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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - STILL

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Autobiography, 46:personal friends except one, and she and I are still friends and exchange letters. We had met inAutobiography, 48:distance) another peak is seen emerging, hiding still vaster reaches of territory. Autobiography, 65:ephemeral. All the same, liking clothes, and I still do, I sent for another outfit. My sister andAutobiography, 66:Homes. Another sent a nice, fat check and still another, a prominent railroad man, sent me a freeAutobiography, 74:men. All through the evening I said nothing and, still bewildered, they went back to barracks. TheAutobiography, 74:any more trouble with that gang. One of them is still my friend although I have lost sight of allAutobiography, 77:by the officers and men. The thrill I got is still with me. Autobiography, 85:right along? Were there a few things which I still had to learn? Were there other points of viewAutobiography, 86:I shouldered the blame in my own mind. I had still to learn the lesson that the only true failureAutobiography, 100:twenty-eight happy years - years which are still going happily along. Up to 1907 I had had myAutobiography, 101:that would otherwise be impossible, and she is still young, with a useful and constructive futureAutobiography, 109:Bishop and his wife became my true friends. I still hear from her. My youngest daughter is namedAutobiography, 111:and buggies tied up (for automobiles were still a scarcity) and the village post-office from whichAutobiography, 112:honestly do not think I was too much to blame. I still ran my life on the aphorism "What wouldAutobiography, 113:to watch me more closely and to befriend me still more. His tempers were assuming seriousAutobiography, 118:could look after my mail for me. I have felt and still feel deeply indebted to him. It took me overAutobiography, 119:and gifts along the line of the creative arts I still fail to see any immediate solution of theirAutobiography, 119:tent dwellers and had to live this way and may still react to hereditary qualities. The complaintAutobiography, 132:seemed to be slowly weathering the storm. I was still in the dark, spiritually, but was too busyAutobiography, 148:the verandah, another into the sitting-room and still another into my fellow-worker's bedroom andAutobiography, 157:Theosophical Society in the United States, and still more so in Adyar (the international center),Autobiography, 166:(or spiritual group) but that He wished me still to work in His. I therefore complied with the wishAutobiography, 168:truths and those intuitive perceptions which are still only hovering on the borders of man'sAutobiography, 170:The aftermath of the Leadbeater scandal was still causing much talk. Mrs. Besant's pronouncementsAutobiography, 176:and Mr. L.W.Rogers succeeded him. My husband was still national secretary and I was still editor ofAutobiography, 176:husband was still national secretary and I was still editor of the national magazine and chairmanAutobiography, 177:as it did from 1850 until now. Books are still being written defaming H.P.B. and Mrs. Besant andAutobiography, 193:us. Two of them twenty-four years later are still working with us and two of them have passed overAutobiography, 193:school, ten, twelve, or eighteen years ago are still with us and the work of the Arcane School isAutobiography, 194:gone I want to feel that these principles will still determine policies. The basic training givenAutobiography, 195:and that puzzled me. It had seemed to me and still does that there is room in the world today forAutobiography, 196:one is a probationer or a disciple one is still a spiritually oriented human being requiringAutobiography, 204:boys that gathered around. Two of them are still our friends and visit us at times though they areAutobiography, 207:bought an article of clothing for myself. I'm still wearing the clothes she gave me. All theAutobiography, 212:work, such as my work with the Tibetan, and still possess one's own set of brains and be anAutobiography, 213:was gradually unfolded. We kept the work, and still keep it, fluid in an effort to meet theAutobiography, 216:was, therefore, growing quite steadily but was still relatively small. We had moved from oneAutobiography, 225:some very interesting talks and, more important still to me was the coming to Ascona of VioletAutobiography, 227:that anyone could look so desperately ill and still continue to live. During these years in whichAutobiography, 228:my previous letter to the head of the order but still received no reply. I gave up the attempt andAutobiography, 233:life of the people of that era. This becomes still more apparent when the sun transitted into theAutobiography, 250:Hierarchy, of reincarnation, or of the soul and still remain a member of the school in goodAutobiography, 250:metaphysical or orthodox groups and churches and still be members of the Arcane School. They areAutobiography, 256:problems and experience in the three worlds, are still in process of training and are preparingAutobiography, 265:Hierarchy. The intuition will be developed and a still higher fusion brought about - between theAutobiography, 270:given. Training in the life of the initiate has still to be ascertained individually, and throughAutobiography, 271:each step forward in the spiritual life reveals still more stages to be mastered. The [272]Autobiography, 273:and that his contact with the Master is still very infrequent. He is usually academic andAutobiography, 284:personality integration and are now working at a still higher synthesis, i.e., that