupRays, 38:by all previous initiates. The arresting of the steps of the initiate before the door in order thatRays, 49:(and of Those higher than He) is to take those steps and precipitate those "waiting events" whichRays, 60:One for Applicants is understood by him and he steps upon the Path. Once he is an accepted discipleRays, 93:Christ. The underlying true events give us great steps and developments in the work of the ChristRays, 112:of humanity and prepare to take the required steps to meet man's advancing aspiration. I haveRays, 122:integration will be the essential first steps. To this will succeed processes whereby the fusion ofRays, 122:process will be attempted when the earlier steps or stages have been satisfactorily grasped andRays, 153:and personality merging and at this point he steps upon the Path of Discipleship, technicallyRays, 155:one can pass onward and take those more advanced steps which admit into the higher worlds of beingRays, 155:to be safe for him now to move on a few more steps into greater light, and then - having reachedRays, 209:When that attitude exists, the first steps towards group fusion are absent. This is what we mean byRays, 214:are individual) to begin to take the first steps towards these attitudes and the relationshipsRays, 246:are in reality. Once you have taken the needed steps and complied with the requirements, theRays, 258:In this rule we find posed two preparatory steps and four major undertakings or demonstrations ofRays, 261:Let us pass now to the second of the preparatory steps. Rays, 266:upon your way and revelation will attend your steps. [267] Rays, 274:somewhat the minds responsible for the initial steps in this deeply esoteric enterprise. It isRays, 306:destruction of form life as you know it. When steps are taken to implement divine purpose, theRays, 325:as goals and have then taken the necessary steps to prove the veridical nature of their beliefs;Rays, 350:the door of initiation and take the needed steps to open it on two similar occasions. Both overcomeRays, 439:hesitancy and concern, take the next required steps. It is hard for the disciple - struggling withRays, 446:antahkarana to be built? Where [446] are the steps which the disciple must follow? I deal not hereRays, 476:responsible for all the differentiated aspects, steps and stages - experimenting, experiencing andRays, 487:with the rainbow bridge, the first necessary steps are: The achievement of right orientation; andRays, 507:ray arrives at the will aspect when conflict steps into its rightful place and causes no undueRays, 512:understanding as possible. [512] II. The six steps or methods of building the Antahkarana.Rays, 537:regarded as the first requirement when a man steps off the Probationary Path on to the Path ofRays, 539:of the newly acquired knowledge to direct his steps still further. I am not here speaking inRays, 550:and selectively, and takes one of the initial steps towards becoming a true occultist. This worldRays, 595:can pass through the Transfiguration Initiation. Steps in this direction are already being laid andRays, 595:developments can be regarded as the initial steps of the initiatory process for the thirdRays, 637:he needs to see in all world conflict the needed steps towards an eventual harmony - a harmonyRays, 723:an understanding (deeply hidden) of the various steps which have to be taken upon the Way of theReappearance, 20:to your fellow men - and thus be happy. The steps on this Path are: [21] Right Values. RightReappearance, 21:today in a world in which most of these right steps to happiness have been consistently ignored. ItReappearance, 21:this lesson and making their first faltering steps along that Lighted Way of right relationships.Reappearance, 38:us an example that we too should follow His steps" and Theirs. We too belong eventually in thatReappearance, 45:Him, [45] can be focused on humanity and those steps can be taken which will embody more rapidlyReappearance, 72:invocative humanity cannot be ignored, those steps which precede a stupendous hierarchicalReappearance, 106:of the Christ Who would, He knew, follow in His steps. It is interesting to remember that when theReappearance, 108:leaving us an example that we should follow His steps (I Pet., II, 21.) - follow Him in His beliefReappearance, 161:What can I specifically do? What are the steps which. I should take and where are those who willReappearance, 165:is generally regarded as desirable and that steps have been successfully taken in the direction ofSoul, 133:becomes therefore practical for certain initial steps to be taken and these might be summarized asTelepathy, 38:on White Magic, page 320), embody the first steps leading to the attitude required in trueTelepathy, 110:a bridging faculty, for it is one of the major steps towards the higher impression; it alwaysTelepathy, 194:when he becomes the aspirant and takes the first steps upon the path towards spiritual maturity, he
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