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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - STILL

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Statement:are associated in this work) know me by still another name and office. Alice Bailey knows who I amAstrology, 8:This entity is itself an integral part of a still greater life which is expressing itself throughAstrology, 44:a principle) and, therefore, matter responding still to the vibration of the earlier system. ThisAstrology, 63:recognized as an error by modern science but is still believed by many. I earlier gave a hint uponAstrology, 65:and another upon the average individual man, and still a third effect upon the disciple or theAstrology, 77:of the centers. Both this ancient yoga and the still more ancient astrological science have now toAstrology, 82:day, the final day. The wheel for him stands still. The sun and stars, for him, fade out. A greatAstrology, 111:spiritual soul awareness. The personality will still respond to influences coming to it from theAstrology, 112:one, are the ten constellations connected with a still greater zodiac which is not conditioned byAstrology, 118:full of desire in Sagittarius, begins to focus still more intently and to reason and think. TheAstrology, 130:the force of Sagittarius driving them on to a still greater consummation. There is a wide andAstrology, 132:As Mercury, the Sun - the mediator - shifts to a still higher plane and is no longer mediatorAstrology, 180:and finally illumined, becomes sensitive to a still higher type of mental experience and to this weAstrology, 196:active in its influence upon the man who is still upon the Mutable Cross. Then the energy of theAstrology, 257:and another thing to the astronomers and still another thing to the astrologers, whilst they areAstrology, 272:have achieved Their goal, but Their energies are still directed towards and focused upon ourAstrology, 272:Hierarchy; this dualism is emphasized in a still more intimate and comprehensible manner inAstrology, 290:Leo-Virgo-Pisces, but these three produce a still more subtle expression of consciousness. Leo -Astrology, 295:body; the soul as the human soul, which is a still further expansion of the same sensitive factorAstrology, 328:the embryonic stage and with the psychic stage still unindividualised. It is the stage of massAstrology, 343:is light and love, will save many. If you are still an isolated soul, you will have to pass throughAstrology, 352:life from the Moon, but the rhythm then set up still remains, producing the same basic illusion. IAstrology, 359:is not possible. Study, for instance, what I can still further add as to the influence of theseAstrology, 363:A non-sacred planet, such as the Earth, is still subject to the ray of the personality of theAstrology, 383:in conjunction with the controlling sign and still others may become more remote in their contactAstrology, 387:vaguely the true nature of desire. But he is still in the vale of illusion and - whilst there -Astrology, 424:on its own plane will illustrate with accuracy a still greater relationship and interplay. In thisAstrology, 425:centers, of a solar Logos functioning through still greater centers of vibratory reaction, or stillAstrology, 425:still greater centers of vibratory reaction, or still greater Lives, functioning through anAstrology, 427:are cosmic, some zodiacal, others systemic, still others planetary and their reflections in theAstrology, 432:to the lost Pleiad, A.A.B.) and yet the seven still are there. Their light is different from theAstrology, 434:Humanity, Hierarchy and Shamballa; further back still lies a relation to the cosmic centers of theAstrology, 444:karma be brought to an end. The law of matter still governs in the three worlds of human experienceAstrology, 449:there is no real contradiction or discrepancy. Still another enumeration of the triangles of energyAstrology, 456:faintest conception because its consciousness is still held within the limitations of its ownAstrology, 474:accepted disciple to that of the Master and the still higher grades. These seven crises are eachAstrology, 486:planets, so the zodiac itself is a part of a still greater zodiac and is also divided into threeAstrology, 488:to remind you of an earlier reference [488] to still another triangle in which Leo is active and toAstrology, 491:is the inactive point of the triangle, though still potent from the esoteric angle of theAstrology, 492:steadily always. The PAST - Impetus then given still persists. Mental unfoldment - Instinct.Astrology, 498:are concerned. The old exoteric astrology will still persist and prove its usefulness where theAstrology, 507:veiled fifth kingdom, the kingdom of God. From still another angle you have: Aries - ruled by Mars.Astrology, 512:to you that the theme is thereby complicated still further; that dogmatic assertions are notAstrology, 521:of Africa one will some day be found and later still (many millions of years ahead) another will beAstrology, 532:of man and the science of the initiates has still another phase to run. But the remainder of thisAstrology, 532:ambitions had prevailed, the revelation would still come but very much later. The issue is not inAstrology, 546:imposition of the ancient myths in an effort to still the demand for truth and the carefullyAstrology, 546:of belief are met with something more ancient still and the combination of world dislike andAstrology, 575:will-to-peace is conditioning you, then you are still working on emotional levels and your workAstrology, 