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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - STILL

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Healing, 387:is of real import, if obligations remain still to be carried out, and if other lessons must stillHealing, 387:to be carried out, and if other lessons must still be learned. Bodily existence is not, however,Healing, 392:loneliness; he is also conscious of those still in physical bodies; he can see them, he can tune inHealing, 395:little universe of the form in the three worlds, still remains. He knows himself to be a part ofHealing, 396:the release of death and the one who is still in form. This should be remembered. In the interimHealing, 396:clairaudience, but not upon trance. This will still necessitate a contact via a third party, andHealing, 400:rightly refuses to believe that which remains still unproven and seems also not to be susceptibleHealing, 401:of conditional immortality. This theory is still held by certain fundamentalist and theologicallyHealing, 402:will of God must not be questioned. Millions still hold this belief, but it is not so strongly heldHealing, 404:have passed through the door of death and who still continue to think in terms of time, it is dueHealing, 405:karmic impositions in the three worlds, but is still under the impulse of karmic necessity whichHealing, 405:that he is in a position to render to those still under the Law of Karmic Liability. You have,Healing, 409:first death (the death of the physical body) it still remains equally real. But its potency slowlyHealing, 412:discarding of the physical body will leave a man still a conscious living entity. He will be knownHealing, 412:behind the physical. He will be known to be still alive, awake and aware. This will be broughtHealing, 414:and is no more seen by the physical eye, though still in his etheric body. When etheric vision isHealing, 429:the sentient aspect, or animal consciousness, is still withdrawn via the solar plexus. You have,Healing, 438:the evidence of persistence and eternity, there still remains a questioning, a recognition of theHealing, 438:to persist and the sense of continuity still rest, even to the most determined believer, uponHealing, 455:qualified by mentality, leaving the life stream still functioning through the heart, but noHealing, 460:only be done as long as the conscious entity is still occupying the etheric vehicle, though theHealing, 460:and the astral body and the mental nature can still remain etherically polarized even if the deathHealing, 460:been accomplished, death is not yet complete; it still awaits a secondary activity of the will ofHealing, 461:(even in the case of the undeveloped man, and still more in the case of the average man) at leastHealing, 462:process. In the latter case, the soul is still retaining its hold upon [463] the physical body, viaHealing, 463:of the many points connected with dying that still remain to be discovered by orthodox medicine,Healing, 470:It hastens the release of the subtle vehicles (still enshrouding the soul) from the etheric body,Healing, 473:and has received much study exoterically; much still remains to be discovered and will later beHealing, 474:thereby detached from its dense sheath, though still interpenetrating every part of it. 2. There isHealing, 475:a mental effort. It is as if the dying person, still preserving his consciousness, gathers hisHealing, 477:is not yet freed from its influence. There is still a slight rapport between the two, and thisHealing, 477:the two, and this keeps the spiritual man still close to the body just vacated. That is whyHealing, 477:hovering around the death bed or the coffin. Still interpenetrating the etheric body are theHealing, 478:Individuality is not lost; the same person is still present upon the planet. Only that hasHealing, 478:the race or been an ineffectual member of it, still persists, is still in touch with theHealing, 478:an ineffectual member of it, still persists, is still in touch with the qualitative and mentalHealing, 481:the newer modes of treatment - all of which are still in the experimental stage and all of whichHealing, 485:After death and cremation these forces still exist but are absorbed into the analogous whole.Healing, 487:substance which constitutes the astral plane is still being gathered into forms of illusion andHealing, 487:still being gathered into forms of illusion and still forms a barrier in the path of the soulHealing, 487:in the path of the soul seeking liberation. It still "holds prisoner" the many people who dieHealing, 487:thinking and of emotional sentiency. These are still the vast majority. In Atlantean days theHealing, 487:plane, as is the case today. Many people are still Atlantean in consciousness, and when they passHealing, 489:is therefore attracted towards the soul, though still only in a somewhat feeble manner. ThisHealing, 493:would disappear. The familiar and the loved will still remain the familiar and the loved, becauseHealing, 493:to him and whom he deeply loves or hates are still in physical incarnation, he will also seek themHealing, 496:idea has arisen because the concept of time still governs theosophical presentations of truth. If,Healing, 502:in which (in the earlier stages) the disciple is still the victim of disease-producing tendenciesHealing, 508:are dedicated to the purpose of producing a still higher integration of soul and [509] personality,Healing, 511:familiar truths and ancient platitudes, but they still remain