of the soulAutobiography, 284:entered the school, we assume that they will (still voluntarily) attempt to carry out theAutobiography, 288:(of which Christ is the Head). Those who still question, but who accept the teaching as a workingAutobiography, 288:forward to the advent of Christ, the Jew is still expectant of the coming of the Messiah, theAutobiography, 302:humanity has been making in recent years and still has to make in the short years just ahead, areBethlehem, 22:past into the present, for the initiates are still with us and the door still stands wide open.Bethlehem, 22:for the initiates are still with us and the door still stands wide open. Through the agency of thisBethlehem, 26:have not primarily emphasized adherence to the still small voice of the soul. The way to the placeBethlehem, 42:will play His part and initiate us into the still higher mysteries. Of Him we are told that: "ThisBethlehem, 48:We read that even on the Cross the Plan still engrossed His attention, and with His final "It isBethlehem, 49:we find Him much like ourselves, but still the wrathful, ethical Ruler, and still obeyed andBethlehem, 49:but still the wrathful, ethical Ruler, and still obeyed and feared. He approached still nearer asBethlehem, 49:and still obeyed and feared. He approached still nearer as time went on; and before the advent ofBethlehem, 49:be known and loved. Today God is coming closer still, and the new age will not only recognize theBethlehem, 49:used and understood, something fairer and still more revealing is being evolved, and steadily weBethlehem, 57:the perfect day." (Prov., IV, 18.) This truth is still a living truth and enriches and colors allBethlehem, 69:the earth at the time Christ came. There were still many to be found who worshipped the bull, whichBethlehem, 71:It is therefore a world message, a message which still awaits response. When the consciousnessBethlehem, 83:and the hidden deity. But the Christ Child is still hidden in the womb of the form. In due time,Bethlehem, 89:individuals are concerned, but the impulse is still weak in humanity as a whole. However, it can beBethlehem, 92:it not probable that our sentient apparatus is still inadequate to grasp the fullness of God? MayBethlehem, 92:require further evolutionary unfoldment before still other divine and spiritual characteristics canBethlehem, 93:of our belief falls to the ground. There is more still to be revealed, or else past history losesBethlehem, 94:dawning recognition that there is something still greater and of deeper value outside himself. HeBethlehem, 110:a last attack. For through this guilt they were still subject to the power [111] of ungodliness.Bethlehem, 113:in which the collective life of our ancestors is still operative, is the normal psychology of theBethlehem, 123:of man can come to flower, we are headed towards still worse disasters. "Man shall not live byBethlehem, 131:moved, a circle straight succeeds, Another still, and still another spreads; Friend, parent,Bethlehem, 131:a circle straight succeeds, Another still, and still another spreads; Friend, parent, neighbor,Bethlehem, 140:subhuman as yet. Others are simply human, and still others are beginning to display qualities andBethlehem, 142:He determined the goal of our race. There is a still higher synthesis, and this Christ alsoBethlehem, 143:realization is far from the average man, and still further from the undeveloped. The divine is theBethlehem, 145:possible. The nature of the Father remains still to be known; some of its aspects, such as the loveBethlehem, 147:transformation of the physical body, but deeper still, that life operates upon theBethlehem, 163:as a divine subjective reality those truths still await revelation. The glory of the new age willBethlehem, 167:and personally His chosen few. His power to heal still continued, but His work shifted into a fieldBethlehem, 189:of death for us. The cosmic [189] Christ its still dying upon the Cross of Matter. There He hangsBethlehem, 197:of such importance that it occupied (as it still does) a primary place in the thought of the entireBethlehem, 197:inflicting jealous retribution. The battle still rages between this ancient belief and the truth ofBethlehem, 197:But the belief in an angry, jealous God is still strongly entrenched. It is rooted in theBethlehem, 200:phenomena through animal sacrifices, preceded in still more ancient times by the sacrifice of theBethlehem, 233:strong as ever, and the fact of immortality is still but a source of speculation to millions. ButBethlehem, 234:have always found a hearing. And men would still have known nothing more of the meaning of God. ButBethlehem, 241:Their pride helps them to encounter the event. Still others refuse altogether to consider theBethlehem, 243:has to give. The ideals which Christ enunciated still remain the highest yet given in theBethlehem, 246:kingdom of God must be organized on earth. And still the risen Christ moves among us, oftenBethlehem, 253:towards divinity. The faint, dim signs of a still higher kingdom can now be seen, in whichBethlehem, 260:or era has thus emphasized these points. They still remain in many ways ideals, but are slowly inBethlehem, 262:of the citizen of the kingdom, [262] and these still remain our ideals. Therefore the question ofBethlehem, 262:the important present, and we are on our way to still greater achievements. The question, however,Bethlehem, 265:been given them. Christ blazed the trail and is still waiting for us to follow, not one by one, butBethlehem, 269:gone and past; it is present here and now. God still speaks to men, for this world of ours still
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