581:in relation to the Will will naturally be still more difficult. For the vast majority of men, trueAstrology, 581:For the vast majority of men, true love is still only a theory. Love (as we usually interpret it)Astrology, 583:seemed well-nigh impossible; He was conscious still of the inherent dualism of His position and ofAstrology, 591:and their highest point of spiritual contact was still tinged with dualism and still conditioned byAstrology, 591:contact was still tinged with dualism and still conditioned by modes of human interpretation. UnderAstrology, 617:not for Itself but for those aspects which are still limited, unaware, blind and unseeing andAstrology, 645:24. "Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn and Vulcan are still developing the mind principle." (C.F. 403)Astrology, 663:the Lord of Wisdom." (Vol. II, 31) "Mercury is still more occult and mysterious than Venus. It is:Astrology, 681:World Himself, is counted as one. There remain still with Him the three Buddhas of Activity. IAstrology, 682:adolescence; at twenty-one that hold may be made still firmer. Again, as lives are passed, the EgoAstrology, 690:on the fifth systemic plane. That triangle still persists, and is the cause of the continued inflowAtom, 12:immense strides. Nevertheless, the mystery land still remains to be opened up, and our problems areAtom, 12:remains to be opened up, and our problems are still numerous. There is the problem of our ownAtom, 15:for us, with our finite minds, to glimpse, [15] still less to understand. This is the religious andAtom, 15:and into darkness, and leave the central mystery still unsolved. When synthesized, when broughtAtom, 20:such suggestion as "force center," the concept still holds good, and the response of the center toAtom, 43:of the chemist. [43] We might extend the idea still further and consider a planet as an atom.Atom, 43:of chemistry. This thought can again be carried still further, till it includes the atom of theAtom, 43:be logical to extend the idea and predicate a still greater Intelligence back of that larger atom,Atom, 45:may equally be supposed to progress to something still more widely conscious, and eventually reachAtom, 45:to be found all that there is to be known," is still the rule for the wise student. If each one ofAtom, 45:cosmic atom; thus we would have a place within a still larger scheme, and have a center aroundAtom, 50:and yet Who is Himself but an atom within a still larger sphere, which is indwelt by the solarAtom, 53:the lecture last week, and to extend the concept still further. It has been said that all evolutionAtom, 58:of nature, and view them as providing that still greater form which we call the kingdom itself, andAtom, 59:animal kingdom likewise has its place within a still greater body. Through that kingdom a consciousAtom, 59:and through the aggregate of kingdoms a still greater subjective Life may be seeking manifestation.Atom, 79:central focal point. The idea proved capable of still further expansion, and we turned ourAtom, 80:a planet is also the medium of expression of a still greater center of energy, and further, underAtom, 88:the group, but that there is something greater still. [89] He realizes that he is a part of a greatAtom, 89:self-conscious entity, but that he is something still greater. Man then reaches the recognitionAtom, 89:nothing as yet. This is succeeded by the still greater stage, when I AM THAT I AM will be for usAtom, 115:animal expanded into that of the human being, still another great initiation took place. All theAtom, 116:revelations, each one of which is a key to a still greater revelation. [119] Atom, 121:the human atom, regarding it as a unit within a still greater body, we may get an understanding ofAtom, 126:enough to respond to them. There is something still lacking in us, so that we are unable to realizeAtom, 127:plane in fully awakened consciousness, and still fewer upon the spiritual plane. The object ofAtom, 143:what we knew about both these atoms to the still larger sphere, or atom, a planet, which we calledAtom, 143:a planetary atom; then we extended the idea still further to the atom of the solar system,Atom, 143:predicating it as having a position within a still greater whole. We studied three methods ofAtom, 145:of man leads on again to something wider still, to the consciousness of the great planetary Spirit,Autobiographypain. She chose to go out actively working and still on the job. This she did. Even during the lastAutobiography, 11:unutterable horror by which we have been and are still surrounded and in spite of a real knowledgeAutobiography, 13:the children. It was a sardine cannery and I still do not care to look a sardine in the eye. MyAutobiography, 13:between my soul and my personality and that still goes on. As I write this I am reminded of aAutobiography, 13:"No," replied the lady, "no, the battle is still on between Christ and me and it's quite debatableAutobiography, 19:the first governor of Maryland. Edward La Trobe, still another brother, was an architect and wasAutobiography, 25:even today, more than fifty years later, I am still conscious that I am breaking rules if I put myAutobiography, 29:her at that time. She asked my husband whether I still believed in Christ and seemed greatlyAutobiography, 32:stood on one leg and went like the devil." I am still pondering that mystery and have not yetAutobiography, 40:because to me (at that time) the heathen were still heathen and I was a Christian. Deep and
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