largely theory to you. You can testHealing, 512:recognized as an instrument for bringing about still higher activities. The state of mind of theHealing, 517:control of matter-form; the soul is, however, still responsive to and immersed in substance-energy,Healing, 517:and its higher correspondence is still functioning on the levels of the cosmic physical plane - theHealing, 519:life has been absorbed; the personality form is still left, but it persists without any real lifeHealing, 526:phrase qualifying medicine today, and qualifying still more metaphysical healing. There is no needHealing, 540:potency with which the soul has gripped and is still gripping its personality. The healer is awareHealing, 540:The healer is aware that because the patient is still alive, the soul is definitely present throughHealing, 540:light of life in the heart. If consciousness is still powerfully present, he realizes that there isHealing, 540:powerfully present, he realizes that there is still the possibility of cure, and can then, withHealing, 541:to be either clairvoyant or - far [541] better still - to have true spiritual perception with itsHealing, 553:their use later, if needed; this time, however, still lies far ahead. When the patient is anHealing, 563:no rule connected with this law because we are still dealing with the definition of causesHealing, 580:(if an initiate) through the heart. There was still no magnetic area or field of energy in theHealing, 580:dependent upon the physical disciplines; it is still - for the mass of the people - dependent uponHealing, 582:employs. The time when this will be possible still lies very far ahead. At present the healer mustHealing, 586:and though this has been affirmed ceaselessly it still remains a meaningless platitude. As men,Healing, 594:as in Atlantean days. As the mass of men are still Atlantean in consciousness, being swayed mainlyHealing, 602:and this knowledge is, as you well know, still embryonic; all that is known in most cases is theHealing, 610:constitute His body of manifestation. There is still no true balance between spirit and matter,Healing, 610:been achieved; the involutionary forces are still potent and the spiritual energies are stillHealing, 610:are still potent and the spiritual energies are still frustrated, though far less so than earlierHealing, 638:kingdom in nature, the human; this life is still an aspect (under the Law of Isolation orHealing, 643:healer. An analysis of this Rule will convey a still greater idea of its importance, for itHealing, 661:and many more millions underwent (and are still undergoing) the mental agony of insecurity,Healing, 664:at relatively small results, or the short, still harder but much more rapid way of initiation. ForHealing, 664:only faintly present, and many, many aeons would still lie ahead of humanity before even theHealing, 671:the three temptations indicated the taking of a still higher initiation, the sixth, by the Christ;Healing, 690:whether he is high in the ashramic circles, or still higher, in the circles through which radiatesHealing, 690:case, consciousness has been superseded by a still higher type of spiritual recognition, to whichHealing, 694:prove useful in indicating the ground which must still be [695] covered before the healer arrivesHealing, 704:of some standing whose work and presence is still needed on earth to complete his assigned task.Hercules, 13:Lord of all there is, for all emanateth from me, still do I will to appear in my own universe andHercules, 16:the horses to a friend to hold, the sword to still another and the bow unto a third. Then, running,Hercules, 18:which has a bearing on this same truth. Whilst still an infant, we are told that Hercules killedHercules, 41:seven, singing around the bull, and nearer still the chanting of the one-eyed men within the TempleHercules, 55:his way; none knew the place. Time passed, yet still he sought, wandering from place to place andHercules, 55:steps to the third Gate. Sad and discouraged, still he sought on every hand. The Teacher, watchingHercules, 58:The search was o'er. The sisters three held still more golden apples, and pressed them likewiseHercules, 63:and deceit characterizing this part of the test. Still searching up and down, he found PrometheusHercules, 70:which entitles them to go on. But one thing still lacks: they have not what might be called "theHercules, 74:plane and his own particular environment, the still greater confusion of the psychic plane, and soHercules, 79:point reached, the maidens turned my steps, but still I did persist and now the doe is mine! theHercules, 94:world of being. We are told that the battle is still going on between Apollo, the sun god, who knewHercules, 97:trees shook, the Nemeans fled and Hercules stood still. [98] Hercules grasped his bow and sheath ofHercules, 98:him stay or lose his life. And Hercules stood still, shouting unto the people of the land: "TheHercules, 99:was its breath and blasting in his face. Yet still he held its throat and choked the lion. FeeblerHercules, 118:"For each must know the villainy of each and still love on". For it appears, that a villain in thisHercules, 120:Testaments, and today our great economic problem still remains to furnish bread, a symbol of food,Hercules, 121:make possible the expression of the whole". We still make the mistake of Hercules, when we forgetHercules, 125:God. He thought on what was needed to make him still more like unto his Father. "Another labor must
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